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General Gameplay Tips

In terms of personal DPS, Invocation is superior to Devastation.

Devastation brings which is a DPS increase for power DPs classes.

So, which one do you play? Invocation or Devastation? While Invocation is way more personal DPS, Devastation buffs every Weaver by 4% due to , so you should run Devastation on every single Boss when you have a Weaver in your subgroup.

There are some exceptions for bosses like Cairn or Matthias. You should always play Invocation on theses bosses where Renegade can nearly outperform every class except Mirage. In generel you can say;

  • Run Devastation if you have two power DPS classes in your subgroup as they will benefit from .
  • Run Invocation if you have either a Holosmith and another condition class or two condition DPS classes in your subgroup. This is because the personal DPS increase for you is higher than the DPS increase for the rest of your subgroup.

Make sure to have "Instant" selected under "Ground Targeting" and activate the option "Allow Skill Retargeting". Now you are able to use the "bug", which you can see in any of the Renegade Videos. Just hover with your mouse over your health bar and use .

For Invocation: If you have problems when swapping from to while under 10 energy there are a few things you can do.

  • You can use to waste the last bit of energy. If you do this, you need to use first in your rotation and use instead of .
  • You can use instead of .

Make sure to always stay inside the hitbox of the Golem/Boss for , otherwise not all your projectiles will hit.

Pay attention to always finish as it is easy to interrupt this animation. The animation has to be completed to create the AoE field on the ground.

100% energy rotation start;

  • three times Swap to .

Always try to Legend swap before Weapon swap so you can trigger .

List of stun break skills:

Movement Skills:

Blast Finishers:

Remember that provides Might for your subgroup if you start to get low. This can be useful on bosses with phases.

Don't forget that you have an extra Stun break on Legend swap while playing from .

If you want to buff your Weavers even more, you can play the Kalla Support Renegade rotation. This provides ~8% DPS increase for each Weaver and will also increase the overall Scholar uptime, since you will heal your subgroup due to Life Leech.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 2,061 687 2,000

Here you run Devastation with the trait in the Renegade Trait Line due to the small hitbox size.

Renegade is used here to provide and to deal with the Red Guardian during the split.

Compared to other condition DPS classes except Scourge, Renegade DPS is pretty high and buffs other power DPS classes as well.

Start your rotation with , while running to Vale Guardian and use . Immediately after you use , try to cast while standing in the Vale Guardian's hitbox. If the blue AoEs, , are spawning right at the start of the fight you should delay your and wait until the fields are gone.

Be careful when using and , as you can get ported through . Just delay and when you see a blue field is appearing.

Try to always stand behind Vale Guardian and only move inside his hitbox while you are casting .

If possible, swap to as you engage the red guardian during the split phase. This allows you to use and provide Vulnerability as you typically will lack it here. As soon as possible swap back to and save some energy.

For CC, you can use , and .

Depending on how much energy you have in , you can start your rotation with either two or three , and . After you swap to , you should immediately use .

For the last phase use and first and wait with using until Vale Guardian is in his last tanking spot.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 2,748 1,374 4,500

Here you run Devastation with the trait in the Renegade Trait Line due to the large hitbox size of 250.

Since you can only use twice, assuming your group DPS is good, you don't have to prioritize this skill over other skills.

Your Weavers might play triple conjure here, if they have a Renegade in their group, which means you can pick up their and use .

Try to adjust your rotation so that you can use while in with active.

If you need extra CC during the breakbar phase, you can delay and use to help provide some CC. If you are on Shortbow use .

Be careful during the CC phase with your Shortbow attacks like or as you can die due to Vivid Echo. The same applies to . If the CC is really bad just don't use .

If the DPS of your group is high you will enter the split phase while in . Use on the first add and provide Vulnerability.

Save energy on the second add while you're in so you can start the phase with ~90% energy.

Once Gorseval is attackable use three times, and . After that, swap back to and use .

What about Invocation? You are able to reach 22k+ DPS as Invocation here with . So why take Devastation over Invocation? Since you have either two Weavers or one Weaver and one Holosmith in your subgroup you can buff both with which, overall, is more than the 2k personal DPS you would gain for playing Invocation over Devastation.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 2,748 1,374

Depending on how you subgroup looks you should play Devastation or Invocation.

  • Use Devastation if you have two or more power DPS classes in your subgroup.
  • Use Invocation if you only have one power DPS class in your subgroup, no matter which class.

If you get an expanding on Sabetha use or to get back to Sabetha quickly. If you are on Shortbow you can either use or just try to adjust your rotation so that you can use and while walking back to Sabetha.

Use if you’re further away as it has a longer range, but make sure to take care when using this skill as it will put you on the opposite side of Sabetha.

You will probably get quite frequently because you are frequently the closest player to Sabetha due to and .

Be careful with , and while Sabetha is using her Flamewall attack. Either don't use the option "Snap to Ground Target" or delay those skills.

If you are using "Snap to Ground Target" you can just detarget Sabetha and use your skills like and beside her.

Try not to use when adds are around as they will take the Bleeding instead of Sabetha.

Do not try to save energy in the split champs because the faster they die the faster Sabetha returns.

If you have to do Cannons on Sabetha try to swap into before you go up to gain more energy. This way, you can use multiple times when you return.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 2,748 1,374 4,000

If you have two power DPS classes in your subgroup you should run the Devastation traitline as they will benefit from .

If you only have one Holosmith and another condition DPS class, take Invocation over Devastation. This is because the personal DPS gain for you outweighs the DPS increase for your squad.

Don’t waste during his breakbar. Remember that the breakbar appears at every 20% of Slothasor’s health and additionally at 10%.

You can help with CC during the breakbar phases by using and or .

Remember if you get Fear you can use on or on to break Stun.

If you run Invocation, you can just Legend swap to remove the Fear due to the minor trait .

Try not to use when adds are around as they will take the Bleeding instead of Slothasor.

If your party gets hit by Slothasor’s shake (), you can use to take all your subgroup’s conditions. This will give you 60 stacks of each condition but it may save your subgroup. If this happens, remember to use again to make sure you maintain Resistance.

Use or to get back to Slothasor if you have to drop mechanics. If you don't want to waste energy and you are on Shortbow try to continue your normal Shortbow rotation and start with while walking back to Slothasor.

Bandit Trio

Play Devastation here.

Use to pull mobs together.

You can also help with add control by using as it is an Aoe CC.

If you get Fear you can use on or on to break Stun.

Try to start every boss with 100 energy in , this way you can start your rotation with - three times, and .

You can camp most of the time, since your energy is permanently filling up. You can use to either cleave mobs or for mobility.

You can do Mortars if needed by using between the first and second add, so you can cleave both of them. You can use for the final add, if you need more CC you still have .

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 2,748 1,374 2,500

Why Invocation over Devastation? Since Matthias is an encounter where condition classes perform way better, you won't have that many power based classes in your Squad. This means that it's not worth playing Devastation only for one Holosmith. You can reach numbers up to 25k on Invocation on Matthias, which makes this the second strongest class on this encounter.

Do not use over . Matthias has a medium hitbox and also a high movement uptime, so not every projectile from will hit.

Don't interrupt your rotation while Matthias is doing his bubble attack, just continue your Rotation.

If you get a mechanic on Matthias which forces you to move away from the boss, you can use , or as a gap closer. probably fits in your rotation anyway because you have had to move out and your energy is filling up. If you don't want to use on Shortbow, you can just try to continue your Shortbow rotation while walking back. Start with , so you are 100% sure that all projectiles will hit Matthias.

If you get knocked down, you can use on or on to break Stun.

For CC, you can help with and or if you are on Shortbow with .

Only move quickly into the hitbox of Matthias while casting , try to not get hit by his Jump attack (). Delay your if he is doing his bubble attack, because you can't go into his hitbox or you will block the projectiles.

Try to coordinate with your group during the split attacks (after 40%). If you are on Shortbow, you can easiely move out and continue your rotation. If you are on Mace - Axe try to stand melee, otherwise you will lose quite a lot of DPS.

Stronghold of the Faithful


You can play Devastation here to support your group with .

Use to pull mobs together.

You can also help with add control by using as it is an AoE CC.

If you get Fear, you can use on or on to break Stun.

To help your group with Warg control you can swap out your Shortbow for Sword - Sword. Use , , or to apply Chilled and to Immobilize the Warg.

As Renegade you are able to do Back Wargs. Just do your normal rotation on the Warg and he will die really fast. If you have problems you can use to Chilled and to apply Cripple.

Keep Construct 55,053,600 2,061 687 3,500

As a DPS class, there is no other alternative for Weaver on Keep Construct. If you have a Weaver you should relog to it! If you don't have a Weaver and really want to play Renegade on Keep Construct, keep in mind that your DPS will be horrible compared to the Weavers.

Anyway, if you play Renegade you should use Devastation so you can atleast buff your Weavers with .

For CC, help with and or if you are on Shortbow use .

Swap to for the split phase and save energy for the DPS phase so you can start with 100 energy.

In the DPS phase start your rotation by using three times, and . Don't forget to use before using . Swap to and use . From that point on, just continue your normal DPS rotation.

During the orb catch phase use to provide some Alacrity for your subgroup.

If you are Fixated during the split phase just use to reposition yourself.

Xera 22,611,300 2,748 1,374 2,000

If you have two power DPS classes in your subgroup you should run Devastation as they will benefit from .

If you only have one Holosmith and another condition DPS Class, take {Invocation], as the personal DPS increase for you is higher than the DPS increase for the rest of your subgroup.

If you have two DPS condition classes, take Invocation.

Camp for the first island, so your energy is 100 when you land on the second island. Just do the normal burst rotation with 100 energy in and swap to for .

After you have destroyed the last shard go immediately to .

Start the Xera fight with: Three Swap to Continue your normal rotation.

Be careful with your ! Dont use while Xera is using or you will die.

You can help with add control by using as it is an AoE CC.

Don’t use when mobs are in the shard fields as it gives them Confusion. The shard fields convert Confusion on mobs into Retaliation and your DPS classes will explode when trying to cleave them.

Use off cooldown in the gliding phase for some extra Alacrity.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 2,748 1,374

Since you are able to reach 34k+ with Invocation, Devastation isn't worth taking at all.

Be careful with your positioning for , or . It is really easy to get ported at Cairn, so you have to constantly watch the ground for the port fields. Feel free to delay , or if the fields are up.

If you get ported, use or to get back to Cairn. You will be too far away to use as a gap closer.

If you are on Mace while the green fields are appearing, stay as long as possible melee because you will lose a lot of DPS if you go into green while on Mace - Axe. On Shortbow you can just continue your rotation in the green field.

Try to focus on your rotation, since Cairn is essentially a DPS Golem with only a few mechanics.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 2,748 1,374

You should play Invocation here. Mursaat Overseer is literally a DPS Golem without any mechanics so you can basically do a perfect Golem rotation. The fight is over in ~1 minute and without any phases, so your conditions have enough time to ramp up.

You can reach numbers up to 34-35k DPS, which is pretty good and can outperform a Weaver. So it's not worth it at all to use Devastation to buff a Weaver.

If you have double statues approaching, you can always delay slightly to help cleave them quickly.

Be careful with and while Mursaat Overseer is in a field with spikes. Feel free to delay your skills than die to spikes.

If your DPS isn't that good and you have to move Mursaat Overseer through the arena, try to place your in the direction that he is moving.

Samarog 29,493,000 2,748 1,374 4,500

Condition based DPS classes are weak here due to the fast phases.

Deimos 35,981,456 2,748 1,374

You should play Devastation here to help buff your Weavers with .

For the starting rotation, try to delay your and use , and first, as a result of Saul not instantly using Unnatural Signet as soon as you return.

After you get ported down to deal with Saul, use to provide some Vulnerability. Swap back to as soon as you can to save energy. When you port back up to Deimos, you can use the 100 energy burst rotation.

Be careful when using , as you can trigger a black field during this animation as it roots you in place.

Try to not jump into a black field while in the jump animation of . This may mean that sometimes you have to delay using it.

If you aren't able to go melee at Deimos, camp Shortbow and only swap Legends and not weapons as won't trigger.

Remember that and are CC skills and can be used to help break Saul or slow down Prides and Greeds. Alternatively, you can use which applies Chilled.

Do not stand inside Deimos for while he is doing his Knock back attack as you will instantly die.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 2,748 1,374 3,000

You should play Invocation here as you will almost always have condition DPS classes in your subgroup.

Don't use while the Chronomancer tank is moving Soulless Horror, as you will miss out on most of your projectiles.

You can help with CC during the breakbar phases by using , and .

Try not to use if there is a Tormented Dead close to the group as this may cause it to be pulled into the group. This could mean that your Druid is unable to push it away.

Be careful when using or while there is a wall close by.

Soulless Horror is essentially a DPS golem, so try to play your rotation as smoothly as you can to reach really nice DPS numbers.

Dhuum 32,000,000 2,748 1,374

You should play Devastation here to help buff your Weavers.

Since Druid healing got nerfed with the last Balance Patch it is way more risky to run with only one Druid. This means that you should play the Support Renegade rotation instead.

The ~40%+ uptime of will also increase the scholar uptime from your subgroup by a lot because of the Life Leech that it provides.

It is a ~8% DMG increase for each Weaver in your subgroup. So ~4% from and ~4% from .

Due to that reason, your group should run a 6-4 setup with Renegade, three Weavers, Druid and Chronomancer in it.

Use instead of as Dhuum has a massive hitbox size of 420. You can find these traits in the Renegade Trait Line.

Due to the downtime during the pre-event you will almost always have more than 50 energy, this allows you to do the following;

  • Use to share Alacrity before the skeletons spawn.
  • Use to share Might before the skeletons spawn.
  • Use to help cleave spiders.
  • For the skeletons you can use the normal 100 energy Mallyx rotation. Precast three times and start with and once the skeleton has spawned.

Always start your rotation with 100 energy on and use twice and . It is important to use in because you are not allowed to use it in .

If your Spellbreaker is dead or was not able to remove the boons from Dhuum during/after his soul split , you can use as many times as needed to remove all the boons.

You can use to get away from your group if you are subject to mechanics.

Use or as a gap closer when returning to Dhuum.

One of your Weavers should run which you can pick up as it is a large personal DPS increase if used during . You should be using on .

For the final 10% phase try to swap to before moving out, so you can start the DPS phase with 100 energy. You can jump back in with and once you swap to you can use for an additional DPS Boost. After that, continue with your normal rotation.

Jump To

Bastion of the Penitent

Deimos 35,981,456 2,748 1,374

The faster the fight is, the less hands you have to deal with. If your group DPS is really high, you can afford to not stack the hands and therefore take more offensive gear.

There are two options to play at Deimos:

  • Primary: It's really safe but offers no group support.
  • Secondary: It's pretty unsafe, but you provide and have around 5k DPS.

Of course you can always mix something between these builds. So for example you can use the defensive Primary Gear and Traits and use the Hammer from Secondary to provide for your Group. Just adjust the build depending on your group DPS.

Primary Variant

This build is extremely safe and very easy to play. Try to stack five hands on top of each other.

Use to heal yourself against the ticking damage.

Use for to prevent yourself from getting one shot.

After swap to and use for the first five hands so you can stack them without taking any damage. Swap back to .

If you need additional self heal use or .

If you used accidentally, you can also use to survive .

At the start of Deimos you can use two or three times to give out some Alacrity to your group.

Second Variant

This build is harder to play because you are way more offensive than the primary variant. Only play this build when your group DPS is really high or you will probably die.

At the start of Deimos use , , and then swap to Hammer. Now you can slowly start to walk out while using and .

While on keep and active to provide Might and Protection for yourself.

Use on cooldown for Might, Fury and Protection.

Use as much as possible since it will port you into the group for a second or so which will give your group .

Use and if you have enough energy.

Be careful that you don't waste all of your energy trying to do DPS.

Your only option to survive from Deimos is , so don't waste it!

With this gear option it is nearly impossible to stack hands on top of each other which means you have to run around the arena.