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General Gameplay Tips

Introduction to Daredevil

Initiative is unique to the Thief class and is an energy system that is spent when using weapon skills.

All weapon skills cost Initiative except for your auto attacks. You have 12 Initiative and it recharges at one per second.

With the Power Daredevil build you will be spending all of your Initiative on when your is off Cooldown. This can be considered your main burst.

Stolen Skills
Detonate Plasma

Detonate Plasma is an amazing Stolen Skill that provides all boons to your entire squad except for Alacrity. You gain 10 seconds of each boon except for:

You can gain Detonate Plasma from the following encounters:

Unstable Artifact

Unstable Artifact is a shadowstep that will Immobilize up to 10 targets for four seconds. If you use this Stolen Skill on a Downed squad member it will Pull them to you and Revive them by 15%. Unstable Artifact is also a DPS increase if used under the effects of . You can gain Unstable Artifact from the following encounters:

Soul Stone Venom

Soul Stone Venom clears all conditions from your entire squad when you use it. For each condition cleansed each ally will gain one stack of Soul Stone Venom on top of a single base stack. I.e. if you have four conditions and they are cleansed, you will gain five stacks. These stacks will then do damage when the ally attacks that is attributed to your DPS. If you don't plan using Soul Stone Venom to cleanse conditions, you can use it for a moderate DPS increase that roughly equals another . You can gain Soul Stone Venom from the following encounters:

Throw Magnetic Bomb

Throw Magnetic Bomb is a Ground-Targeted AoE that Pulls up to 10 targets over three pulses and deals significant damage. You can gain Throw Magnetic Bomb from the following encounters:


Venoms are one of the core skill types for Thieves. When you use a venom, they will apply a certain number of stacks to you and your subgroup.

These stacks, or charges, will be used when you strike an enemy. Please note that these can be wasted on trash mobs and not the raid boss. The other thing to note is that venoms can be wasted if you are Blinded, or an enemy blocks, evades or Dodges you attack.

With the Power Daredevil build, you will only come into contact with one venom:

deals 150 Breakbar damage once consumed. When you use , you and everyone in your subgroup will gain one charge of .

Stealth Attacks

Stealth attacks vary depending on the weapon you have equipped when you Stealth.

For this build, you will only come into contact with one stealth attack:

deals 200 Breakbar damage and can be used to help out at encounters like Slothasor and Samarog.

For these encounters, you will need to take to grant yourself Stealth.


Preparations are unique to Thieves and can be considered very similar to traps.

All preparations are two part skills that have a placement, or charging part, and then a detonation or activation part.

With the Power Daredevil build, you will only come into contact with one preparation:

places down the exit of your . This is contrary to . When you want to open your , you simply press the skill again and open it. Please be aware the only five people may pass through your .


The Daredevil Trait Line grants you access to an extra Dodge or an additional 50 Endurance.

Dodging is part of your rotation in two ways:

  • Firstly, it increases your damage by 10% for four seconds due to .
  • Secondly, depleting your Endurance grants you increased damage due to .

General Daredevil Tips

Deplete your Endurance at the start of the fight to be able to without losing the bonus. You gain Endurance when you due to , the minor grandmaster trait in the Daredevil Trait Line.

Due to the trait , it is important to constantly be in a flanking position to avoid losing 7% Critical Chance.

Utility Skills & Variations
Utility Skills

is used to grant you Stealth so you can CC with your Staff auto attack; .

grants you + 180 Precision. You can also use the active of to cleanse three conditions, only do this if you know you will die.

grants you + 180 Power. The active of this skill will grant you + 540 Power for five seconds. This is when you use your burst rotation, you should also try to use Throw Magnetic Bomb when under the active effects of .

causes you to strike your target five times. If all five attacks hit you will gain access to which does damage and 200 Breakbar damage.

provides you with some DPS but you should only take this utility when there are no Breakbars in the encounter.

Utility Skill Variations

can be used if you are kiting at the Qadim encounter. This will help you gain some extra Endurance to allow you to Dodge more.

can be used at Qadim, this allows your Power Boon Chronomancer to drop for a more useful skill. Please be aware that only works for five allies. Drop for . Check the "Gear Variations" section below for information about the gear you will need to change.

should be taken over if there are any Breakbars in the encounter. Faster breaks will lead to better kill times. Make sure you have four other allies close to you before you use to ensure that all five charges are applied.

can be taken to help CC if you know that adds might cause to be wasted. You can also take if your phase times are slow.

Traits & Variations
Traits in the Deadly Arts Trait Line

causes you to gain + 80 Power on this build.

will cause you to gain + 120 Power when you are Revealed and it will always grant you + 80 Power.

causes you to do 2% more damage per unique condition on your target. Typically, you will have between 10 - 11 conditions on a target. This only applies to physical damage.

is a flat 20% damage modifier against foes with less than 50% health.

Traits in the Critical Strikes Trait Line

gives you an additional 10% Critical Chance when your health is above 90%.

gives you an additional 7% Critical Chance when you hit your target from the side or behind. You also gain 7% Critical Damage when your health is above 90%.

grants you Ferocity based on 10% of your Precision.

is the reverse of and half the value. You gain 10% additional damage when your target is above 50% health.

causes Fury to give you + 250 Ferocity on top of the native 20% Critical Chance.

Traits in the Daredevil Trait Line

causes you to inflict Weakness after Dodging. You take 10% less damaged from foes with Weakness and you deal 7% more damage to them.

causes you to deal 5% more damage per Endurance bar that is missing. This only applies to phyiscal damage.

causes you to gain an 50 Endurance whenever you use your . Take care that this trait doesn't force you to gain full Endurance which will nullify the bonus damage from .

causes your Dodges to become . This new and improved Dodge will do damage at the site where you land and cause you to gain a 10% damage increase for four seconds after a Dodge. This is why your rotation has so many Dodges in it!

Individual Trait Variations

On Qadim, you can swap out for . This will allow you to get two Stolen Skills when you use .

You can also take on Samarog to help with the Breakbar Phases due to double Throw Magnetic Bomb.

Gear Variations

If you decide to drop for another, more useful, utility skill, you will need to take the following gear;

  • = 200 Breakbar damage.
  • = 200 Breakbar damage.
  • = 150 Breakbar damage per person, up to five people. These squad members must be in range when you use .
  • = 432 Breakbar damage.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Vale Guardian is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep if you get ported by or to Pull someone in who has been Downed.

Save for Vale Guardian, or on the Green Guardian if CC on it is slow. Normally, everyone wastes their CC on the Blue Guardian which is why you should save yours for the Green Guardian.

If the Blue AoEs appear when you are about to use , you can use instead to Dodge it.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500 420

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Gorseval is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep between the Charged Souls during the split phase.

When attacking the Charged Souls during the split phases you should try to stand in light fields. You have a lot of whirl finishers, from and , and this can be used to clear the Weakness from your subgroup. Clearing this Weakness will mean that you kill the Charged Souls faster.

Breakbar Phase

If you are dying during the Breakbar Phase, you should prioritize Dodging and using . These are slow hitting skills that will cause you to take less damage from the retaliation but still maintain your DPS.

Don't forget to use to help CC.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

You can stack Bloodlust, with on another weapon set, on the adds in the event preceding Sabetha.

The skill you get from Sabetha is Unstable Artifact. You can use this to shadowstep to the Launch Pads. The skill you get from the Champions is Throw Magnetic Bomb and is a personal DPS increase when used.

Save Throw Magnetic Bomb for when Sabetha returns and use it when you activate .

Drain your Endurance while you are waiting for the Champions to spawn, because this will give you the damage bonus from . You can also prime by attacking when they are still Invulnerable.

CC on this boss is not as important so you can use instead of .

Be especially mindful of your positioning here while she is doing her Flamewall, as her hitbox is anchored to the position where she started it. This is to ensure you maintain the 7% Critical Chance from .

If you are doing cannons, two auto attack chains and should be enough to destroy it.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000 420

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

Start on Pistol / Pistol and precast one Dodge. Dodge once Slothasor becomes hostile and use twice and then swap back to Staff and Dodge into your normal opener.

Your Stolen Skill is Soul Stone Venom and once activated will cleanse all conditions on your entire squad. It will also give you a small amount of personal DPS for each condition cleansed.

Soul Stone Venom has no cast time and can be used off Cooldown. The downside of this is that it will cleanse only one condition as the venom stack lasts for 30 seconds and will cleanse the next incoming condition. Only do this if you don't have to worry about Fear, or corruption from the Slublings.

Soul Stone Venom is roughly a in terms of personal DPS gain.

Make sure that you deplete your Initiative before the Breakbar Phases by spamming .

Remember that you can use to get back to Slothasor if you had to move away from a mechanic.

Breakbar Phase

You can also use for 200 Breakbar damage to help with CC.

Use to provide an additional 200 Breakbar damage.

Drain your Endurance during the Breakbar Phase so you will start the next phase with the damage bonus from . You can also prime by attacking Slothasor while he is still Invulnerable.

Bandit Trio

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from the bosses is Throw Magnetic Bomb. This can be used to do Mortars with as it is a pulsing CC.

Take here, if you are dealing with the Mortars. will be enough to deal with the single Mortars.

During the triple spawn, use on the first add, the first hit of on the second add and the second hit on the third add. Alternatively if you can get , the Stolen Skill, you can use that instead.

Feel free to take and for a little bit more sustain if the adds remain outside and as another CC in the case of the latter.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500 540

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Matthias is Detonate Plasma, which is helpful for maintaining boons. Generally, you should try to use this during Blood Shield, as he is Invulnerable. You can also use it to give everyone Aegis to block the damage from . To do so, use it just before detonate, and make sure to be somewhere in the middle of where the group spreads out. This will ensure that everyone gets the boons and it will take a significant amount of pressure off your healer.

During Blood Shield, make sure to drain your Endurance, prime a , and time a Dodge to land just as the last stack goes away to maximize your DPS.

In the case of a partially failed reflect, you can stand inside Matthias's hitbox and use to reflect a few stacks at a time. This is a last ditch effort for when your team does not have any other reflects available.

Be careful when Matthias uses . Even if your Heal Druid placed or your Boon Thief placed , will take priority if you are in his hitbox and reflect all 15 stacks back to Matthias. In the case that you do not have someone consistently negating , you can instead stand at max melee range and do any attack other than to intentionally eat some of the damage to gain Blood Fueled to increase your damage by 10% for a short duration.

Use to move away when you get mechanics and use to come back to Matthias.

Since you're probably the only weirdo playing power on Matthias, remind your Heal Druid that they can take for you if you have a Boon Thief or Boon Daredevil since they will cover the Protection uptime, rendering useless.

Breakbar Phase

Use on the Breakbar, since will most likely get wasted on Matthias.

You can also use .

Stronghold of the Faithful

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500 600

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from the Keep Construct is Unstable Artifact, however from the Phantasms you can get Detonate Plasma. Try to steal from the Phantasms and not from Keep Construct.

Hold onto one Detonate Plasma and use it before the burn phase. This will ensure instant Quickness and Fury.

Drain all your Initiative before you break Keep Construct, you will have plenty of time to regernate it before the burn phase.

You can swap to Pistol / Pistol if you are forced to move away from Keep Construct due to . You can use to move away quickly if you need it. You can use to get back in quickly.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000 660

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Xera is Soul Stone Venom. This is a 10 person condition cleanse and can be used at times when your party is suffering from a condition overload.

Use your Pistol / Pistol set during the pre-event on the second island. This allows you to range DPS the shard down while standing on a button. You can use this at 20% if you are ported as well.

Take here unless add management is a problem, in which case use instead. We recommend if you have lots of adds as may not actually hit Xera during the Breakbar Phase and could be wasted on the adds.

If your party is struggling with shard clearing you can onto the shards to help out.

If you are ported at 40% or 20%, you can use to get back to Xera quickly once you've killed the shard.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200 480

Power Daredevil is not strong at Cairn. Check out our Team Composition Page to see what we recommend.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160 460

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

This boss is literally a DPS golem. Just practise a good rotation and be happy.

The skill you get from Mursaat Overseer is Detonate Plasma. Use the first Detonate Plasma instantly and then delay your second one until the Jade Knights come in. This ensures Resistance and Protection for when they explode.

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500 660

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

Take Pistol / Pistol on your second set. You can use this during the start of the third phase as Samarog will be stationary while he uses . Use and Throw Magnetic Bomb while Samarog is stuck in its animation.

The Stolen Skill you get from Samarog is Throw Magnetic Bomb. Don't be greedy, use this for the Breakbar Phase.

You will need to take instead of , in high DPS groups to hard carry the Breakbar Phases.

Make sure that you deplete your Initiative before the Breakbar Phases by spamming .

Hey! On the off chance you didn't read it earlier, DON'T GREED WITH THROW MAGNETIC BOMB.

Breakbar Phase

Use to provide an additional 200 Breakbar damage.

Drain your Endurance during the Breakbar Phase so you will start the next phase with the damage bonus from . You can also prime by attacking Samarog while he is still Invulnerable. Save one dodge to avoid as will net you more DPS than jumping them.

Use Throw Magnetic Bomb twice. Don't be a greedy bitch.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140 720

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Deimos is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep if you get Knocked Back by the pizza attack or to Pull in the hand kiter if they get Downed.

The skill you get from Saul is Throw Magnetic Bomb. This can be used to help CC the first and third Saul.

You can swap out for to help with CC.

Try to line up and Throw Magnetic Bomb with the buff from Unnatural Signet.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000 480

Power Daredevil is not strong at Soulless Horror. Check out our Team Composition Page to see what we recommend.

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400 600

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Dhuum is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep for mobility when you need to drop a bomb, do a green or break a . You can then back in to Dhuum.

Always have one Unstable Artifact stored and then continue your rotation as usual. Unstable Artifact can also be used for Pulling in Downed players to easily ressurect them.

You can use as an emergency group cleanse to remove the Torment from after the .

You can run Pistol - Pistol as your second weapon set. This can be used for ranged DPS during the and also to provide a smoke field if you Stealth the Reapers.

Final 10% Phase

During the final 10% phase, is pretty weird. You need to cast it from the edge of the circle, towards Dhuum, and then backpedal while auto attacking.

Try to face the throne for the buff from .

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate 52,290,000 1,374 1,670 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

Use your only while Conjured Amalgamate's main body is vulnerable. Using it on Arms is a waste.

Your DPS on the Arms doesn't matter since you won't one phase it and it will definitely die in the second burn as people use their Swords.

Stealing from Conjured Shields gives you Throw Magnetic Bomb. The Conjured Greatswords provide you with Unstable Artifact as a Stolen Skill which is fairly useless for this encounter.

Start your burst on Arm before it goes up and don't do it a second time. Save it for after, when Conjured Amalgamate's main body is vulnerable.

Once Conjured Amalgamate is vulnerable don't activate your burst yet. Use the standard rotation of:

Once the orb collection has finished and Swords have been used then you can begin your burst rotation. Wait until Conjured Amalgamate has at least five stacks before you begin.

During the second burn remember that it phases at 25% so adapt your burst timing. You will most likely have to start it during your teammates Sword casts so pay attention to it.

For the last burn phase remember that you can hit both Conjured Amalgamate and the second Arm if you’re close enough.

Twin Largos 17,548,336 1,374 120

Power Daredevil is not strong at Twin Largos. Check out our Team Composition Page to see what we recommend.

Qadim 19,268,760 1,374 240 780

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

You can take a second Staff with and . Swap to this when you need to kill the Destroyer.

Swap for . This will let you double the amount of Throw Magnetic Bomb and Detonate Plasma uses which makes the Creatures considerably faster at almost no loss to boss DPS. gives you absolutely nothing at the Hydra, Destroyer or Wyverns. Double Throw Magnetic Bomb provides a lot of DPS and CC. Double Detonate Plasma provides a lot of boons which can sustain you throughout the split phases.

The Stolen Skill from Qadim, the Destroyer and Patriarch is Throw Magnetic Bomb. You get Detonate Plasma from the Hydra, Matriarch and Pyres.

During the last phase you will have to Dodge from left to right so your damage actually hits Qadim. This is quite risky as you might Dodge off the platform so be careful.

How to use Throw Magnetic Bomb

You can get an initial Throw Magnetic Bomb from Qadim right at the start of the encounter and then quickly return back to your squad at the Hydra.

Your usage should look like this:

rotation with Throw Magnetic Bomb:

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Sabir 29,493,000 1,374 240 15,000 540

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Sabir is Unstable Artifact. This can be used as a shadowstep between platforms, for DPS or to apply soft CC via Immobilize.

Constantly pay attention to the number of stacks of Violent Currents. Until you have five stacks, it is better to disregard flanking and focus on standing in front of Sabir to reach five stacks.

Once you have maxed it out, move to the side of Sabir to activate . As a reminder, only the front 90° is considered to not be flanking, so standing on the side is still fine. Standing on the backside of Sabir will likely result in you missing out on boons, since your team will always be in front of the boss.

To avoid , instead of using the Tornados to jump over it, you can instead use or Unstable Artifact to teleport through the wave as it approaches you. You can take a few steps back away from the boss to make timing this easier. Teleporting over the wave is key to having good DPS on this fight as it increases you DPS uptime and maintains the stacks of Violent Currents.

If you're using Unstable Artifact, be cautious of the cast time and Downed teammates. If you Pull someone that Downed to the wave, you won't teleport over the wave, resulting in you Downing, and possibly getting the other person hit again, resulting in instant death for your teammate.

Breakbar Phase

For the coordinated Breakbar, instead of using the Special Action Key, you can use instead so you can keep Violent Currents for more DPS. Just keep the cast time in mind, and begin casting it slightly before the group uses all their Special Action Keys.

You can also use .

The Special Action Key is affected by . Swap to your second Staff before using it.

Cardinal Adina 22,611,300 1,374 160 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Adina is Detonate Plasma. This helps with boon uptime and can be very useful for quick split phases.

After the first Pillar is destroyed, you can instantly to Adina and start your rotation.

As Power Daredevil, you should avoid getting Pillars as you have no ranged damage in the build.

is a great tool to traverse the platform and can get you out of sticky situations.

You should always keep a Detonate Plasma for the split phases. The instant boons help you kill the Hands quicker and the Stability can prevent you from getting knocked off the platform.

Qadim the Peerless 47,188,800 1,374 400 720

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Daredevil Tips

The skill you get from Qadim the P is Unstable Artifact. This can be used to Pull in Downed party members or to grab an Orb if someone forgets!

Use to help CC the Pylons at the start. You can also use and .

Save one Dodge so you can Dodge through .

When Qadim the P rushes to destroy Pylons at 40%, 30% and 20%, you can swap to your Pistol / Pistol set and use to upkeep DPS.

You can also swap to Pistol / Pistol and use on the Anomalies. Do this as a last resort as it'll hurt your DPS a lot.