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General Gameplay Tips

General Berserker Tips

The cleave damage output from is huge and can be a great advantage especially at bosses with adds e.g. Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha, Xera and Mursaat Overseer.

The main reason to cleave is to ensure that you always maintain 25 stacks of as this increases your Condition Damage.

If a boss is about to phase, it is more beneficial to use than auto attacking as the Burning ticks do more DPS before it becomes Invulnerable.

can be used as a gap closer when doing mechanics or moving during split phases.

Remember to use once the enemy is below 50% health.

You have access to a condition cleanse through . This skill will cleanse two conditions from you but will come at a heavy DPS loss if you use it solely for this purpose.

is a blast finisher and can be used in Smoke fields to blast Stealth.

provides Immobilize and can be used to slow down adds.

Berserker Specific Mechanics

What are banners?

Banners are immovable objects that only the caster can interact with. Assuming perfect Alacrity, you will have four seconds of downtime with your banners.

If you pick up your banners, they will Recharge by 60 seconds. This means that once your banners are on a 60 seconds Recharge, you can pick them up and recast them instantly. Take advantage of this during downtime between phases or when bosses are Invulnerable. This will ensure permanent uptime.

Make sure you place your banners close to your stack or between two locations if you know you will move slightly.

Berserker Mode!

is a specific mechanic that is unique to Berserker. It has a one second cast time to enter and will last for 15 seconds, unless extended. There is no way to manually exit , you have to wait out the timer.

When in , you can access to new burst skills:

Both of these skills have a Cooldown and are one of your main sources of damage.

can be extended by using rage skills. Each skill extends the duration by a different amount. You can also extend the duration of by using the trait in the Berserker Trait Line.

Let's take a look at your rage skills and see how long they extend by:

  • extends by two seconds.
  • extends by three seconds.
  • extends by four seconds.
  • extends by two seconds.

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

Your Heal skill will always be as your rotation partly revolves around this skill. Using will Recharge your and .

and will always be on your utility bar when playing . These two utilities will buff all 10 squad members and have an almost permanent uptime. Your banners last for 60 seconds and will have a Recharge of 64 seconds, assuming permanent Alacrity.

can be used to grant yourself two stacks of Stability. This can be used to avoid getting Stunned, Knocked Back or Knocked Down by certain mechanics. The shockwave from this skill will reflect incoming projectiles and you will need to take care at certain encounters. Rock Guard, a 0.5 second buff from using , will block incoming attacks.

can be used as a Stun Break, grants you maximum adrenaline and causes 300 Breakbar damage.

Utility Skill Variations

You have the option to run or with as your elite. is very standard and helps to kickstart your rotation by giving you full adrenaline.

  • Take if your squad CC is fine or you don't need any CC for the encounter.
  • Take if your squad CC is bad and it's a CC heavy fight like Slothasor, Matthias or Samarog.


Traits in the Arms Trait Line

increases your Condition Duration based on your current Precision. This trait will help you cap out on Condition Duration and will be even more effective when running the Discipline trait line. This is because you will gain additional Precision through .

causes you to gain + 180 Condition Damage when under the effects of Fury.

reduces the Recharge of your Sword skills by 20% and increases your Condition Damage by + 120 when on your Sword Set. This trait also increases your Expertise by + 120 regardless of weapon.

gives you a 33% chance to cause Bleeding on critical hit and causes your Bleeding to last 33% longer.

is a stacking buff that increases your Condition Damage by 10 stat points for each stack. There is a maximum of 25 stacks for this buff. You gain by landing a critical hit on your target(s). You can massively increase the amount of stacks you have by cleaving adds during encounters.

Traits in the Discipline Trait Line

increases your damage by 7% while under the effects of Swiftness.

The rotation for this build relies on the lower Cooldown of your Weapon Swap, from , and the reduced Cooldown of your and , from .

will improve the effects of banners on you by 100%. This will greatly increase your Power, Precision, Ferocity and Condition Damage.

causes your burst skills to give Swiftness and partially restore your adrenaline. It also causes your burst skills to do 7% more damage.

Traits in the Berserker Trait Line

causes your rage skills to inflict Burning on up to five nearby enemies.

reduces the Cooldown on your Torch skills and also grants you + 120 Condition Damage when you are on your Torch set. Additionally, you gain + 120 Condition Damage regardless of your weapon set.

increases your Power and Condition Damage by + 300 stat points when you are in . It also decreases your Toughness by 300 stat points.

causes you to gain a Fire Shield whenever you critically hit an enemy. It also causes Fire Shields to explode, causing Burning, when a rage skill or torch skill is used. Fire Shields that are created by rage skills will detonate immediately. The 15 second Cooldown on this trait only refers to when gaining a Fire Shield from a critical hit but not the detonation.

Boons and Conditions

You provide permanent Burning through , , , , , and .

You can provide permanent Bleeding through , , , , , and .

You can provide roughly 50% Cripple uptime through , and .

You can provide roughly 20% Immobilize uptime through .

You can provide some Blind through .

You can give yourself Stability through .

You give yourself Quickness when you enter due to .

You give yourself Fury whenver you use a burst skill due to .


Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000

General Berserker Tips

If you are in an organised group and kill Vale Guardian in the middle then you do not need to worry about your positioning so much as it is fairly easy to cleave the Seekers. Cleaving the Seekers will keep up your stacks thereby giving you more Condition Damage.

If you kill Vale Guardian on a wall then try to cleave the boss and the Seekers at the same time. You can do this by standing at his side and by aiming your through him to hit the Seekers behind.

If the timing permits, you can use to block the teleport from .

Banner Placement

Place your banners slightly towards the Red Guardian. This will make it easy for you to pick them up at the end of every phase.

You will have time to cast them during each split phase, pick them up and recast them again for the main phase.

Split Phase

As you will need to go to the Red Guardian during the split phase. If you have problems with Seeker control during the split, use to Immobilize it.

Use to help break the Red Guardian.

There is no reason to skill save during the split phase, so just continue your rotation as normal.

If you have fast split phases then you will want to hold off from using . With fast split phases you might not have back off Cooldown for when you engage Vale Guardian again.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500

General Berserker Tips

Although keeping up 25 stacks of should not be a problem here, remember that you can always cleave the expanding orbs. Cleaving the orbs is typically your responsibility and is easily done with good positioning.

You can slightly delay at the start of the encounter, if you have trust issues, to avoid the first as it will grant you Stability.

During the third DPS phase, or "Eggs" will spawn around Gorseval. Try to avoid Dodging out of the "Eggs" in order to upkeep DPS, because you can simply walk backwards out of them as they spawn. will root you in place, so take care not to get trapped in an egg.

Banner Placement

Your banner placement will depend slightly on the way your squad does the split phase. Organised groups will split their squad in half and most likely one group will go the North-Eastern Charged Soul and the second group to the South-Eastern Charged Soul.

This will result in both groups kill their second Charged Souls to the West of Gorseval. This is where you should place both your banners so both groups get the benefit from them at the end of their split phases.

If you are running around as a squad to kill all the Charged Souls then you can place your banners slightly behind Gorseval. This will ensure you will be in range of your banners for at least two Charged Souls.

You can pick up your banners just as the split phase ends and recast them. This will ensure a high uptime.

Split Phase

As you head back towards Gorseval, you can use as a gap closer. If you use through up you will gain a Fire Shield. The same applies when moving between Charged Souls during the split phase. Fire Shield will give mobs Burning when you are stuck and can potentially detonate due to .

If your group is struggling with the split phases, remember that you can always use to Immobilize the Charged Souls.

Breakbar Phase

Save your to help CC. You won't have up for the first Breakbar as you will need to use it to kickstart your rotation.

If your squad is really struggling with CC then you could swap out for .

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48

General Berserker Tips

Keep an eye on Sabetha's health and try not to waste Cooldowns if she is about to phase. This becomes more important when Kernan, Knuckles and Karde spawn as they will spawn Invulnerable and therefore destroy any projectiles you use.

You can easily cleave adds to help provide stacks. This is actually important when Karde spawns as you will need to help cleave down his turrets.

Banner Placement

Place your banners close to the center of the arena. You can pick them up and recast them before you have to do your cannon.

Time Bombs

You lose barely anything by baiting the mechanic, as you can normally attack from range at some point in your rotation. To bait the mechanic you must be the closest person to Sabetha.

If you get a when you are on your Sword set you can use as you walk out of the stack and to get back in.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000

Power based DPS classes are a lot stronger at this encounter. Check out our Power Banner Guide to see what we recommend.

Bandit Trio

General Berserker Tips

Always remember that it is your job to CC the saboteurs with so try to save it. To make your life easier, remember that you can throw beehives in front of the cage to CC the saboteurs for you when Narella spawns. This will let you keep up some DPS on her instead of trying to CC them.

Although strictly speaking you do not need , it will help to maintain Might and Fury while your subgroup is spread out.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Berserker Tips

During the Snowstorm phase, Matthias will create Icy Patches that can be cleaved by you with , therefore aiding to keep up the 25 stacks of .

Take care with as this skill can reflect Matthias when he uses - his jump attack.

Conditions continue to apply when Matthias uses his , so always continue with your rotation when he uses this attack.

Banner Placement

The aim of the Matthias encounter is to keep him as static as possible near the center of the room so this means your banners should also be near the center of the room. If you see Matthias run off to Narnia, try to pick up your banners and recast them.

Dealing with Mechanics

If you do happen to get a mechanic, be it Well of the Profane () or , you can walk backwards from Matthias to continue attacking and using . When moving back to Matthias remember to use as a gap closer.

If you are targeted by and are forced to move away from Matthias, you can use if you are on your Sword set to avoid too much DPS downtime. Use to get back to Matthias once has ended but take care not to leap too early.

Breakbar Phase

Save your to help CC.

If your squad is really struggling with CC then you could swap out for .

Stronghold of the Faithful


General Berserker Tips

Run around, look useful, attack stuff, hit stuff and spam .

You can Immobilize the Wargs by using .

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500

Power based DPS classes are a lot stronger at this encounter. Check out our Power Banner Guide to see what we recommend.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000

General Berserker Tips

You can easily cleave adds here, therefore maintaining 25 stacks of . You can move around Xera to position yourself so you can use onto the adds as they spawn. This will not only help to maintain stacks but it will also aid in cleaving down the adds. Take care when cleaving adds that are in a shard AoE field as their Burning will get converted into Aegis.

If in the second phase you stay in one place to kill Xera, then try to stand to the side of her so you can cleave shards as well. Again, this will help to maintain stacks and also to remove shard pressure.

Remember to use to help CC when Xera has her Breakbar up.

Island Pre-Event

Use Longbow for the second island as most likely you will be placed on a button. Using in is ideal. You can use to help blast Might in your field to help boost your DPS classes while they are killing the central shard.

Banner Placement

Find out from the Power Boon Chronomancer if you are keeping Xera in the middle during the first phase. If you are, then you can just place your banners there. If you are moving Xera try to place your banners between the middle and the location to which you will move her.

The same applies to the second phase, after 50%. Find out where you will be moving Xera and place your banners between the two tanking positions.

During the second phase, you can pick them up as you move between tanking spots and recast them.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Berserker Tips

Cairn's crystal shard attack, , is reflectable. So make sure not to reflect it with .

You can use to block the teleport from , just as with from Vale Guardian.

This boss is a simple DPS golem so take the time to practise your rotation.

Banner Placement

Cairn is basically a static boss so just place your banners somewhere near the center of the platform.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Berserker Tips

You can easily cleave Jade Scouts here, therefore maintaining 25 stacks of . It'll probably be your job to cleave at least two Jade Scouts but preferably three.

Just like with Cairn, this boss is practically a DPS golem so take this opportunity to practise your rotation.

Banner Placement

Mursaat Overseer is practically static, so just place your banners near the center of the arena.

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500

Power based DPS classes are a lot stronger at this encounter. Check out our Power Banner Guide to see what we recommend.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

General Berserker Tips

If you are going to pre-stack Might with , remember to do it after the boon strip.

can be used to Immobilize Prides and Greeds if needed.

Banner Placement

Place your banners near the center of the Arena as Deimos barely moves.

Make sure you pick up your banners as you phase Deimos at 10% health. Recast them immediately when you get down to the last phase.

Split Phase

will solo break any of the Sauls which spawn.

There is no reason to skill save during the split phases, so just keep up your rotation as normal. The faster you phase Saul, the faster you are back at Deimos.

Remember to cleave both Saul and Deimos when possible.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Berserker Tips

At the begining of the fight you can cleave both Soulless Horror and the wurms with .

Use on the Tormented Dead if needed. Take if you are struggling with Tormented Dead control.

You can use if you have to move away from Soulless Horror due to bad wall spawns.

Banner Placement

Place your banners near the center of the arena, for maximum coverage.

Breakbar Phase

Save your to help CC.

If your squad is really struggling with CC then you could swap out or .

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Berserker Tips

Use in your rotation on the Enforcers as they take extra direct damage.

Keep at eye on the Reaper by the gate. If spiders start to build up, use to cleave them.

Greater Death Mark

Seeing as you aren't going to be in charge of boon strip, due to multiple Condition Renegades, it doesn't really matter which green you take.

Remember that is a condition cleanse, so use it to cleanse the Torment after the Soul Split ().

Dealing with Mechanics

Use for extra movement during mechanics and going to greens. This will help you maximise your DPS uptime.

You can also use when moving out to the seals during the final 10%.

Banner Placement

Ask the Power Boon Chronomancer where you will be tanking Dhuum. Try to place your banners between the two tanking spots for each phase between the .

If you are taking the first green you will need to place your banners before taking your second green as Dhuum will have already spawned. You can pick up your banners when you return and recast them again.

Before any of your greens, you can pick up you banners and recast them. This will ensure a very high, if not permanent, uptime for your banners.

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate 1,374

Power based DPS classes are a lot stronger at this encounter. Check out our Power Banner Guide to see what we recommend.

Twin Largos 17,548,336 1,374

General Berserker Tips

At Nikare you can use to block and . If you are targeted by you can move to place it down but continue to attack by using .

At Kenut you can use to block . This attack by Kenut hits multiple times and you may still take damage from it even if you block with .

You can also block , the small AoEs that spawn which apply Torment.

You can block with . If your Heal Druid is struggling with kiting this attack you can always do it as you can still DPS from range when you need to move out.

Save your so you can CC Kenut or Nikare during .

Banner Placement

Place your banners immediately when you start the encounter. You can pick them up and recast them as you move platform.

Qadim 47,188,800 1,374 400

General Warrior Tips

If your CC is slow at Qadim or you need more CC for the creatures you can always take instead of .

Take care when you use as it will put you very close to your target. All the enemies at the Qadim encounter have proximity based aggro mechanics and your close proximity may cause aggro issues.

Remember that you can't do any damage to Qadim when his Breakbar is up. The faster you break him the faster you can go back to DPS.

Try to cleave all the three adds that spawn at the Destroyer.

You will need to kite one of the Wyverns as . Most attacks can be sidestepped or avoided by moving inside the Wyvern's hitbox.

Kiting a Wyvern

Kiting a Wyvern is easy if you know their attack pattern.

2 x or Breakbar Phase .

If you are kiting the Matriarch you need to make sure that she is not facing the Patriarch when she uses .

You can simply move out of the way when a Wyvern uses . The same applies for and .

is actually two attacks. It looks like a swipe and then a stab into the ground.

You will need to block or Dodge the first but you can simply walk inside the hitbox of the Wyvern to avoid the second hit of .

After the Wyvern uses to escape they may use . They will only use this skill if no one is close to them when they move. You will absolutely need to Dodge this skill if they use it.

Banner Placement

Cast your banners just before the Hydra spawns. You can pick them up and recast them if the Hydra teleports. You can then pick them up again as the Hydra dies.

Recast your banners as you get back to Qadim after you've dealt with the Pyres. Always pick them up again at the end of each phase. Repeat this for the following phases.

Don't use your banners once you've killed the Matriarch and Patriarch. Wait until you have finished the jumping puzzle and have arrived at Qadim.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina 22,611,300 1,374 160

Power based DPS classes are a lot stronger at this encounter. Check out our Team Composition Page to see what we recommend.

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