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In order to get to Soulless Horror (SH) you will need to glide onto the platform or use a Mount with a jump or glide, like the Griffon or Raptor. A lot of groups will use the Raptor with the Long Jump mastery.

SH has a unique tanking mechanic - the tanks are those that pick up the runes in fronts of the Arena, and gain Issue Challenge as their special action skill. The effect Exile's Embrace will also be applied to both tanks. SH requires two people to tank . Typically both Chronomancers will tank. These players will have a purple border around their icons in the squad view.

You will also need to talk with your squad about how you will deal with the Wurms and Golems that will spawn - will you run a Scourge for , or will you manually cleave them down?

You will need to assign a person that will Knockback the TORMENTED DEAD.

It is recommend for both tanks to have high toughness, and use predetermined tanking locations.

100% - 90% Health

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Arena overview
Mechanics occuring during the first 10% are:
  • Issue Challenge - The Tanking mechanic. Using the skill will cause you to gain Fixation.
  • Surging Soul - A moving, rectangular AoE that instantly kills. Spawns as either two small walls or one large wall.
  • Spinning Scythe - A moving, circular AoE that corrupts boons
  • Elite Flesh Wurms - Mobs on the Edge of the Arena. Does not respawn unless the challenge mote is active
  • Chilling Aura - SH's damaging Aura
  • Corrupt The Living - SH's auto attack, inflicts conditions
  • Quad Slash - A two part AoE on the floor
  • Vortex Slash - A circular two part AoE, with an inner and outer "donut"/circle.
  • Necrosis - Damage modifier gained by having Fixation. Both incoming direct and condition damage are increased.
  • Slice - A variation of the auto attack that will spawn Fingers of the Dead outside of the range of Corrupt the Living
Once you have reached the arena, SH will start with an auto-attack, followed by a Vortex Slash. You should dodge that attack, but stay inside the first circle, otherwise you might dodge into the outer one that appears later. This attack can be blocked by Aegis or a normal block. By this point you should already moved SH onto one of the pre-assigned tanking locations.

100% - 90% Health

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Example marker setup

From here on you should either Cleave down the Wurms while DPSing SH, or let a Scourge with take care of it.

While the fight goes on every 12 seconds the person currently fixated will gain a stack of Necrosis. It is recommend to swap tanks once the fixated person reaches 3 stacks.

Quad Slash spawns 2 sets of 4 AoEs - you should avoid it by sidestepping the first set, then stepping back in. The green residue does not damage you, but can visually overlap with Surging Souls so be careful.

Spinning Scythes will spawn on the edge of the Arena and move in a straight line. Stepping into one will convert all your boons into conditions.

You will continue to cleave down Wurms, dodge Vortex Slash, and avoid Surging Soul until SH’s health has reached 90%.

90% - 66% Health

Knocking back the Tormented Dead
These mechanics will be added :
  • Death Bloom - A bigger 1 part Version of QUAD SLASH
  • Tormented Dead (TD/Golem) - An add that leaves behind a damaging AoE when killed
  • Howling Death - SH's Defiance Bar will unlock. The party will wipe if the bar isn't broken, as Unbridled Fear will defeat all players within seconds.
  • Once you reach 90% of SH’s health, every 20 seconds a Tormented Dead will spawn in the middle of the Arena.

    At 90% the Arena will shrink a bit. The TD dies very quickly, and will focus on the tank that does NOT have fixation, so it is important to know where you are standing in relation to your group, even when you are not currently tanking.

    The Tormented Dead leaves behind a lethal field when it dies, so it is recommended that you knock it to the outer circle of the arena. Usually a Druid will do it with and . This skill does not pierce without traits, meaning that without traits, the SH itself can bodyblock the attack. It is therefore recommended to trait with and .

    Once it spawns you should get behind the TD and push it towards the Main group, then use your second Push to push it through the group. The reason being that the TD will normally walk towards the main stack due to the the off-tank standing there.

    Failing to CC the Howling Death

    While the TD is close to the group you should not use any HARD CC on it, as it can interrupt pushes, resulting in an AoE spawning on top of the group.

    should be used while the TD is flying past the group. If you wish to do it at a different time, confirm and/or coordinate with your pusher.

    You will have to deal with the TD, Quad Slash, Vortex Slash, and Surging Souls until SH reaches 66%.

    At 66% SH will cast Death Bloom, to avoid it you should step back from SH and in between the slices of the attack, once it is cast move back to SH. The attack can be dodged; time your evade as soon as it is about to be cast. SH will channel then Howling Death for 6.75 seconds, gaining a breakbar that needs to be broken. If it is not broken in time everyone will get afflicted by Unbridled Fear, causing a wipe. When the break bar unlocks, all active Surging Souls will disappear, and no new ones will spawn until the channel has finished.

    Be careful, a TD can spawn during the channel of Howling Death; making it very easy to interrupt the knockback.

    At 66% the Arena will shrink a bit.

    66% - 0% Health

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    No mechanics will be added.

    Deal with all previous mechanics as you did before, but now every second Death Bloom, SH will channel Howling Death, so be prepared, and anticipate when she will do it, to take care of Surging Souls and the Tormented Dead.

    At 33% the platform will shrink for the last time.


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    Surging Souls - Always keep an eye out for these, as they dictate your movement. As you can’t dodge or block them always be aware of where they have spawned. They will spawn 10 seconds after every phase, including the 90%. After that initial wall, walls spawn approximately every 18 seconds from 100% to 66%, 16 seconds from 66% to 33%, and 13 seconds thereafter.

    Death Bloom, Quad Slash, Vortex Slash - These should always be avoided, as a hit can down you if you are on a squishier class.

    Tormented Dead - The TD will spawn every 20 seconds after 90% in the middle of the arena and needs to be knocked to the edge and killed there. A Druid and a Scourge generally do this.

    Spinning Scythes - Corrupts all boons. Avoid at all costs.

    Necrosis/Issue challenge - Tanking mechanic, strongly advised to swap the tank when you get 3 stacks of the debuff.

    Common Mistakes and Tips

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    Quad Slash and Death Bloom should always be sidestepped, not dodged. This allows you greater control over your positioning, and keeps up DPS, and makes it easier to avoid Surging Souls if it is close to you.

    SURGING SOULS should always be avoided as a group. Due to the immense condition pressure in this fight stacking in a group makes it easier to keep you alive while running away from it.Going down while being away from the group is a nigh on guaranteed-death.

    Never stand in front of SH, the auto attack hits like a truck, and can down you, resulting in people getting downed when they try to revive you.

    Be prepared to interrupt your rotation while the TD is close to the group, it can be the difference between the squad living and dying!

    Always keep an eye out on the golem, the dying animation is distinct, and the AoE spawns after a sizable delay. Getting hit by the AoE can instantly down you and make it impossible for people to revive you.

    Avoid applying Stability. It can be corrupted into Fear, potentially causing a player to walk into a Surging Soul.

    A Druid may fail the push. If you have another skill that can push/pull the golem out of the arena, it may make sense to do so.

    Common Names for Mechanics

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    Surging Souls - Wall
    Quad Slash - Pizza
    DEATH BLOOM - Big Pizza/Pizza
    Tormented Dead - Golem/TD
    Howling Death - CC
    Spinning Scythes - Scythes
    Necrosis - Stacks
    Issue Challenge - Take/Taking