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General Gameplay Tips

General Spellbreaker Tips

When playing this build, you will need to evaluate the benefits of taking Tactics or Discipline. This will depend on the number of power based DPS classes in your subgroup.

Always replace with if possible. You will never really need to Dodge when playing this build as you can use instead.

Only use Greatsword for mobility and to open with and . Then immediately swap to Axe / Axe and pretend to be a .

You should always try to use instead of whenever possible. This assumes that you can trigger it instantly or at least very quickly. has a horrible cast time and aftercast which is why you want to replace it if possible.

By far the largest proportion of your damage comes from . Always try to use this while under the effects of , and .

Always use at the start of an encounter so you begin with two bars of adrenaline.

Spellbreaker Specific Mechanics

Banner Placement

Make sure you place your banners outside the squad, to prevent your other squad members from mistaking them for Conjures.

Try to position your banners to get the highest uptime without having to move them.

Pick up your banners and move them when you know that they will be out of range. This will probably be the case for Slothasor.

On some encounters it will be beneficial to not place your banners on top of each other. For example, at Vale Guardian you want the group that goes to the Red Guardian to take your and the group at Blue Guardian and Green Guardian to take your .

If you or a squad member has to leave the stack in order to do a mechanic, you can ask them to bring back your banners if they happen to be out of range.

Do you need to worry about Fury or not?

You will not need to worry about Fury if you have a Druid in your subgroup as they will cover Fury. You will also not need to worry about it if a Druid in your squad has .

The same applies to Power Daredevil or Condition Daredevil on certain encounters where they have access to Detonate Plasma. This is only true for Matthias, Mursaat Overseer and the Statues of Grenth.

If you need to provide Fury your only option will be to take . Dropping or really isn't an option as it will remove your only source of thereby dropping your personal DPS significantly.

Boon Stripping

You have three forms of boon strip with this build. The main one you will be using is . This skill lasts for 10 seconds and will be the main one that you will use when you need to play .

The other two forms of boon strip you have are from and due to .

Full Counter

This skill takes some getting used to. It doesn't always follow the same pattern as your typical block skills like Aegis, or . Technically isn't actually a block, it is more like a one time immunity.

One of the problems with is that you can't stow it once you've begun to cast it. This leads for some pretty awkward situations when you manage to miss your timing and are stuck like a lemon for 1.5 seconds waiting for the skill to end. The only way to cancel is to Dodge. A Dodge lasts 0.75 seconds which means most of the time you will probably have to wait out the skill instead of Dodging to cancel.

There are six good things about :

  • It reduces the incoming damage of the next hit by 100%.
  • It does decent damage in the form of a counterattack which also offers a half second evade.
  • It Dazes five targets around you. This will contribute towards your and .
  • It recharges your burst skill which will be and . This will help instantly stack up .
  • It grants you Stability.
  • It boon strips due to .

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

Your Heal skill will always be . This Heal skill will give you full adrenaline and give five allies + 50 endurance. Use at the start of the encounter and at the start of phases to make sure you begin with adrenaline.

is used to provide you with the buff. This buff gives you 20% extra phyiscal damage for six seconds. You should time your bursts around using .

will also give you a single stack of . This buff will increase your Power and Ferocity by 45 stat points each per stack for a maximum of five stacks.

Finally, will remove a boon from an enemy when used due to the trait .

and will always be on your utility bar when playing . These two utilities will buff all 10 squad members and have an almost permanent uptime. Your banners last for 90 seconds and will have a recharge of 96 seconds, assuming permanent Alacrity.

When cast, your banners will result in a blast finisher. This can be used inside Smoke fields or Fire fields to provide Stealth and Might respectively. You have access to a second blast finisher by using banner skill #5.

is your main form of boon removal. This skill will pulse for 10 seconds with a total of 9 pulses.

Utility Skill Variations

There are no real utility variations for this build as you your banners to buff your subgroup. You need to give you and and you need for the boon removal.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Strength Trait Line

The damage from this build comes from the buildup of and . Your damage also comes from timing your burst around the and buffs.

is gained whenever you use a physical skill and increases your physical damage by 20% for six seconds. The only physical skill you have on your bar for this build is .

is gained each time you use , or . The maximum is three stacks and each burst skill will give you one stack. Each burst skill uses one of your two adrenaline bars. gives you a 7% damage increase per stack.

causes you to gain + 120 Power and an additional + 120 Power if you have a Greatsword equipped.

increases the effects of Might. Normally, you gain + 30 Power per stack of Might but with you will gain + 40 Power per stack of Might.

Traits in the Tactics Trait Line

increases your damage by 1% per boon.

gives your subgroup + 100 Power.

causes your finishers to double in effect. The finishers that you will use are whirl finishers, projectile finishers and leap finishers. The following skills are finishers:

  • = 100% chance whirl finisher.
  • = 100% chance projectile finisher.
  • = 100% chance whirl finisher.
  • = 100% chance leap finisher.
  • = 100% chance whirl finisher.
  • = 100% chance projectile finisher.

Traits in the Spellbreaker Trait Line

causes you to do 7% more Critical Damage to enemies. This bonus is doubled, to 14%, when that enemy has no boons.

removes boons whenever you use and . This interacts with the next trait on the list - .

causes you to do damage and gain adrenaline whenever you remove a boon.

is gained each time you disable a foe or remove a boon. and all disable foes and will grant you one stack out of a possible five. If you remove a boon and Knockback an enemy you will gain two stacks of .

triggers whenever you use a burst skill, tethering yourself to your target. This applies to , and . lasts for eight seconds with a recharge of twelve. Once tethered to an enemy you will do 10% increased damage to them. Make sure you don't trigger on trash mobs instead of the main boss.

Trait Line Variations

The main variation that you will have to consider when playing is the balance between taking Tactics and Discipline. If you have three power DPS classes in your subgroup you should take Tactics instead of Discipline. This will provide your subgroup with and result in higher overall subgroup DPS than the personal DPS gain you get from Discipline.

These are the traits that you need to take when running Tactics:

These are the traits that you need to take when running Discipline:

If you play Discipline you should be running the standard Power Spellbreaker setup. This includes the different weapon sets, Axe / Dagger - Mace / Axe and the difference in gear.

Gear Variations

Assuming you are not running Discipline, you will lose 85 Precision due to not having . This means you need to take more Precision, so check out the gear we recommend in the section.

If you are running Tactics you will want to play with Axe / Axe - Greatsword.

If you are running Discipline you will want to play with Axe / Dagger - Mace / Axe. This will result in a lot higher personal DPS. Whatever you do, don't run this weapon setup if you are running Tactics!

If you don't have a Druid in your subgroup and therefore don't have access to you will want to use instead of .

Boons and Conditions

You provide roughly 50% Cripple uptime through alone. You also apply Cripple through .

You can provide Vulnerability through , , and .

You give yourself Fury and Quickness through and respectively.

You give yourself Stability from .

You give yourself Fury from .

You give yourself Might from and .

provides Might whenever you critical hit when you use a Greatsword skill.

The Might that you gain from the above sources can be shared to your subgroup if you take .


Hall of Chains

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Spellbreaker Tips

Important: Check out the gear section to find the gear you need to cap your Critical Chance.

As you should take the first green port; these occur at 9:30, 8:00 and 6:30. By taking "Green 1", you will always be able to pre-place your before the occurs.

We recommend Greatsword - Axe / Axe as you will need the extra mobility to get to your green ports. Due to the huge amount of mobility made available from and , you can hang around Dhuum a few extra seconds giving your DPS classes an extra tick or so of .

Always try to replace using with . You can use on the small green necro marks that Dhuum creates with every auto attack or just walk in front of him to tank an auto attack.

Only use Greatsword for mobility and for using on engage. You should mainly be camping Axe / Axe and swapping back out to Greatsword to reach your next green quickly.

Boon Stripping

Your entire purpose for this fight is to instantly boon strip Dhuum after he has used .

The occurs at 6:25, 5:05, 3:45, 2:25 and 1:05 - so roughly every 80 seconds but this can be delayed if he is mid animation.

You boon strip him by using a few seconds before each . Use in the middle of the arena no earlier than 10 seconds before the next .

This skill lingers for 10 seconds and has a 90 second cooldown which means that it will always be back off cooldown for every . If you don't have good Alacrity uptime, you might start to cut it close with the cooldown of .

Full Counter

Dhuum offers a lot of sources to trigger .

  • - Every three seconds you will take tick damage from Dhuum's aura.
  • - Dhuum's auto attack.
  • - The green AoE circles that spawn after each .
  • - The glowing fractures that spawn on the ground.
  • - You can negate the damage from the "Soul Split" attack but you will still lose your soul and get Torment.
  • - The AoE that surrounds Dhuum during .
  • - The cone attack that strips boons as you are pulled towards Dhuum.
  • - You can use on one of the ticks.
  • - The AoE that surrounds the messengers.

will be a horrible source to trigger , so try not to resort to this.

, and are probably the easiest attacks to their frequent use or large tell. Use these attacks to quickly stack up on and .

Banner Placement

Ask the Support Chronomancer where you will be tanking Dhuum. Try to place your banners between the two tanking spots for each phase between the .

If you are taking the first green you will need to place your banners before taking your second green as Dhuum will have already spawned.

Mythwright Gambit

Qadim 19,268,760 1,374 240

General Spellbreaker Tips

Important: Check out the gear section to find the gear you need to cap your Critical Chance.

We recommend Greatsword - Axe / Axe to give you the extra mobility when moving from the creatures back to Qadim. Only use Greatsword for mobility and for using on engage. You should mainly be camping Axe / Axe and swapping back out to Greatsword when you need to move.

Always try to replace using with or when you need more . You can use on demand by standing underneath Qadim as the pulsing AoE will trigger it.

Remember that you can't do any damage to Qadim when his Breakbar is up. The faster you break him the faster you can go back to DPS.

You will need to kite the Matriarch as . You can use for when the Matriarch stabs her wing into the ground. The swipe and fire breath can be simply sidestepped.

Boon Stripping

Your entire purpose for this fight is to instantly boon strip Qadim after you have killed the creature.

You boon strip him by using just as the platforms respawn surrounding Qadim. As soon as the platforms respawn Qadim will become attackable.

Your will always be off cooldown every time you get back to Qadim.

Full Counter

Qadim basically allows you to use whenever you want and trigger it instantly.

  • - Every three seconds you will take tick damage from Qadim's aura.
  • - Qadim's auto attack.
  • - Another form of Qadim's auto attack that causes a Knock Back.
  • - The initial strike from Qadim that causes .
  • - The shockwave attack from Qadim and Destroyer.
  • - The burning lines that shoot around Qadim.
  • - The AoE circle that's underneath Qadim.
  • - The attack that comes from not CC'ing the Hydra.
  • - The Hydra auto attack.
  • - The multiple AoEs from the Magma Elementals.
  • - The large single AoE from the Magma Elementals and Destroyer.
  • - The jump AOE from the Destroyer.
  • - The swipe from the Destroyer.
  • - The attack that comes from not CC'ing the Destroyer.
  • - The large fire AoEs that spawn at the start of each phase.
  • - The AoE from the Wyverns.
  • - A two chain attack from the Wyverns.
  • - The fireball that the Matriarch uses after teleporting.
There are definitely skills missing off the list but you get the idea.

All of the listed attacks from Qadim are extremely easy to trigger with. If nothing else remains you can walk inside Qadim and trigger on .

Kiting the Matriarch

Kiting the Matriarch is easy if you know her attack pattern.

2 x .

You need to make sure that the Matriarch is not facing the Patriarch when she uses .

You can simply move out of the way when the Matriarch uses . The same applies for and .

is actually two attacks. It looks like a swipe and then a stab into the ground.

You will need to block or Dodge the first but you can simply walk inside the hitbox of the Matriarch to avoid the second hit of .

After the Matriarch uses to escape she may use . She will only use this skill if no one is close to her when she moves. You will absolutely need to Dodge this skill if she uses it.

Banner Placement

Delay your banners till the Hydra has ported for the first time. Remember to carry them with you when you move from the Hydra to Qadim.

If you have lower DPS you can pre-place your banners before you engage the Hydra and then reuse them once you get to Qadim.

Once your first set of banners run out you can use them off cooldown for the rest of the fight.

Don't use your banners once you've killed the Matriarch and Patriarch. Wait until you have finished the jumping puzzle and have arrived at Qadim.

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