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Bastion of the Penitent

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

General Herald Tips

The faster the fight is, the less hands you have to deal with. If your group DPS is really high, you can afford to not stack the hands and therefore take more offensive gear.

There are two options to play at Deimos:

  • Primary: It's really safe but offers no group support.
  • Secondary: It's pretty unsafe but you provide and have around 5k DPS.

Of course you can always mix something between these builds. For example you can use the defensive Primary Gear, Traits and use the Hammer from Secondary build to provide for your Group. Just adjust the build depending on your group DPS.

Primary Variant

This build is extremely safe and very easy to play. Try to stack five hands on top of each other.

Use to heal yourself against the ticking damage.

Use for to prevent yourself from getting one shot.

After swap to and use for the first five hands so you can stack them without taking any damage. Swap back to .

If you need additional self healing use or .

If you used accidentally, you can also use to survive .

At the start of Deimos you can use two or three times to give out some Alacrity to your group.

Secondary Variant

This build is harder to play because you are way more offensive than the primary variant. Only play this build when your group DPS is really high or you will probably die.

At the start of Deimos use , , and then swap to Hammer. Now you can slowly start to walk out while using and .

While on keep and active to provide Might and Protection for yourself.

Use as much as possible since it will port you into the group for a second or so which will give your group .

Use and if you have enough energy.

Be careful that you don't waste all of your energy trying to do DPS.

Your only option to survive from Deimos is , so don't waste it!

With this gear option it is nearly impossible to stack hands on top of each other which means you have to run around the arena.

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