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The Pre-Event

In order to arrive at Slothasor, the first boss from Salvation Pass, you must kill four groups of Slublings. All of the groups are comprised of four Slublings. The first two groups are "regular" Slublings, their projectile attacks will corrupt boons into conditions. The third group has two regular Slublings and two evolved Slublings. The final group has four evolved Slublings.

The only difference between evolved and regular Slublings is that you cannot reflect the projectile corruption from the evolved type.

Most squads will clear the groups, one by one, until they have arrived at Slothasor. They are easy to deal with if you Pull them together and quickly burst them down.

More experienced squads may opt to run past them and only kill the final two groups, just before you enter into Slothasor's arena.


This is what the arena looks like.(need image)

The first thing you will notice at this encounter are the multitude of mushrooms. These dark red mushrooms produce a green toxic floor that will deal considerable damage and apply Poison to any squad member that stands on it. Normal attacks cannot remove or damage the mushrooms, instead you must select four players who will transform into Slublings.

Once a squad member has transformed into a Slubling, they may then Eat the red mushrooms around the arena. Once a mushroom has been eaten, it will remove the toxic floor and allow you to stand there. This lets you clear a path for your squad through the arena. An eaten mushroom will respawn after 60 seconds.

This is an Imbued Mushroom.

To transform into a Slubling, you will need to interact with an Imbued Mushroom. This will transform you for 45 seconds. After you leave your transformation, you will be unable to eat another Imbued Mushroom for four minutes due to a debuff called Nauseated.

There are four Imbued Mushrooms around the arena that will spawn every 60 seconds. This is why you require four squad members to transform into Slublings. The first Imubed Mushroom is right at the start of the arena, consuming this will cause Slothasor to turn hostile and for the encounter to begin.

The most important thing to note is that when a squad member has transformed into a Slubling, they will be considered hostile. This means you should avoid hitting them with any skills, as you can easily kill them! The transformed Slubling is the only reason that you can move throughout the arena, kill them will probably result in a squad wipe.

This is a red Mushroom.


Slothasor has a brand new mechanic called Fixation. This is a recurring mechanic that you will encounter later on in other raid wings, get used to what it looks like as you will see it again. This mechanic temporarily provides Slothasor with a target, a tank. Whoever is subjected to Fixation will be able to move Slothasor throughout the arena.

Fixation lasts 30 seconds and then another squad member will be randomly selected. You can get Fixation multiple times in a row! You will lose Fixation if you go Down, are Stealthed or transform into a Slubling.

This is what the icon for Fixation looks like.
This is the message you will see when a new target is Fixated.

Why does Fixation even do for us? Well, as your transformed squad member is eating away at mushrooms to clear a path, you will be guiding Slothasor. You will need to move him on the cleared areas, try not to get too close to the transformed squad member as you don't want to accidentally kill him!

As soon as the first Imbued Mushroom is eaten, a random squad member will be targeted with the first Fixation.

Mechanics, Mechanics and more Mechanics

This is .

- This mechanic is exactly as it sounds.

Slothasor will have a little mental breakdown and pound his fists on the ground. This will produce three waves of AoE circles that will Knockdown any squad member caught in them and also deal a significant amount of damage. Each wave of AoEs will spawn on the current location of your squad.

In an ideal world, you will want to wait until the third wave of AoEs has spawned before you Dodge away. It takes roughly two seconds for the three waves to spawn and a final second for them to actually deal damage. So, how do you deal with this? When Slothasor begins this mechanic, just count 1, 2, 3 and Dodge. This mechanic occurs every 45 seconds.

This is .

- This mechanic creates a large cone of fire in front of Slothasor. It will deal damage and apply stacks of Burning per tick. It's a static mechanic which means you can just move behind Slothasor to avoid it. You can also Dodge this attack however, it lasts longer than two Dodges.

Volatile Poison - Every 25 seconds, starting at 6:35, a random squad member will be subjected to this mechanic. You will have a green skull above your head and your "Special Action Key" will pop up. This mechanic must be "dropped" on the ground by pressing your "Special Action Key". Once dropped, it will expand slowly and it will deal incredible amounts of damage if you are inside its AoE circle.

You will always want to drop Volatile Poison behind your squad, on the wall. Dropping it on the wall will limit its impact and, as you are constantly moving forward, having it behind you won't be an issue. This mechanic will automatically drop itself if you hold it for longer than six seconds, if you are Downed or if you transform into a Slubling.

This is Volatile Poison.
This is .

- Once Slothasor reaches 50% health, a new mechanic will occur.

Every 45 seconds, Slothasor will shake his entire body and release projectiles. These projectiles will inflict you with a serious amount of conditions, definitely enough to kill you. Each projectile will inflict five stacks of Poison, Torment and Burning.

There will be two waves of projectiles which are delayed by about one second. They have a long, arcing projectile path which means your best course of action is to Dodge towards Slothasor.

Let's Start!

Ok, so now you know the basic mechanics. Let's quickly recap what mechanics we know:

Make sure you've decided who will take which Imbued Mushroom. Once you take the first one, Slothasor will become active and move towards you. He will typically do one auto attack before using his first mechanic.This will always be , remember it's 1, 2, 3 and Dodge. This keeps all the AoEs underneath Slothasor and prevents them from spreading out.

This is what it looks like to eat mushrooms!

There's a general path that squads normally Eat with their Slublings. Make sure to double check with your commander about which mushrooms they want you to Eat. Some groups might have a different preference as to which you Eat.

You will clear this path by eating the dark red mushrooms, thereby removing the green toxic floor. This allows your squad to move Slothasor throughout the arena, without taking the constant damage from the floor. Remember, the person with Fixation is the one responsible for moving Slothasor.

There's one factor to the encounter that you have yet to encounter. Remember the Slublings that you killed on your way to Slothasor? These will spawn during the encounter, in groups of five, every 30 seconds. Most groups will assign a Support Chronomancer to Pull in the Slublings with their Focus skill . You can Pull the Slublings ontop of Slothasor so you can cleave them down quickly.

It's very important to ensure that you are ontop of your Slubling control. This can easily get out of hand if you aren't careful and can overwhelm a squad. The Slublings inflict conditions and will corrupt your boons, so it's important that you deal with them! Once Slothasor reaches 30% health, the Slublings will become the evolved type which deal more damage and have unblockable projectiles.

These spawns will coincide with a squad member taking an Imbued Mushroom. If you remember, earlier we explained that transformed squad members become hostile when in their Slubling form. This means that you can accidentally Pull them in with your Focus. Make sure you don't do this! This will definitely cause a squad wipe as you have no one to clear the mushrooms!

Breakbar Phase

This is the end of a Breakbar Phase.

Every 20% health, Slothasor will go into a Breakbar Phase. This requires the squad to break a 4,000 Breakbar in order to continue to damage him. During this phase, he is immune to physical damage. Try to break him as quickly as possible, this is because the mushrooms will regrow and he might be stuck on a poisoned patch.

Once each Breakbar has been broken, Slothasor will Fear your entire squad. You can deal with this Fear in a few ways:

You need to do something! If you don't, you will be running off to the otherside of the arena as the Fear lasts for 10 seconds.

There is a final anomaly, there is a Breakbar Phase that will occur at 10% health. This breaks the regular 20% pattern.


Pick four squad members to do the Imbued Mushrooms! You are transformed for 45 seconds and are hostile to the rest of your squad.

This is the message you will see when a new target is Fixated.

Fixation is Slothasor's version of a tank. A randomly selected squad member will be Fixated for 30 seconds. You will have to guide Slothasor through the cleaned parts of the arena.

This is .

creates AoEs in three waves that Knockdown and deal significant damage. Remember, it's 1, 2, 3 and Dodge. Try to stay close to Slothasor to avoid the AoEs from spreading out.

is the fire breath attack. This is a static attack that causes a large amount of Burning. Just move behind Slothasor to avoid it.

This is .

Volatile Poison will give you a little green skull above your head and your "Special Action Key" will appear. You need to drop this mechanic, by pressure your "Special Action Key", behind your squad. Ideally, you should drop this on a wall. This mechanic will automatically drop after six seconds, if you Down or if you transform into a Slubling.

This is Volatile Poison.
This is .

is a mechanic that creates two waves of projectiles that inflict large amounts of conditions. Try to Dodge twice towards Slothasor to avoid them.

Every 30 seconds five Slublings will spawn. These need to be Pulled ontop of Slothasor so they can be easily cleaved down. Don't forget this! Remember that you can accidentally Pull in your squad member who is transformed. Always double check that they are clear from your Pull!

Every 20%, and at 10%, a Breakbar will appear. Break this as quickly as possible to prevent Slothasor from being stuck on the toxic floor. After each Breakbar, Slothasor will Fear your entire squad. Make sure you have some way to prevent this.

Common Mistakes and Tips

The most common mistake at this encounter is forgetting to eat your Imbued Mushroom. Just take a look around the room, they spawn every minute and you can take it just after it spawns.

The second most common mistake is Pulling in your transformed squad member. This will probably instantly kill them due to cleave and will result in a squad wipe. Don't do it!

Another common mistake is to face tank , and .

Always, always, always drop the Volatile Poison behind your group.

Always check that you have some way to prevent the Fear from destroying your squad after each Breakbar.

Common Names for Mechanics

Imbued Mushroom Eating - Shrooms or Mushrooms.

- Fire breath.

Volatile Poison - Poison.

- Shake.