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General Gameplay Tips

General Renegade Tips

will target up to three different targets if adds are present, try to stand inside the boss’s hitbox to guarantee all three hits hit the boss.

Much like , will attempt to split its projectiles between every mob possible. Placing inside the boss’s hitbox will allow every hit to land.

When spending energy on skills not included in your DPS rotation (Heal skill, CC, etc.) make sure you account for the energy cost so you can continue your rotation effectively and most importantly not have to delay . This will be outlined in further detail in the "Energy System" section below.

Make sure to always swap legends below 10 energy to trigger . This will grant you an extra 25 energy on legend swap and is vital for maintaining your rotation.

You produce ~33% uptime on Retaliation, if possible try to place yourself in a subsquad with a Power Dragonhunter to help sustain their Retaliation uptime.

Try not to Dodge if you don't need to. You need the additional 33% Critical Chance from .

Renegade Specific Mechanics

Energy System

The energy is a core part of Revenant, and even more specifically Renegade due to how energy hungry all their skills are. Maintaining your upkeep skills, producing Alacrity, and using your damage skills pushes you to the very limits of how much energy you can spend at any given time making very little room for utility.

For any given legend swap, lasting 10 seconds, you will have an energy budget of 125. Here are some energy costs of some of the more commonly used skills in your rotation that you will always want to be using:

  • = ~65 energy.
  • = ~80 energy.
  • = 20 energy.

That means you are left with an "budget" of ~60 - 40 energy in your and ~25 - 45 energy in depending on whether you used in that legend or not. While there are countless examples to be listed, a common example of energy management would be:

  • Using a skill like (25 Energy) in would mean dropping an (20 Energy).

Kalla's Fervor

Kalla's Fervor increases your Ferocity by 30 stat points and your Condition Damage by 2% per stack. You can gain a maximum of five stacks of Kalla's Fervor.

will give you Kalla's Fervor whenever you critically hit or flank an enemy.

will give you Kalla's Fervor whenever you Dodge an attack. This trait has a three second internal Cooldown.

will cause your Kalla's Fervor to reduce incoming condition damage by 7% per stack. This is in addition to the Ferocity and outgoing increased Condition Damage.

Shiro or Jalis?

For Large hitbox encounters and / or fights where you desperately need high amounts of Stability uptime, dropping for is an option.

builds suffer insane scaling on smaller hitboxes due to how works, so this variant would only hold real viability on fights such as: Conjured Amalgamate, Slothasor, Dhuum, or Samarog.

The rotation in would look like:

  • x 2
  • Swap to

If you will use in your then you should drop and .

Utility Skills


, your heal skill, offers some modest healing for your subgroup.

offers a pulsing CC that will Daze five enemies within the AoE. This utility is also a Stun Break and grants Stability.

will inflict Bleeding on five enemies within the AoE.

will inflict Vulnerability and Cripple on five enemies within the Aoe.

will grant five allies the ability to life steal with their attacks.


, your heal skill, will allow you to siphon health from enemies that you hit. It is a fairly weak heal.

is a very useful movement skill that can be used to jump back to a boss after dealing with mechanics.

can be used to move away from a boss. This utility acts as a Dodge, replenishes Endurance, grants Fury and acts as a Stun Break. It will also remove any movement-impairing conditions.

will cause you to strike enemies an additional time after you've hit them. This comes at a 0.25 second intervals. This utility will also grant you Superspeed.

is a 300 Breakbar damage elite skill which also applies Vulnerability.


is a moderate heal that removes five conditions from yourself and provides you with Retaliation.

is a Ground-Targeted AoE skill that pulses Stability to your subgroup. It will also give Weakness to foes inside the AoE when it is created. This utility skill can hit multiple times on large hitboxes.

causes Taunt and Slow on one foes. The foe that you have Taunted will do 20% less damage to you for the duration of the Taunt.

causes three hammers to revolve around your position. These hammers are unblockable and will follow you. This utility will also cause you to take 20% less damage from both phyiscal and condition based sources.

will give your subgroup a 50% damage reduction for five seconds. Only incoming physical damage is reduced.


Traits in the Invocation Trait Line

is a flat 7% modifier when your health is above 75%.

is a flat 7% modifier for both physical and condition damage when you are under the effects of Fury.

causes you to grant boons to your subgroup when you legend swap. This will help upkeep Retaliation for your subgroup when you swap to , Might when you swap to and Stability when you swap to .

is a free Stun Break whenever you legend swap.

is vital to this rotation. You gain an additional 25 energy if you legend swap when below 10 energy.

Traits in the Devastation Trait Line

grants you access to a stacking modifier. This modifier will increase your damage by 3% per stack with up to three stacks maximum. You gain stacks by landing a critical hit or by hitting with a Sword skill. Each hit landed by a Sword skill will apply one stack, can get you all three stacks if you land all three projectiles.

is a flat 10% modifier when you strike a foe with Vulnerability.

grants your subgroup + 150 Ferocity.

will cause you to life steal when you strike a foe with Vulnerability.

is a flat 20% modifier when you strike a foe with less than 50% health.

Traits in the Renegade Trait Line

will enable you to apply Retaliation and Regeneration to your subgroup and apply Kalla's Fervor to yourself whenever you evade an attack. This trait has a three second internal Cooldown.

grants Protection to your subgroup whenever you use a ability.

grants you 33% increased Critical Chance when you have full endurance. It also grants you Vigor whenever you gain Fury, on an eight second internal Cooldown. This trait is extremely important for capping your Critical Chance.

allows you to apply Alacrity to your entire squad when using and also causes this Alacrity to last 50% longer. This trait will cause your Kalla's Fervor to reduce incoming condition damage by 7% per stack. This is in addition to the Ferocity and outgoing increased Condition Damage.


  • = 100 Breakbar damage.
  • = 150 Breakbar damage per hit. Can hit up to five times.
  • = 100 Breakbar damage per hit. Can hit up to six times.
  • = 300 Breakbar damage.

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