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General Gameplay Tips

General Deadeye Tips

Getting access to Stealth is very important for this build. You will get an additional + 200 Power due to and you will be able to use .

You cycle through four difference sources of Stealth during this rotation:

Your Stolen Skill will only grant Stealth if you have five or more Malice.

Prevent getting Revealed while casting by not auto attacking until the cast has finsished.

Delay casting until the very last moment before , to ensure the follow up hits under as well.

Cast once the cast of is 50% completed to ensure the five Initiative granted by this skill don't get overcapped.

As a finisher use to get rid of Revealed for one last additional .

Positioning is very important with this build. Try to position yourself in a way that allows for very minimal movement or, ideally, none at all.

Deadeye Specific Mechanics

Stolen Skills

The Stolen Skill you get in raids is randomized from a group of nine:

For this build Stolen Skills are an important resource for obtaining Stealth. Some also provide boons or conditions which will help boost your damage gain from and respectively.

What is Malice?

Malice is a stacking bonus that is unique to Deadeye. It increases the damage of your by 25% per stack. Malice actually increases the effects of all "Stealth Attacks" but your only one with this build is .

Normally, you can have five Malice stacks but as you have you can have seven stacks.

Malice is generated in a few ways:

  • means that you will gain one stack of Malice when you use . You will also gain an additional stack when you hit with .
  • One stack of Malice will be generated for each skill that hits a target marked with . For example, you will gain one stack of Malice for a full channel of .
  • An additional stack of Malice will be granted if that skill does a critical hit on a target marked with . This will only trigger once per skill channel.
Initiative must be spent in order for you to gain Malice from a skill.

Utility Skills

is just used to generate Stealth and therefore get access to .

grants you + 180 Power. The active of this skill will grant you + 540 Power for five seconds. Make sure to use this utility right at the end of the cast of to ensure that you get two casts in under it's active status.

will grant you Stealth for more . It also does 232 Breakbar damage if your target is marked with .

will cause you to lose all Malice, gain Initiative and refresh . You will always gain three Initiative, regardless of your Malice stacks, and gain an additional Initiative per Malice stack lost.

removes Revealed and applies Stealth. Again, more Stealth results in more spam.


Traits in the Deadly Arts Trait Line

causes you to gain + 80 Power on this build.

will cause you to gain + 200 Power when you are Revealed. You are frequently Revealed during this rotation so you will greatly benefit from the + 200 Power.

causes you to do 2% more damage per unique condition on your target. Typically, you will have between 10 - 11 conditions on a target. This only applies to physical damage.

is a flat 20% damage modifier against foes with less than 50% health.

Traits in the Critical Strikes Trait Line

gives you an additional 5% Critical Chance when your health is above 90%.

gives you an additional 7% Critical Chance when you hit your target from the side or behind. You also gain 7% Critical Damage when your health is above 90%.

causes you to gain Ferocity based on 10% of your Precision.

is the reverse of and half the value. You gain 10% additional damage when your target is above 50% health.

causes Fury to give you + 250 Ferocity on top of the native 20% Critical Chance.

Traits in the Deadeye Trait Line

causes your to grant one stack of Malice when used. It also causes your to grant one stack of Malice.

causes you to do 1% more damage per unique boon that you have on yourself. This works well with and the Stolen Skills which grant you boons.

is a flat 10% damage modifier on marked targets. If you have a target marked with you will do 10% more damage to that target.

boosts your Malice cap to seven stacks from five. It will also causes you to gain seven Initiative and a load of boons when you hit seven stacks of Malice.

Trait Variations

Take over if you are struggling to survive when acting as kiter on Qadim.


  • = 232 Breakbar damage, if the target has .

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