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The Pre-Event

After you have collected your chest from Gorseval, you will need to glide in an Updraft towards the northern part of the area.

Once you've glided across the gap, you will see a sea of bandits. You will notice a bar on your screen that will fill up as you kill the bandits.

In order to proceed to Sabetha, the final boss, you will need to kill enough bandits to fill this bar.

Typically, you will first kill a large group of bandits at the bottom of the ramp. Once these have been cleared, you can make your way up the ramp to the very top. Once here, you will kill another group of bandits.

This is a launch pad looks like. This is also what it looks like to have a Sapper Bomb.

During this pre-event, you will encounter a new mechanic: Sapper Bombs.

These are a Ground-targeted skill that you can throw with your "Special Action Key". Make sure you have this key bound, you can find it in your control options.

Bandit Sappers will give out these Sapper Bombs randomly during the pre-event, use this as practise to see how they work. A Sapper Bomb will last for five seconds before expiring.

Why are Sapper Bombs even important? Well, you need to use them to launch people up into the air from launch pads.

You will encounter a launch pad after you have killed the bandits at the top of the ramp. Use a Sapper Bomb to launch your squad across the canyon. On the otherside of the crevasse, you have a few more bandits to kill before you have finished the pre-event.


Good news with Sabetha! There is no Toughness based aggro which means you don't need to discuss anything! Sabetha is a static raid boss that will never move from her central spawn point.

There are a few things you need to sort out before you can start Sabetha:

  • Firstly, you need to work out who is dealing with ?
  • Secondly, you need to work out which two players are dealing with the cannons.

Keep reading on and these mechanics will be explained!

This clip shows .

An interesting addition to this encounter is that the arena has a health bar. Certain mechanics will deal damage to the arena and will cause your squad to wipe if it reaches zero. These mechanics will be explained further on in the guide.

is a new mechanic that is unique to Sabetha. She will shoot three balls of fire that will leave a lasting, burning AoE on the ground. This always targets the furthest player, which is why you can specifically assign someone to deal with it. You want to have these AoEs far from the squad as they deal a fair amount of damage when you stand in them.

You can "kite" them by making sure you are far away from the squad. This will cause Sabetha to use where you are standing, instead of on the rest of the squad.

During the fight, cannons will become active every 30 seconds around the arena. They follow a strict pattern that never changes. You can destroy these cannons by being launched from a launch pad with a Sapper Bomb. Once you arrive at the cannon, you can just DPS it down as they have very little health. Once the cannon is dead, you can glide back down to the main platform.

Sapper Bombs will be given by Bandit Sappers to the squad member who is standing South-West of Sabetha when the cannon spawns. The Bandit Sapper will spawn five seconds after the cannon.

This is what it looks like to go to a cannon.


The locations of the four launch pads.

Cannons spawn every 30 seconds and will always follow the same pattern. They will always spawn at xx:30 and xx:00 on the timer and will be followed by a spawn of four bandits. These bandits spawn five seconds after the cannons and will always include a Bandit Sapper who supplies the squad with a Sapper Bomb.

Cannons spawn with the following pattern:

  • South West North East
  • South North West East
Once the second pattern has been completed, it will repeat with the first pattern again.

The bandit spawns must be controlled. You need to make sure that they are Pulled into the squad and cleaved down. Some of the mobs can cause Knockbacks and knock you off the platform. One important thing to note is that you must wait until the Bandit Sapper has thrown the Sapper Bomb before you kill them!

You need to assign two people to do cannons as you cannot do two in a row. Once you have been thrown up, you will suffer from Shell-shocked. This will cause you to be unable to be launched from a launch pad for 50 seconds.

Typically, you will see your commander assign two people to cannons 1 - 3 and 2 - 4. What does this mean though? 1 - 3 indicates that this person will need to do the first and third cannon from each pattern i.e. South and North, from the first pattern, and South and West, from the second pattern. 2 - 4 indicates that this person will need to do the second and fourth cannon from each pattern.

Whilst you are killing the cannon, there will be a Bandit Sniper that will attack you. It does very little damage but this will increase with each attack. This damage is negligible and you can completely ignore the Bandit Sniper. Once the cannon is dead, you can glide back down to the platform. There will be a small Updraft that you can use to help you on your way.

You need to kill cannons as they will fire large AoE circles down onto the platform. These AoE circles deal large amounts of damage and can quickly cover the entire platform. The southern cannon will spawn AoEs on the south side of the platform, the north will cover the northern side and so on.

The second reason to kill cannons is that the AoEs that land on the arena will do damage to it! In the introduction, it was mentioned that the arena has a health bar. It's important that the cannons are dealt with in a timely manner to prevent them from doing too much damage.

Phase One

This clip shows a and .

Once you are ready, you will need to run down the thin bridge towards Sabetha. Immediately, you will be encountered with a new mechanic!

is, you guessed it, a timed bomb that will explode after three seconds. It will damage all squad members within the AoE when it explodes. Always try to be away from your squad if you are targeted with this mechanic. This mechanic targets the closest squad member to Sabetha and will occur roughly every 15 seconds.

It is important to note that you can't Dodge or Evade the damage from but you can block it.

The first attack that Sabetha will use will be . Don't forget that this will target the furthest squad member!

Once these first two mechanics have been dealt with, you won't have anything new for 30 seconds. Sabetha will simply auto attack, use and .

At 8:30 left on the timer, the first cannon will spawn at the South of the arena. Five seconds after this, a group of four bandits will spawn. One of which will be a Bandit Sapper that will target someone with a Sapper Bomb. As explained earlier, the person who is standing to the South-West of Sabetha when the cannon spawns will receive the Sapper Bomb.

At the same time as the first cannon spawns (8:30), Sabetha will use a new mechanic. This mechanic is her Flame Wall. This mechanic will spawn every 45 seconds, with the first one coinciding with the first cannon spawn. This means that you will need to delay taking the first cannon, until the Flame Wall has passed the Southern launch pad.

As you can see in the GiF, the Flame Wall spins anti-clockwise. Sabetha will turn 360 degrees with this mechanic and it will finish once she has turned all the way until her starting point. The flamewall is indicated with a large red arrow.

This clip shows Sabetha's Flamewall

The Flame Wall will instantly kill anyone who gets hit by it! You can't Dodge, Evade or block it. There is a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny.....tiny, chance that you can Dodge through the Flame Wall, but don't try this at home.

In order to finish the first phase, you will need to get Sabetha down to 75% health. Once at 75% health, she will turn Invulnerable, unless she is in the middle of her Flame Wall, and teleport away.


This clip shows .

Kernan is the first Bandit Champion that you will encounter. Kernan will spawn Invulnerable and you will be able to deal damage to her after three seconds.

Kernan has two attacks:

is a simple auto attack and can be largely ignored.

definitely cannot be ignored! This is the first attack that she will use and consists of three parts. Each part is a cone of bullets that expands per strike and deals more damage. The final, largest cone deals the most amount of damage. This attack will occur every seven seconds.

can never change direction. The easiest way to deal with this mechanic is to simply move behind Kernan to ensure that you are out of the cone AoE.

There is an additional mechanic that will trigger during each Bandit Champion phase. Heavy Bombs will be thrown onto the arena by Sabetha. Heavy Bombs are the second, and final, mechanic that do damage do the arena. These bombs will deal significant damage and can quickly deplete the arena's health.

To remove a Heavy Bomb, you can interact with it. There is a slight cast time that is very easy to interrupt. Make sure you have actually kicked the bomb before you turn away! Aside from damaging the arena, the explosions from the Heavy Bombs will Knock Back anyone caught close to them.

Once Kernan has been damaged down to 25% health, Sabetha will reappear on the arena. This means you will need to focus Kernan to kill her off quickly so you don't have to deal with both of them for too long.

This clip shows the removal of a Heavy Bomb.

Phase Two

There are absolutely no new mechanics in phase two! Happy days. Just continue to do your cannons every 30 seconds, run away with and make sure to keep the away from your squad.

Continue to damage Sabetha down until she reaches 50% health, at which point she will teleport away again and your second Bandit Champion will spawn.


This clip shows .

As with all the Bandit Champions, Knuckles will spawn Invulnerable and will become damageable after three seconds. The Heavy Bomb mechanic will also reappear.

Knuckles has two attacks:

can be ignored, it is an auto attack that deals very little damage.

occurs every 30 seconds and will be used almost immediately after Knuckles spawns. When Knuckles uses this skill, he will gain a Breakbar. This skill must be broken or he will Knock Back your entire squad. This can be very dangerous as it can knock people off the platform or into Sabetha's Flame Wall.

Once Knuckles reaches 25% health, Sabetha will teleport back to the main platform.

Phase Three

Unfortunately, there is a slight evolution with from this phase onwards. Instead of a single spawning every ~ 15 seconds, you will be subject to two. Two squad members will receive one after another, with a one second delay between bombs.

Other than that, there are no new mechanics. Simply get Sabetha down to 25% for the next Bandit Champion.


This clip shows .

Karde is the third and final Bandit Champion to spawn. The Heavy Bomb mechanic will also reappear.

Karde has two attacks and one mechanic:

  • Flame Turrets

is a simple auto attack from Karde that can be practically ignored. This applies to all Bandit Champions as their auto attacks deal completely negligible damage.

deals very high damage over a short period of time. This is the first skill that Karde will use and is static, like . You can simply move behind Karde to avoid the damage. You need to move out of this AoE as quickly as possible, it cannot be underestimated how much damage this skill deals.

Karde will periodically spawn Flame Turrets that shoot out projectiles. Although these deal on a small amount of damage, they can easily build up and overwhelm you. Try to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Once Karde reaches 25% health, Sabetha will return to the platform.

This clip shows a Flame Turret.

Phase Four

This clip shows the new mechanic, .

So, you have your , double , Sapper Bombs, cannons, Flame Wall and a new mechanic. This one is called .

This mechanic will spawn small, dark red AoEs all over the arena which deal moderate damage. Try to avoid them if possible!

Now you have to race to get Sabetha down to 0% health before the arena takes too much damage from cannon shots!


Cannons spawns every 30 seconds at xx:30 and xx:00. Sapper Bombs will come when the four bandits spawn at xx:25 and xx:55.

This clip shows a and .

spawns every 15 seconds and will explode after three seconds. will always target the closest person to Sabetha. After Sabetha has reached 50% health, you will get two mechanics at the same time. Make sure you don't have anyone else inside the AoE when the timer runs out!

Keep out of the squad. Make sure you have someone designated to kite it!

This clip shows Sabetha's Flamewall

Sabetha will use her Flame Wall every 45 seconds and will spin, on the spot, for 360 degrees in an anti-clockwise manner. You can't Dodge, Evade or block this! Just out run it or, be the smart guy, and move slightly clockwise from its spawn point.

Keep kicking off those Heavy Bombs! Heavy Bombs spawn when Sabetha has teleported off the platform. This means that you will need to keep an eye out for them when she teleports off the platform at 75%, 50% and 25% health.

This clip shows the removal of a Heavy Bomb.
This clip shows .

Avoid from Kernan. She is the first Bandit Champion that will spawn when Sabetha reaches 75% health.

Remember to break Knuckles when he uses . He is the second Bandit Champion that will spawn when Sabetha reaches 50% health.

This clip shows .
This clip shows .

Avoid from Karde. She is the third, and final, Bandit Champion that will spawn when Sabetha reaches 25% health. You will also need to kill the Flame Turrets that Karde spawns.

Common Mistakes and Tips

You can easily die to the Flame Wall when you are trying to go for your cannon. Take a second to think about when the last Flame Wall was and if you have enough time to get to your cannon. Remember to also take a look before you fly back down from the cannon. Make sure Flame Wall isn't active!

Missing with a Sapper Bomb. You know that cannons spawn every 30 seconds, so keep an eye out for the Sapper Bombs at xx:35 and xx:05.

can easily wipe a squad. Make sure to bring it well out of the squad before it times out! Take care that you don't kill your kiter!

Dying to one of the mechanics from the Bandit Champions. You need to remember three mechanics from these guys: , and . You can just move behind Kernan and Karde for their attacks and you need to quickly break Knuckles to interrupt his .

Common Names for Mechanics

- Normally, this is referred to as just Flak.

- This is normally called big bomb(s).

Flame Wall - Flame Wall?