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General Gameplay Tips

General Renegade Tips

Important: This build doesn't produce any Fury. This will need to be covered by another support class in your subgroup. This build will some Might for your subgroup and permanent Alacrity for your squad. You do offer as an offensive buff to your subgroup.

The main benefit from taking is having permanent uptime of and . This will give your subgroup healing and reduced condition damage taken through and life steal thanks to .

Using any other utility skills while in will hurt your uptime of .

Vulnerability can be supplied from using but this will hurt your uptime.

You can use to Daze adds when they are pulled into the stack. This skill is also a Stun Break. You can also Blind any adds by using .

You also provide another offensive buff, aside from . You give to your subgroup, a trait in the Devastation trait line.

When you're in you can use to destroy projectiles. This can come in handy at Slothasor or any other encounters that require the destruction of projectiles. Please note that this skill does not reflect projectiles.

can be used to cleanse three conditions from your subgroup. This will heal any allies that have their conditions cleansed.

Renegade Specific Mechanics

Might, Alacrity and other boons

This build produces some Might to your subgroup through .

This build can also produce high amounts of Alacrity through and . Make sure to use after you Legend swap.

You produce a small amount of Protection whenever you use a utility skill when in , this is due to . You can find this trait in the Renegade Trait Line.

You produce minimal Regeneration and Retaliation whenever you evade an attack due to the trait , a trait in the Renegade Trait Line. You can also pump out a little Stability whenever you use . This will affect your uptime.


You get healing from using . This skill will also cleanse conditions from your allies.

The final attack in your Staff auto attack chain will send out two healing orbs to give minor healing to your allies.

You get a lot of healing from and Life Steal from when you are in the .

Your main healing comes from using whenever you go into .

If your allies have conditions then they can get some healing when cleansed through .

Utility Skills


, your heal skill, offers some modest healing for your subgroup.

offers a pulsing CC that will Daze five enemies within the AoE. This utility is also a Stun Break and grants Stability.

will inflict Bleeding on five enemies within the AoE.

will inflict Vulnerability and Cripple on five enemies within the Aoe.

will grant five allies the ability to life steal with their attacks.


will summon your Tablet. Pressing the skill again will allow you to move it. It is like any other Ground-Targeted AoE skill.

is a projectile absorption that will consume six points of upkeep. You can destroy this barrier, whenever you want, with .

pulses a large heal after a one second delay. It will also apply Alacrity to your subgroup due to .

removes three conditions from your subgroup. It will offer a large heal per condition that is removed.

causes your tablet to explode, Launching enemies for 150 Breakbar damage. It will also leave behind fragments that can be collected which offer healing. It will cause you to lose all your energy and remove one condition per 10 energy lost.


Traits in the Salvation Trait Line

causes your outgoing healing to be increased by 20% while your health is above 75%.

grants you + 120 Healing Power and converts 7% of your Healing Power to Concentration.

causes your outgoing healing to be increased by 20% for 10 seconds after you Legend swap.

causes your to apply Alacrity. It also causes your outgoing healing to be increased by 15%.

causes you to create a healing orb whenever you use a Legend skill. If you are on , you will create three orbs. When an ally touches one of these orbs, it will heal five allies around that player.

Traits in the Devastation Trait Line

grants you access to a stacking modifier. This modifier will increase your damage by 3% per stack with up to three stacks maximum. You gain stacks by landing a critical hit or by hitting with a Sword skill. Each hit landed by a Sword skill will apply one stack, can get you all three stacks if you land all three projectiles.

causes you to deal 0.5% more damage per stack of Vulnerability.

grants your subgroup + 150 Ferocity.

will cause you to life steal when you strike a foe with Vulnerability.

is a flat 20% modifier when you strike a foe with less than 50% health.

Traits in the Renegade Trait Line

will enable you to apply Retaliation and Regeneration to your subgroup and apply Kalla's Fervor to yourself whenever you evade an attack. This trait has a three second internal Cooldown.

grants Protection to your subgroup whenever you use a ability.

grants you 33% increased Critical Chance when you have full endurance. It also grants you Vigor whenever you gain Fury, on an eight second internal Cooldown. This trait is extremely important for capping your Critical Chance.

allows you to apply Alacrity to your entire squad when using and also causes this Alacrity to last 50% longer. This trait will cause your Kalla's Fervor to reduce incoming condition damage by 7% per stack. This is in addition to the Ferocity and outgoing increased Condition Damage.


  • = 150 Breakbar damage per hit. Can hit up to five times.
  • = 100 Breakbar damage per hit. Can hit up to six times.
  • = 150 Breakbar damage.

Take care when using as it will push you through the bosses hitbox. This might end up with an interesting result if you're at Xera...and on the edge of the platform...

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