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The Pre-Event

Upon entering Spirit Vale, you will be confronted by three coloured Guardians: Red Guardian, Blue Guardian and Green Guardian.

Guardians will spawn in a line leading towards the first raid boss - Vale Guardian.

The order that the Guardians spawn in is randomized but this does not affect anything of great importance.

The first thing you will see is that each Guardian has a large red AoE circle around them - this is their . This aura deals pulsing damage to whoever is inside it and their damage will stack if you are inside multiple AoEs.

is the creation of white orbs that move from the outside of the towards the players inside. These orbs hit for a fair amount of damage but can easily be avoided due to their slow movement.

The Guardians can be killed one by one, and this approach is recommended until you have a better understanding of each Guardian's unique mechanics. More experienced groups are able to stack all the Guardians together to kill them.

This clip shows and .

The Green Guardian

This is .

is the Green Guardian's unique mechanic.

spawns blue AoE circles on the ground close to Green Guardian. After two seconds these circles will detonate and anyone standing inside them will be teleported to a random location. This mechanic will spawn around every 10 seconds.

This small blue AoE is easily noticeable as your screen will be outlined with a faint yellow glow if you are inside it. Mainly makes the first sentence more concise

To avoid you can Dodge, Evade, walk out, block (with Aegis or otherwise) or use on Mesmer; however, you will not be able to block the mechanic if there are many overlapping AoEs.

Once the Green Guardian has been lowered to 0% health, a Breakbar of 1000 will need to be broken to completely kill it.

As with all the coloured Guardians, there will also be and .

The Blue Guardian

is Blue Guardian’s unique mechanic.

This mechanic will spawn every ~15 seconds within the of the Blue Guardian. This mechanic appears as a large green AoE circle which comprises of a stationary outer light green circle and a bright green inner circle.

The outer bright green circle will slowly shrink towards the centre of the AoE, which takes ~5 seconds. Once it reaches the middle, the mechanic will trigger an explosion and all squad members will take a huge amount of damage, ~80% of their maximum health.

This is .

There are two common ways to tackle this mechanic, which vary in difficulty.

  • If four players who aren’t Downed stand inside the AoE when it triggers, all the damage will be mitigated. Ensure you get there early as Dodging in at the last second may not count you as being inside the AoE.
  • The more advanced method is to ignore completely, take the damage hit and quickly healing up afterwards. Barrier can be used to help mitigate some of the damage. As a Mesmer you can avoid the damage by using , however this will only benefit you.

In addition to , the Blue Guardian has a second mechanic called Blue Pylon Power. This mechanic makes the Blue Guardian immune to all damage. This buff does not work as true invulerability as the Blue Guardian can still be critically hit and conditions can still be applied, but they will deal no damage.

Blue Pylon Power is a buff that can be stripped by any boon removal skills. The most common form of boon removal is a Power Boon Chronomancer using or . , the final skill in the Sword auto attack chain, removes a boon from your foe. The clone from will carry out the same auto attack chain.

Once the Blue Guardian has been lowered to 0% health, a Breakbar of 1000 will need to be broken to completely kill it.

and are still in effect.

The Red Guardian

This is a Seeker.

The Red Guardian’s Seekers are its unique mechanic.

Every 15 seconds, the Red Guardian will spawn two Seekers which live for 20 seconds before despawning. Their red AoEs, , damage all squad members inside.

Seekers can be controlled by Knock Backs, Immobilize, Chill, Cripple and Fear. The most common solution to Seeker control is having your Heal Druid take to Immobilize them. Further control, through Knock Backs, is normally also the responsibility of the Heal Druid with .

Unlike the other two Guardians, the Red Guardian has extremely high Toughness. This makes it take almost no damage from physical attacks, leaving it vulnerable only to Condition Damage. It is recommended you have at least two Condition Damage classes in your squad to allow you to deal with the Red Guardian quickly.

Once the Red Guardian has been lowered to 0% health, a Breakbar of 1000 will need to be broken to completely kill it.

and are still in effect.

Once all three Guardians are dead, you can proceed to Vale Guardian.

Vale Guardian

This image shows Vale Guardian standing the in center of his arena.

Vale Guardian will be standing in the center of a circular arena that is split into three sections. Each section of the arena has a coloured pylon attached to it, with these colours corresponding to the coloured Guardians from the pre-event. The mechanics of this fight are a combination of the pre-event Guardians with some slight changes and additional mechanics.

  1. Three Seekers now spawn every 20 seconds and last 20 seconds.
  2. is unchanged.
  3. is unchanged.
  4. is unchanged.
  5. is unchanged.

Prior to engaging with Vale Guardian, there are a few fundamental choices that have to be made. Firstly, you must decide how you will deal with . As explained above your two options are:

  1. Send four people to each green AoE circle.
  2. Out-heal the damage caused by the exploding AoE.

If this is your first time doing Vale Guardian it is recommended you follow option one.

As the green AoE circles from may spawn out of melee range of Vale Guardian, you should send your ranged DPS classes. will always spawn inside the section that Vale Guardian is currently standing in. Knowing this will make it a lot easier for you to find the green AoE, should you need to run to it.

The second choice you must make before engaging Vale Guardian is to decide who will tank. Vale Guardian has a Toughness based aggro system, meaning that he will aggro to the squad member with the highest Toughness.

In almost all groups this will be a Power Boon Chronomancer as they currently are the best tanking profession. As a DPS profession, you should never have any problems with high Toughness, as all builds that are recommended on this website have very low Toughness. If you are running a support class, you should check in with the tank to make sure that you do not have more Toughness than they do.

Finally, you must ensure that you have at least two condition based DPS classes that can go to the Red Guardian during the split phase. As explained earlier, the Red Guardian is practically Invulnerable to physical damage.

Now that you know how the mechanics have evolved from the pre-event, you’ve decided how to deal with and you’ve chosen your tank, it’s time to start the fight with Vale Guardian.

Phase One

The tanking strategies for Vale Guardian, typically, come in two forms:

Tanking Vale Guardian on the edge of the arena normally indicates that you will be ignoring and healing through the damage. The moving tactic is more commonly used when you are sending four people to each green AoE circle to mitigate the damage.

The first phase will always be static, regardless of which tactic you use. This is because the mechanic of glowing floors does not trigger in phase one. This mechanic will only begin in the second phase and increase in the third phase. More information on the phases of the fight can be found later in the guide.

Once you’ve engaged Vale Guardian, you should always be standing behind him. The tank should face him away from the group so that people don't get hit by his melee attacks, which do a fair amount of damage.

As explained earlier, throughout phase one, there will be three mechanics constantly occurring: , Seekers and .

  • We’ve already spoken about and the options on how to deal with it.
  • For you can either walk out of the blue AoEs, Dodge, block, Evade or use if you are on Mesmer to avoid being teleported. Being teleported will not only cause you to take damage but it may also kill you if it is badly timed.
  • Seekers are the main issue for this phase and normally are controlled by the Heal Druids who can use to Immobilize them and to knock them away. If you are on Heal Druid, you will need to coordinate with the other Heal Druid as to who will deal with each wave of Seekers.

Once you get Vale Guardian to 66% he will go Invulnerable and run to the center of the arena. Be sure to double check that there aren’t any green AoEs as Vale Guardian phases. If there are, stay close to your healer or make sure you have four people standing inside of it.

Split Phase

The three coloured Guardians that you fought earlier will now spawn at their corresponding pylons. Your team must now split into two groups:

As we explained earlier, the arena is split into three sections. The section in which you are standing when the Guardians spawn will dictate which coloured attunement you receive.

For example: if you are standing in the blue pylon’s section, you will receive the Blue Attunement buff. With this buff you will take a bit of damage from the from the Blue Guardian; however, if you have Blue Attunement and are standing in the AoE field of the Red Guardian, who has the , then you will take significantly more damage. Clearly, you should aim to get the attunement from whichever Guardian you will go to during the split phase.

Typically, groups will pull the Green Guardian on top of the Blue Guardian. Although you will take more damage, as you should be attuned to Blue Attunement meaning that you will take additional damage from , you will have 7 or 8 of your squad members with you. This will be more than enough damage and healing to enable you to take on both Guardians at the same time.

It is very important that one person goes to pull the Green Guardian, otherwise it may run towards the group that is killing the Red Guardian. If you are struggling with killing both simultaneously, you can delay pulling Green Guardian until the Blue Guardian is about to die.

The group killing the Red Guardian need to make sure they avoid the ticking damage from the Seekers. Other than the Seekers, there is no real threat at Red Guardian.

As with the pre-event, each Guardian will have its corresponding mechanics and a 1,000 Breakbar when their health reaches 0%. This also includes the mechanic and it’s advised that you try to avoid as many orbs as possible.

Common mistakes during the split phase are:

  1. Attuning to the wrong colour.
  2. Forgetting to go to when killing the Blue Guardian.
  3. Forgetting to remove the Blue Pylon Power buff from the Blue Guardian causing him to be practically Invulnerable.
  4. Forgetting to pull the Green Guardian causing it to run towards the Red Guardian team.
  5. Being teleported by once the Green Guardian has been pulled.
  6. Getting hit by too many orbs from .

Once all the Guardians have been killed, Vale Guardian will respawn again in the center of the arena.

Phase Two

This clip shows one glowing section.

All the previous mechanics that you have encountered so far will continue to be in effect during this phase. There are two new mechanics in this phase.

  1. One section of the arena will glow and tick ~2000 damage when you stand in it.
  2. now appears.
  3. Seekers are unchanged.
  4. is unchanged.
  5. is unchanged.
  6. is unchanged.

This emphasises the importance of avoiding the teleport from as being teleported into one of the glowing fields may kill you. The first section to glow is always the green section and it will rotate clockwise every 20 seconds.

It is very important that Vale Guardian is not tanked in a section that is glowing to avoid from spawning in this section. Trying to run into the green AoE of will be very hard when it spawns in a glowing section.

As we explained earlier, there are two ways to tank Vale Guardian. If you are constantly moving him, make sure to move into the glowing section slightly before it changes to the proceeding one. This will avoid the problems of spawning in a region with ticking damage.

If you are tanking Vale Guardian on the wall, the rules are the same. If your party is experienced and you are out-healing , you do not need to worry about this so much. You should still avoid standing in a glowing region as it may cause you to go down when explodes.

Seeker control still needs to be maintained throughout this phase and the Seekers will continue to spawn every 20 seconds just as in phase one.

This clip shows .

There is another additional mechanic that appears during phase two - .

Vale Guardian will point his arm to the sky and stop moving. He will produce orbs that fly out from him and damage squad members if they are standing in the red AoEs from where the orbs land. To stop this mechanic, you must break his 2,000 Breakbar. Try to do this as quickly as possible as the orbs deal a fair amount of damage. If you fail to break Vale Guardian, he will eventually stop using this skill after ~20 seconds. During , Vale Guardian will not use .

Once Vale Guardian reaches 33% he will turn Invulnerable and run to the center of the arena again.

Split Phase

This split phase is exactly the same as the one at 66%. To refresh your memory of what goes on, just scroll up and take a read.

Phase Three

This clip shows two glowing sections.

The third and final phase is similar to the previous two phases, however, some of the mechanics evolve even further.

  1. Two out of the three floor sections will now glow. Beginning with the green and blue sections. These sections will now rotate every 15 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
  2. Four Seekers now spawn, with the fourth spawning in the center of the arena.
  3. will spawn on all squad members, regardless of how close they are to Vale Guardian.
  4. is unchanged.
  5. is unchanged.
  6. is unchanged.

How do these upgraded mechanics affect us?

  • Firstly, the extra Seeker spawn should not affect anything of great importance as it will still be targeted by and .
  • The shortened Cooldown of the changing coloured sections can cause problems if the tanking movement is not fast enough. continues at 20 seconds; however, this means that as soon as the previous one is dealt with, the tank must move to the proceeding section.
  • If the tank does not move fast enough, you will definitely have a spawn in a glowing section. If you do get a spawn in a glowing section, you should ignore it and out-heal the damage when it explodes.

Dealing with good spawns is not only down to the tank. As we said earlier, will cause Vale Guardian to stop moving. This means that you will need to break him A.S.A.P in order to make sure that he isn’t in a glowing section thereby preventing from spawning there.

The issues with will only cause problems if you are sending people to stand in the green AoE circle. If you are ignoring the mechanic and out-healing it then you do not need to worry so much as to which section it spawns in.

As will now spawn on any squad member, regardless of proximity to Vale Guardian, you need to take extra care when standing inside of . You can easily get teleported away and not mitigate the squad-wide damage.

Aside from these changes, this phase is exactly the same as the previous phases. Continue to DPS Vale Guardian down until he reaches 0% health!


- A green AoE will spawn every 20 seconds that lasts for five seconds. At the end of those five seconds the AoE will explode dealing roughly 80% of your health in damage. This mechanic can be out-healed or four people can stand in the AoE to completely mitigate its damage. During the split phases, only three people need to stand in it.

This is .
This is .

- Blue AoEs will spawn around players who are in close proximity to Vale Guardian or the Green Guardian. These AoEs spawn every 10 seconds and trigger after two seconds. When triggered, they will teleport any players standing inside them to a random point in the arena or within the Green Guardian’s aura field. During the final phase, will spawn under all squad members, regardless of proximity. These AoE circles can be avoided by simply walking out of them, Dodging out, Evading, blocking or using .

This is a Seeker.

Seekers - Three Seekers will spawn every 20 seconds and last 20 seconds before they despawn. During the final phase, a fourth Seeker will spawn in the center of the arena. These Seekers pulse a high damage tick through . Seekers can be controlled by your Heal Druid through and .

Split Phase - Make sure you are attuned to the right colour during the split phase. If you aren’t, you will take a fair amount of damage from the pulsing from the Guardians. The same mechanics as the pre-event occur during the split phase. Once each Guardian reaches 0% health, you will need to break a 1,000 Breakbar in order to completely defeat them.

Glowing Section - In phase two, the green section of the arena will glow and cause 2000 tick damage to those squad members standing in it. Every 20 seconds the glowing section will rotate clockwise, Green Blue Red. In phase three, two section will glow starting with green and blue. They will rotate clockwise every 15 seconds, down from the original 20.

Common Mistakes and Tips

Common Big Mistakes:

  1. Forgetting to go to and causing your squad to take the damage hit.
  2. Moving Vale Guardian slowly and causing to spawn in glowing sections.
  3. Taking avoidable damage - standing in a glowing section or standing in front of Vale Guardian.
  4. Being teleported by .
  5. Forgetting to Immobilize the Seekers.
  6. Pulling the Seekers into the stack.
  7. Attuning to the wrong colour during the split phase.
  8. Forgetting to pull the Green Guardian causing it to run towards the Red Guardian team during the split phase.
  9. Getting hit by too many orbs from during the split phase.

Common Names for Mechanics

  1. - Greens.
  2. - Blues.
  3. - Orbs.