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General Gameplay Tips

General Herald Tips

Important: This build gives Regeneration, Fury, Might Swiftness and Protection to your entire squad. It does not, however, produce 25 stacks of Might. This will need to be covered by other support classes. You do offer as an offensive buff to your subgroup.

This gear setup has no Toughness at all, however you will need to take a little bit of care as you gain + 120 Toughness due to . This should never cause aggro issues but you should be aware of it!

As Heal Herald you have an insane amount of outgoing healing modifiers. In the Salvation trait line you have: , , and . In the Herald Trait Line you have a modifier for Regeneration: . You also have modifiers from , , and . The short version of this is that your healing scales like mad.

Heal Herald now can share boons to your entire squad due to the traits and . You can find these traits in the Herald Trait Line. It should be noted that this is only the case when in !

will give your subgroup Superspeed for five seconds. Use this when Protection uptime is not as important as speed. It's important to note that will not be back off cooldown when you swap back to after going to , assuming you swap off cooldown.

Boons, Boons and More Boons

Aside from your utilities and weapon skills giving boons, your traits also give boons. will give Might to your entire squad whenever you apply a boon to an ally. has a one second internal cooldown.

Your Facets will now be spread across your entire squad due to and the passives will continue to tick after consumed. This means you can use your Facets, swap to and still have them tick for six seconds.

In order to benefit the most from , you will want to use the active of , and just before you swap back to . They will all be off cooldown before you get back to . will not be off cooldown if you use the active form.

You can activate on cooldown. Use it just before you swap away from to get a passive heal tick. As soon as you swap to you can use the active form: . This will then allow you to have six seconds of , which gives you extended boon duration above 100%, and will let you use all five other Facets.

Don't use the active of on as it is only a condition cleanse and you already have plenty through .

Direct Healing

You get healing from using . This skill will also cleanse conditions from your allies.

The final attack in your Staff auto attack chain will send out two healing orbs to give minor healing to your allies.

You have a burst heal on your Shield set when you use . This should only be used when you are in as this is your only form of direct healing when in this stance.

You have two forms of self healing in this build. The first is from ; this skill will pulse self healing and block incoming attacks. The second self heal is from ; this skill converts all incoming damage into healing.

Your main healing comes from using whenever you go into .

If your allies have conditions then they can get some healing when cleansed through .


Take care when using as it will push you through the bosses hitbox. This might end up with an interesting result if you're at Xera...and on the edge of the platform...

Gear Variations

This build focuses more on Healing than DPS. All the Harrier gear is required in order to maintain an extremely high uptime of Might, Fury, Swiftness, Regeneration, Protection and some Alacrity, however you can swap out Magi pieces for Berserker pieces for more personal DPS.

You can take instead of to cap out on 25 Might for your squad.

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