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General Gameplay Tips

Introduction to Berserker
Berserker Mode!

is a specific mechanic that is unique to Berserker. It has a one second cast time to enter and will last for 15 seconds, unless extended. There is no way to manually exit , you have to wait out the timer.

When in , you can access to new burst skills:

Both of these skills have a Cooldown and are one of your main sources of damage.

can be extended by using rage skills. Each skill extends the duration by a different amount. You can also extend the duration of by using the trait in the Berserker Trait Line.

Let's take a look at your rage skills and see how long they extend by:

  • extends by two seconds.
  • extends by three seconds.
  • extends by four seconds.
  • extends by five seconds.
  • extends by one second or by five seconds if it has acted as a Stun Break.
  • extends by two seconds.

Adrenaline & Primal Burst Skills

Adrenaline is a specific mechanic that is unique to Warrior, Berserker and Spellbreaker. You gain adrenaline whenever you strike with an attack.

You gain adrenaline in order to use and your primal burst skills. There are three stages of adrenaline, each requiring 10 adrenaline. You are required to fill up all 30 points of adrenaline in order to enter . After that point, each primal burst skill will cost 10 points of adrenaline. Using a burst skill will use all of your adrenaline, even if the skill misses.

So which primal burst skills will you encounter in this build?

Primal burst skills have a few traits that change their behaviour:

  • reduces the Recharge of your primal burst skills by 15%
  • will cause your primal burst skills to deal 7% more damage, restore 33% of your adrenaline and grant you Swiftness
  • causes your primal burst skills to grant you Fury

You have a few skills that grant adrenaline:

  • will grant you 10 adrenaline and recharge your primal burst skill.
  • will grant you 30 adrenaline

You have a few traits that grant you additional adrenaline:

  • provides you with an additional point of adrenaline when you critically hit
  • provides you with five points of adrenaline on Weapon Swap
  • will restore 33% of your adrenaline after you use a primal burst skill

General Warrior Tips

The cleave damage output from Condition Berserker is huge and can be a great advantage especially at bosses with adds e.g. Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha, Xera and Mursaat Overseer.

The main reason to cleave is to ensure that you always maintain 25 stacks of as this increases your Condition Damage.

If a boss is about to phase, it is more beneficial to use than auto attacking as the Burning ticks do more DPS before it becomes Invulnerable.

can be used as a gap closer when doing mechanics or moving during split phases.

Remember to use once the enemy is below 50% health.

You have access to a condition cleanse through . This skill will cleanse two conditions from you but will come at a heavy DPS loss if you use it solely for this purpose.

is a blast finisher and can be used in Smoke fields to blast Stealth.

provides Immobilize and can be used to slow down adds.

Utility Skills & Variations
Utility Skills

Your Heal skill will always be as your rotation partly revolves around this skill. Using will Recharge your and .

increases the duration of your by five seconds. This skill can be used in a Fire field to grant yourself Fire Shield. This will then detonate when you land, due to , and cause Burning.

can be used to grant yourself two stacks of Stability. This can be used to avoid getting Stunned, Knocked Back or Knocked Down by certain mechanics. The shockwave from this skill will reflect incoming projectiles and you will need to take care at certain encounters. Rock Guard, a 0.5 second buff from using , will block incoming attacks.

will extend the duration of your by one second if it doesn't Stun Break you. If it does Stun Break you, by using , then it will extend by five seconds.

can be used as a Stun Break, grants you maximum adrenaline and causes 300 Breakbar damage.

Traits & Variations
Traits in the Arms Trait Line

increases your Condition Duration based on your current Precision. This trait will help you cap out on Condition Duration and will be even more effective when running the Discipline trait line. This is because you will gain additional Precision through .

causes you to gain + 180 Condition Damage when under the effects of Fury.

reduces the Recharge of your Sword skills by 20% and increases your Condition Damage by + 120 when on your Sword Set. This trait also increases your Expertise by + 120 regardless of weapon.

gives you a 33% chance to cause Bleeding on critical hit and causes your Bleeding to last 33% longer.

is a stacking buff that increases your Condition Damage by 10 stat points for each stack. There is a maximum of 25 stacks for this buff. You gain by landing a critical hit on your target(s). You can massively increase the amount of stacks you have by cleaving adds during encounters.

Traits in the Discipline Trait Line

causes your Longbow auto attack to inflict Burning and causes your Longbow skills to have 20% reduced Recharge.

The rotation for this build relies on the lower Cooldown of your Weapon Swap, from , and the reduced Cooldown of your and , from .

will improve the effects of banners on you by 100%. This will greatly increase your Power, Precision, Ferocity and Condition Damage.

causes your burst skills to give Swiftness and partially restore your adrenaline. It also causes your burst skills to do 7% more damage.

Traits in the Berserker Trait Line

causes your rage skills to inflict Burning on up to five nearby enemies.

reduces the Cooldown on your Torch skills and also grants you + 120 Condition Damage when you are on your Torch set. Additionally, you gain + 120 Condition Damage regardless of your weapon set.

increases your Power and Condition Damage by + 300 stat points when you are in . It also decreases your Toughness by 300 stat points.

causes you to gain a Fire Shield whenever you critically hit an enemy. It also causes Fire Shields to explode, causing Burning, when a rage skill or torch skill is used. Fire Shields that are created by rage skills will detonate immediately. The 15 second Cooldown on this trait only refers to when gaining a Fire Shield from a critical hit but not the detonation.

Boons & Conditions

You provide permanent Burning through , , , , and .

You can provide permanent Bleeding through , , , , , and .

You can provide roughly 50% Cripple uptime through , and .

You can provide roughly 20% Immobilize uptime through .

You can provide some Blind through .

You can give yourself Stability through .

You give yourself Quickness when you enter due to .

You give yourself Fury and Swiftness whenver you use a burst skill due to and respectively.