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This is what the arena looks like.

In order to get to Gorseval you will need to glide across to the main platform by using the Updraft. A lot of groups will use the Updraft and wait in front of Gorseval on outside edge of the main platform.

Gorseval has a Toughness based aggro mechanic which means that you will need to discuss with your squad to work out who will be tanking. Typically, Gorseval will be tanked by a Support Chronomancer.

You also need to talk with your squad about how you will deal with the split phase. Will you be moving as a single group? Or will you be splitting into two groups? Carry on reading and you'll find out what this means.

You need to find out if you will CC quickly or slowly. This is normally determined by the experience level of the group, more experienced groups will CC instantly and less experienced groups will do slow CC. Keep reading to find out what this all means.

Finally, you will need to find out if you believe in DPS or if you will need to take an Updraft. This is somewhat connected to the previous point about . Keep reading to find out how these things are connected.

Phase One

This is what option one looks like.

So let's see what mechanics there are in phase one:

  • - The constant ticking damage from Gorseval.
  • - The basic auto attack.
  • - An AoE Knock Back.
  • - A 4,500 Breakbar skill that can be interrupted.
  • World Eater - A one-shot skill that can be avoided by having good DPS or taking an Updraft.

As you run in to engage Gorseval, there will be two possible variations of what will happen.

  • Option One - and then .
  • Option Two - and then .

is the first mechanic that you will encounter. Gorseval will Knock Back your squad with this skill unless you have Stability or a block. does a lot more damage than , which only does a little bit of damage. If you do not have Stability or a block you should Dodge to avoid the Knock Back.

After one of the two options, Gorseval will use three auto attacks in a row until it enters . This skill creates a 4,500 Breakbar and gives Gorseval a unique type of Retaliation called Vivid Echo. Squad members will take damage each time one of their skills tick damage on Gorseval. By using , Gorseval will automatically teleport to the center of the arena.

This clip shows .

This skill can be interrupted by breaking the Breakbar or it will simply stop after 25 seconds. In addition to Vivid Echo, Gorseval will produce black rings around itself. Each ring lasts three seconds before exploding which causes moderate damage and applies Vulnerability to whoever is hit.

The first two patterns of rings will create a safe space right on top of Gorseval. After that you will be forced to move slightly away from Gorseval for the next pattern of black rings. The fourth pattern will force you to move even further out. The fifth pattern will allow you to go slightly closer to Gorseval again and the final pattern will cover the entire arena. You can see this pattern in the GiF above.

Downed players inside a black ring will die when the ring explodes.

This skill can be interrupted early by breaking the 4,500 Breakbar. Experienced groups with high DPS will break this bar as quickly as possible.

Groups with lower DPS and slow CC might choose to out-heal this mechanic. If this is the case, you will need to decide if you stack underneath Gorseval or if you move together as a squad to avoid the rings.

Once this skill has finished, or been interrupted, Gorseval will use a mixture of , and spawning adds.

Gorseval will spawn four adds either immediately after or after a combination of and . These adds will Knock Back your squad members and apply conditions to your squad. Some groups will Pull in the adds so your squad can cleave them down quickly.

This clip shows the very end of World Eater and someone
using an Updraft.

25 seconds after Gorseval has finished , he will use his one-shot skill called World Eater. A red circle will expand from the middle of the arena and cause anyone standing on the arena to instantly die once the skill ends. This skill lasts 13 seconds.

One method of dealing with this skill is to continue to DPS Gorseval and get him to 66% health before he gets a chance to use or finish World Eater. This method will require a balance of good DPS and delaying the Breakbar of so you have more time to DPS before World Eater.

These are the four Updrafts.

The second method is to run to the outside of the arena and kill one of the Spirit Barriers that guards an Updraft. Once the Spirit Barrier is dead, you can glide to the Updraft as World Eater ends and then glide back to the arena.

The Updraft will disappear a few seconds after the first person jumps into it. Make sure you delay jumping into the Updraft as long as possible!

The adds that Gorseval spawns during each phase can be consumed by World Eater. For every add consumed, Gorseval will gain a stack of Spirited Fusion which gives him a 10% damage boost.

If you decide to take the updraft route then Gorseval will return back to his opening skill usage until using again.

Once Gorseval reaches 66% he will go Invulnerable and move to the center of the arena.

Split Phase

Four Charged Souls will spawn at the North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West of Gorseval.

The Charged Souls will slowly move in towards Gorseval and will wipe your squad if they reach it. You can slow down the advancing adds with Chill, Slow, Cripple and Immobilize. If you are running around as a single group during the split phase, your squad will most likely stop or slow down the adds which spawn in the South-East and South-West.

Around each Charged Soul will be a field that ticks Weakness to whoever is inside it. This field can mostly be ignored.

These are the four Charged Souls.

As explained earlier, your squad will either split into two groups or move as a single group to kill the Charged Souls.

  • If you run around as a single group, your squad will most likely start at the North-Western add. Your squad will probably use , amongst other skills, to Immobilize the South-Eastern and South-Western adds before they reach Gorseval.
  • If you split into two groups, you will most likely send one group to the North-East and South-East adds.

Once the adds are dead, Gorseval will become vulnerable again.

Phase two

This is an "Orb" or Spectral Darkness.

The start of the second phase is exactly the same as the first phase but with the addition of Spectral Darkness.

Spectral Darkness or Orbs spawn across the arena and grow in size. These orbs can be killed and, normally, someone in your party will be given the responsibility of killing them.

You want to kill them because of the AoE field they produce and the debuff received through Spectral Darkness.

If you stand in the AoE field you will receive 10 stacks of Spectral Darkness and will have a ghost over your head as a mark of shame. This debuff reduces your outgoing damage by 10% and increases your incoming damage by 10% per stack.

When an orb is killed it will produce two golden, smaller orbs. These orbs can be collected to remove five stacks of Spectral Darkness.

now has a new pattern. The area around Gorseval is only free for the first set of black rings. The second and third set of rings will force you to move out slightly. The fourth set of rings will force you to move out even further. The fifth ring will, again, force you to move out even further and the sixth ring will cover the entire arena.

Aside from the addition of the Spectral Darkness mechanic and the "new" pattern, nothing in this fight has changed since the first phase.

This is a golden orb.

Split Phase

This split phase is exactly the same as the one at 66%. To refresh your memory of what goes on, just scroll up and take a read.

Spectral Darkness orbs will continue to spawn during the split phase.

Phase Three

This clip shows what the eggs look like.

The third and final phase has exactly the same mechanics as the first two phases but you will also encounter Ghastly Prison.

Ghastly Prison will create small AoE circles underneath your squad members. After one second, these AoEs will trigger and will encase anyone still inside a circle. The trapped squad member can use Rebel to break out of the Ghastly Prison or, your squad can damage Ghastly Prison and destroy it.

Ghastly Prison can be simply avoided by moving out of the AoE circles.

has also changed slightly and will produce a different pattern when creating the black AoE rings. The first black rings will force you to move slightly away from Gorseval. The second set of rings will cause you to move back again. The third set of rings will leave you space ontop of Gorseval. As will the fourth and fifth sets. As always, the final set of rings will cover the entire arena.


This is what looks like.

- An AoE Knock Back that can be Dodged, Evaded, blocked or voided with Stability. This attack will usually occur two or three times per phase.

This clip shows .

- Gorseval will pound the ground, creating black rings that will last for three seconds before exploding. The explosion will cause damage and inflict 25 stacks of Vulnerability. There will be six sets of rings created in total. This skill can be interrupted by breaking a 4,500 Breakbar. During this mechanic, Gorseval will be affected by a unique Retaliation that will cause you to take damage for each skill that hits him.

Updrafts - If your damage is not sufficient during each phase, a mechanic called World Eater will begin. This large, red, expanding circle will consume anything inside of it. You will be forced to either get Gorseval to 66% / 33% before the mechanic ends or you will need to take an Updraft.

This clip shows the very end of World Eater and someone
using an Updraft.

Spectral Darkness - These "Orbs" will spawn around the arena from phase two. They will cause you to suffer from a debuff that reduces your outgoing damage by 10% and increases your incoming damage by 10% per stack. The debuff can be removed by collecting golden orbs that spawn when Spectral Darkness is killed. You will need to collect two golden orbs to completely remove the debuff.

This is an "Orb" or Spectral Darkness.

Charged Souls - During the split phases, at 66% and 33%, four Charged Souls will walk towards Gorseval. If one Charged Soul arrives to Gorseval, your squad will die. You can slow down these mobs with conditions.

Common Mistakes and Tips

Getting Knocked Back by .

Killing yourself when occurs.

Breaking the Breakbar too quickly during which will force you to take an Updraft.

Allowing a Charged Soul to enter Gorseval thereby wiping the squad. This can easily happen due to two reasons:

  • People hold back on DPS skills and wait for the main phase to start again.
  • The adds that spawn during the main phase can "eat" some of causing the Charged Souls not to become Immobilized.

Getting inflicted by the debuff from Spectral Darkness and not removing it. It isn't a huge issue if you get the debuff, just make sure you remove it A.S.A.P by collecting two golden orbs. YOu need to remember to clear Spectral Darkness, it can quickly take over the entire platform.

Common Names for Mechanics