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General Gameplay Tips

General Scourge Tips

You can run instead of as it is fairly cheap.

Try to avoid cancelling casts for your important combo skills:

  • Punishment Skills to proc
  • to transfer the two self inflicted conditions, Bleeding and Torment to your target with .

For the combo, avoid using it immediately before/after using another corruption skill to avoid sending the wrong conditions to your target, as you can only send two conditions with this trait. If necessary try to cleanse them with or wait for them to expire/be cleansed by an ally before using the combo.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to keep your shades on your primary target if you’re stacking on it, try to be dynamic with your placement of shades to maximise the number of targets affected by your Shroud skills.

Should you ever need to run , keep in mind it is a 10-15% dps loss on average.

Should you ever need to run , keep in mind that it is a 15% dps loss on average.

Epidemic Bouncing

If you are bouncing with from a mob to the boss you can minmax your gear a little more. You can swap out for and also run full .

You should also use instead of if you are bouncing with .


With the amount of Condition duration you get from your build, you need to maintain two to ensure your conditions exceed 100% bonus duration. As such, a major part of playing Scourge is maintaining two shades as much as possbile.

After the recent Alacrity changes, this is more difficult to do due to the expected amount of time spent with two (10 seconds, half of the total duration of 1 shade) no longer synchronizing with the recharge rate for Shade charges (12 seconds with Alacrity). This leads to one of two outcomes (with perfect Alacrity and Shade placement timing):

  1. After 120 seconds in a fight of creating a new shade as the oldest one expires you run out of shades to cast, leading to a drop from 2 shades up at all times to 1.
  2. You create a new shade everytime you return to 2 charges of , leading to a downtime where you only have 1 shade for 4 seconds out of every 12, leading to a 1.6 shade uptime average over the course of a fight.
  3. To deal with this, you can either maintain 2 shades at all times and use key parts of encounters to recharge your shades (parts like the charged soul phase at Gorseval or the 50% phase at Xera); or you can account for the loss of expertise on average overall by utilizing additional .

Punishment Skills

Somewhat directly linked to usage, you should aim to always have a punishment skill up when you need to place a new shade to ensure you trigger on each placed shade. As such, avoid using your punishment skills unless your team requires the barrier from or in the case of fights like Soulless Horror which need your secondary punishment skill.


With Dagger removed from the build, Scourge uses the Curses minor trait to transfer the self-inflicted conditions from to a target without having to wait for a length transfer via that is vulnerable to allies cleansing the conditions from you before they transfer.

While and have slighlty different cooldowns, allow them both to come off cooldown before using either.

Finally, be aware that will potentially transfer the less harmful self-inflicted conditions from and , so be sure to avoid using these immediately before using the combo.

Trail of Anguish vs Shadow Fiend

These two skills are remarkebly close in damage output and as such the decision to take either depends on what is required on an encounter by encounter basis.

pulls slighlty ahead in potential damage, but only if you can utilize how it works properly. If you begin casting whilst on top of a target, move off of the target and then move back on them you will apply double the "effect" of . This also works this way for applying extra Swiftness and Stability to allies. As such, you want to use when you are able to constantly be in melee range and also can pull off the stacking effect. Additionally, also offers the utility benefits of a stun break. Finally, should an encounter have a boon corrupt mechanic you should never run due to the Stability it offers being prone to corruption into Fear.

is slightly behind in damage potential, but only if you're in melee all the time. Should you take on a role that requires you stay at range for a singificant period of time (circle team at Vale Guardian, Kiter at Sabetha, etc.) will pull ahead in damage potential. Note that this is partly due to not being able to hit with from range, but also due to granting extra Life Force; which in turn translates into being able to use more shroud skills to trigger .

Of course, if you don't need to take for an encounter you would just take both.

Corrosive Poison Cloud

is typically taken on the person who is using from the boss out to the mobs.

We recommend this utility as usually you are already capped on Burning so there is no need to take .

will help you cap out on Poison which will in turn increase your squads DPS from .

If you notice that you are still not capping out on Poison then you could get another Scourge to take over .

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000

General Scourge Tips

is useful here both to put conditions on most of the Seekers and to help keep them off of the group. The Seekers constant presence means that they are perfect targets for .

Be sure to take advantage of any Seekers that are close to the group to gain additional Life Force from hitting them with .

Also keep in mind that when the Seekers reset, they “die”, so you will constantly be getting Life Force throughout the fight. Spam those shroud skills accordingly!

Shades can be effectively placed here to help Fear away the Seekers before they get too close with . This assumes that you don't have a Druid to use .

You can use for green damage mitigation but keep in mind that the cooldown is too long to barrier every green.

Split Phase

off of the Blue Guardian as soon as the Green Guardian is in range.

Be sure to utilize Fear from and the Stun from to help speed up breaking the guardians. You can also take Warhorn as your other offhand, so you don't need to waste Life Force by using .

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500

General Scourge Tips

is effective for dealing with the Spirits that Gorseval summons after he uses , the Charged Souls during the split phase (to spread around extra damage and additional Chilled and Immobilize) and the Spectral Orbs that spawn around the fight area. Furthermore, all of these can play a part in Epi-bouncing as well.

Be aware that if you get hit by the “egg” attack, , all of your active minions will immediately die, so be careful.

If your group’s DPS is fine but is lacking in CC, you can swap out for .

Try to place your on nearby Spectral Orbs that can’t quite reach to help out your team with orb clearing.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48

General Scourge Tips

Never immediately attempt a bounce as a sapper spawns as you don't want to kill it before it can throw a sapper bomb. Give it a few seconds or so, assuming you need to do the next cannon.

You will be in charge of kiting. Make use of to kill the adds but only after they've thrown a sapper bomb.

When kiting, try to make sure you’re the one kicking bombs. If you’re having issues with Swiftness and mobility in general AND your team has enough Vulnerability output you can swap out for for almost permanent Swiftness.

You will also be put in charge of Cannons 1 - 3. When you do this, you need to remind the Druid to take over as kiter. The follow combo can be used to kill the cannons:

  • combo for when you go up
  • Trigger as much as possible with your other shroud abilities.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000

General Scourge Tips

Swap out for or . if doing a mushroom and if not, as your minions will be destroyed when you transform. is dropped because it provides Stability that can be corrupted by the Slublings into Fear.

You can use as an extra safety net to deal with the Fear after the break bars.

While you can use to deal with the Slublings that spawn, be VERY careful that you do not accidentally on to the player slubling. Keep in mind will only bounce to 5 targets and only the 5 closest targets to Slothasor will be affected. To Clarify - If there are 5 enemy Slublings closer to Slothasor than the player slubling you can without having to worry.

Be sure to place on where your Chronomancers plan to pull Slublings to be able to DPS them down easily, should you be unable to use at the time.

Should you be doing mushrooms, keep in mind that your minions will die, so try to do either the first or the last mushroom to avoid this being an issue (that or just don’t use any minions).

While not impossible to hit, can be tricky to make use of in its entirety here; if you’re having problems swap it out for for a more consistent (though smaller) level of damage as well as better CC.

Bandit Trio

General Scourge Tips

Spam . Win Life.

By running here, you can use it to grab aggro of the Snipers at the start of the encounter so you can bring them to the door for “door strat”.

  • Stand in the blindspot in the corner between the stairs and the ledge, target the snipers and spam auto attack.
  • Your Flesh Golem will run over to the sniper and hit it, thereby getting it to aggro on you.
  • This can also be done with other Necromancer minions and in the case of or would be more efficient due to them having a ranged attack.
  • These utilities are, however, less efficient than running other more beneficial utility skills for the rest of the encounter.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Scourge Tips

To assist with condition cleansing for allies, it can be useful to run both and here to maximise Life Force gain during this fight.

Keep in mind that as of the recent changes, cleansing Chilled from allies gives them Alacrity!

You can place on any outlying Icy Patch to kill it with

You can place barrier on allies that are about to be sacrificed to give them an even larger health bonus whilst transformed. This is because barrier will dynamically change depending on your maximum health, so a minor barrier can increase enormously once a player “transforms” into the sacrifice and “gains” their 100k HP.

Stronghold of the Faithful


General Scourge Tips

bouncing is very effective for applying conditions from the Wargs to the surrounding White Mantle.

Scourge can also permanently Cripple the Warg by utilizing the passive effect of should you require a backup person to deal with them.

During the attuned phantasm phases of the Escort fight, if you the phantasm you are NOT attuned to it will still transfer conditions to the one you are attuned to for a one-man bounce.

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500

General Scourge Tips

is your primary tool here, used to ensure the safety of the middle strategy to quickly take out the approaching Phantasms.

While you can precast during the orb phase, try to save your and combo for when Keep Construct appears during burn phases. Additionally, try to save up your Life Force and use your shroud skills for extra procs of , as you’ll have plenty of time to build up Life Force again between burn phases.

Be careful if you have any shades placed anywhere that might cause you to hit the orb, remain observant and check carefully before using any shroud skills during the orb phase.

On a similar note, if you are using any minions be very careful to make sure they do not attack the orb during the orb phase.

Be sure to delay usage of when a breakbar is close to spawning.

Save your for the burn phase. If your group is particularly high in DPS it may even be prudent to pre-cast it slightly to ensure the damage from it scales up fast enough.

Alternatively, if your group is exceedingly high in DPS it may be better to bring for the extra CC.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000

General Scourge Tips

You can use on the first of the two “pre-event” islands and have it back up in time for the start of the fight proper. You will only cast once per phase, so if it is not back up in time it is not an issue.

Note: Barrier mitigates the insta-kill from the pre-event pressure pads.

Keep in mind that the white mantle that spawn in via the orb are "there" but Invulnerable and will eat projectiles. There is also a hitbox in the center of the area that also eats projectiles so only 4 adjacent targets can be bounced off of.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Scourge Tips

Run instead of here due to this being an entirely single target fight.

can provide some useful Stability if you need to rez an ally.

Your barriers can be handy in an emergency; for instance if players with go to the same green circle as the rest of the group.

Considering the majority of your rotation can be done from range and you are fairly defensible with your barriers, consider intentionally taking to make life easier for your more melee oriented allies.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Scourge Tips

Using here makes dealing with the Jade Scouts and Soldiers a very safe affair. Be sure to time it to get the best ratio of earliest possible cast to most targets hit. Also be aware that the bounce window is very small so be sure to communicate accordingly.

You can make use of your to further apply damage to the Jade Scouts. Use this to damage the furthest Scousts, as the center two will be killed by .

To elaborate on good timing for , assuming Mursaat Overseer is kept very slightly off center you will be able to hit three of the Jade Scouts at any given time. Typically you will have five strategic casts of in an optimal scenario

Note: This assumes little to no movement of Mursaat Overseer at all

  • When the Jade Scouts approach your group for the first time, cast just before the Scouts cross the line between the first and second row of panels.
  • Cast again as the northernmost Scout is about to cross the line between the second and third row of panels.
  • Cast for a third time as the first Jade Soldier (created by the southernmost Jade Scout) approaches the group. This is not applicable if your group dedicates DPS to deal with it.
  • Cast for a forth time as the center two Scouts become active again.
  • Cast for a fifth time as the northernmost Scout becomes active again.

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500

General Scourge Tips

makes dealing with Spears easy, provided they are within the required 900 units of Samarog.

If you’re running for the CC, do your best to avoid becoming Fixated. This is because when Samarog uses his CC attack, , you will lose all your current minions.

During the split phases there is a “sweet spot” where you can stack Rigom where he is both outside of Samarog’s hitbox but close enough to affect Samarog with his shield detonating. Taking advantage of this can allow you to from Rigom to Guldhem continuously which will either make Guldhem die faster or do a 1-man bounce due to all of the conditions immediately being transferred back to Rigom.

You can also drop on and apply Fear to Rigom to help keep him in position and kill him faster.

If you’re targeted with the larger of the two AoEs from the “Friends” mechanic here you can mitigate the damage with a well timed barrier from or so the other player can stay on Samarog.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

General Scourge Tips

You can take advantage of the Prides, Greeds and “fake” Sauls here for bouncing. Just keep in mind that pretty much everything in this fight can “eat” projectiles. The hand AoEs, the black oil AoEs, even the statues on the outside of the area can be targeted by despite not being “valid” targets.

Barrier will only mitigate the lethal damage from the attack if you running the Death Magic trait , and only if you have enough Life Force to activate .

Be sure to place your accordingly to help kill the Prides as they approach Saul.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Scourge Tips

You can swap out for if your team is really slacking on CC.

Take care when using as the Stability you give to allies can be corrupted into Fear.

bouncing is a vital skill to have here and requires impeccable timing due to the small window that the Tormented Dead and Flesh Wurms stay alive after being hit by it.

If your group is using knockout strat for the Tormented Dead, try to use as soon as it is parallel to the group to both ensure it hits and also to give time for your allies to reposition to knock it away and off the platform.

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Scourge Tips

Unless you’re doing the Challenge Mote, has little to no use here.

could be taken instead of . This could be an option if party members are being hit by the Lesser , as will not be ready if you have to use it before the Soul Split ().

can be helpful for ensuring Torment stacks are removed from your allies during . In the event an ally is hit by the fissures attack and are feared off in a random direction, you can “rescue” them by placing a shade on them and cleansing the Fear.

also means you can afford to be out of position before due to being able to cleanse the Torment off of yourself.

During the final 10% try to stack up shades on your group to provide some extra barrier to allies before moving out of the bubble to “push the buttons”.

Kiting Tips

Should you be kiting, you can use to help mitigate the damage from the bombs, . You can also use a combination of Scepter auto-attacks and Shade placement to grab aggro of the Messengers without a problem.

If you’re having issues with Swiftness whilst kiting and your team has enough Vulnerability output you can swap out the Soul Reaping trait for . This as well as will provide near permanent Swiftness.

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