Map of the Escort area.
Map of the Escort area.

Once you enter the Stronghold of the Faithful, the first order of business is to take Scholar Glenna into the White Mantle stronghold through the gate past the bridge.

Scholar Glenna can be moved using the Over Here! Special Action Key that becomes available when the encounter starts. While everyone has access to this skill, it is usually only used by one of the healers, most commonly a Druid, who is in charge of ensuring Scholar Glenna’s safety.

The squad must decide how to split up for the encounter. Some players will need to separate from the rest of the group and siege nearby towers to allow the main group escorting Scholar Glenna to progress forward. More detail on how to capture these towers can be found in the Towers section below.

One of the players is assigned to handle the Back Warg. This player is typically on a DPS class that has a lot of soft CC such as Cripple, Chill, and Immobilize. They are given the task of staying far behind from the rest of the group and killing the Warg Bloodhounds that spawn to the left of the main entrance near the tent.

Finally, a Chronomancer is typically tasked with the role of soloing the toxic cave at the start of the encounter that leads to the aforementioned towers that need to be captured. This player will open a to teleport the designated squad members up to the towers. More information on this role can be found in the Cave section below.

Initial Phase

After Scholar Glenna has been talked to, the encounter begins with everyone being put into combat and given the Over Here! Special Action Key. There is no timer in this encounter.

The player designated to escorting Scholar Glenna, often referred to as the “babysitter”, will use Over Here! to lead Scholar Glenna to a white circle that has spawned next to the inactive drawbridge leading to the gate. White circles such as this are present throughout the entire encounter and are used to progress from one section of the stronghold to the next.

(Picture of white circle)

Upon standing on the white circle, Scholar Glenna will conjure a ley line, which can be used by players who possess the Ley Line Gliding mastery to glide over to the other side. Pulling a lever on that side then raises the bridge, allowing everyone including Scholar Glenna to pass.

Scholar Glenna will open the way to the stronghold, where White Mantle enemies will begin to spawn and need to be dealt with.

Straight ahead is the entrance to the toxic cave; the Tower Chronomancer uses this as the entrance to the first tower.

(Picture of the cave entrance, and tent)

To the left is the tent where the Back Wargs spawn. The designated player will patrol this area and make sure all Warg Bloodhounds are killed before they reach the main group.

Everyone else will go right (West), killing all White Mantle enemies in their way.

Escort Phase

A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners in a figure.
Escort mine. Instant defeat.

Multiple mechanics begin to show up while escorting Scholar Glenna.

The first mechanic is the Surveilled mechanic, which is an effect that Scholar Glenna possesses throughout the encounter. If Scholar Glenna does not have anyone within a 1,000 range radius of her, her stacks of Surveilled will start to deplete. When they hit zero, four White Mantle Seekers will spawn and instantly kill her. As such, the person designated to escort Scholar Glenna must stay close enough to her at all times throughout the escort.

The next mechanic to watch out for are mines. Mines will spawn and respawn at set locations throughout the encounter and are marked with a smaller red circle and larger white circle around them. Standing in the red circle instantly defeats you. Standing in the white circle makes the mine vulnerable, allowing you to attack it and destroy it safely.

White circles similar to the one present at the start of the encounter will be placed at locations throughout the escort. Scholar Glenna needs to be moved into them to conjure ley lines for the tower group to traverse from tower to tower.

However, the group will not be able to advance while the next tower is still active, because the tower’s turret will be shooting dangerous shards at the ground that will quickly defeat any player that attempts to cross the line of fire.

Once a tower is captured above, the shards stop firing and the group can move safely forward. At this point, two Warg Bloodhounds will spawn - one at the start, the Back Warg, and one at the end of the path.

(Picture of a warg)

The Back Warg will be dealt with by the person who stayed behind. In an ideal scenario, the rest of the group does not need to worry about it.

The Warg Bloodhound at the front will eventually reach the group. If it gets close enough to Scholar Glenna, it will execute its Slash attack that will two-shot her. Therefore, it is important for the person escorting Glenna to move her away from Warg Bloodhound and for everyone else to kill it quickly and use soft CC such as Cripple, Chill, and Immobilize.

Aside from all that, many White Mantle enemies will spawn and need to be dealt with. Skills that Pull mobs together such as , , , and are very useful here.

One of the more annoying skills that the mobs have is a geal skill, cast by the White Mantle Clerics. They gain a Breakbar while casting the skill; make sure to break it quickly or all nearby mobs will be healed to full.

The Cave

A Chronomancer with is almost always designated to solo the cave near the entrance.

The cave itself is dangerous to walk through, as standing inside it gives you the debuff Toxic Spores that quickly depletes your health. Running through any of the water pools placed inside the cave, however, will give you the Healing Cleanse effect, that gradually heals them back up again and makes them temporarily immune to the effects of Toxic Spores. Note that you need the Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery to make use of these puddles.

(Picture of a pool of water)

On top of that, mushroom enemies will be scattered all over the cave and have dangerous attacks that hit hard or even Pull you towards them.

Thus, going through the cave involves the process of running from one pool of water to the other while avoiding the mushroom enemies’ attacks, especially the Pull attack by the Elite Mushroom King enemies.

An Elementalist in your group could use to give you some mobility to get through the cave, and any of the squad’s smoke fields can be blasted to give you some Stealth.

That being said, the most common method to get through the cave reliably involves the Chronomancer taking and and using these to quick get through the cave.

(Gif of a someone going through the cave)

Upon reaching the end of the cave, the Chronomancer will glide to the nearby Bouncing Mushroom and can begin teleporting their group to the towers.

The Towers

As mentioned above, the five towers in the encounter need to be captured one-by-one to allow the group escorting Glenna to safely reach the end of the path.

Each tower has a PvP-style capture point with a red ring when the tower is not being captured, a white/blue ring when there is at least an equal amount of allied and enemy players, on the capture point, and no ring at all when it’s fully captured.

(Picture of an uncaptured tower)

As such, the aim is to make sure that there are more players standing in the ring than there are enemies. Each tower has five mobs standing on it, but this number can quickly be increased by White Mantle Cultist mobs who spawn minions.

Once the tower is captured, the turret attached to the tower will become available to use by all players possessing the Forsaken Magic mastery. It can be used to fire powerful shards to help the escort group at the bottom or even shot directly behind it at the tower floor itself.

Killing all of the mobs on a tower will make another set of five mobs spawn, so it is common practice to leave one alive.

There are two typical methods of capturing the tower:

  • The first and most common method is to send four players with the Ley Line Gliding mastery up to the tower: a Chronomancer with , a Druid with , and two power DPS classes; the "Tower Group" strategy. The Druid will stand in the centre of the tower and cast to push all of the mobs outside the ring. If all goes well, the tower will instantly be captured. The group will kill all but one mob on the tower and then glide down to help the rest, with the exception of the Chronomancer that stays up to port them back up to the tower again once Scholar Glenna has activated the ley line to the next tower.
  • The second method is to have the Chronomancer place a right on the next tower that needs to be captured, and place another near the group at the bottom; the "All Up" strategy. All of the players except the person escorting Scholar Glenna will take the . With more players on the tower than enemies, the tower will get captured instantly, and then everyone but the Chronomancer and perhaps one of the healers will take the portal back down again.

In emergency situations, a ley line will be present along the cliffside to glide back up to the towers.

(Picture of the emergency ley line)

The Final Phase - McLeod the Silent

Immediately after the fifth tower is captured, McLeod the Silent will spawn in the middle of the courtyard. At this point, everyone in the squad must be at the courtyard. He is a fairly easy mini boss that introduces mechanics that will show up again in later encounters of the wing.

(Picture of McLeod the Silent)

One of his more deadly attacks, , is a frontal attack similar to a . This deals lethal damage, Knockdown, and Confusion.

He often uses to teleport to the player furthest away from him. As such, it is important that people stack closely together and far away from Scholar Glenna to avoid the boss porting to them and potentially killing her.

Scholar Glenna does not gain stacks of Surveilled anymore in this phase, so she can be safely placed far away from the group. The most common strategy is to place her right before the top of the stairs leading to the courtyard and stacking either in the middle of the courtyard or near the door.

(Picture of Glenna placement)

Every 25% of McLeod the Silent’s health, he splits into two clones, one with a red Crimson Attunement marker on its head and the other with a white Radiant Attunement marker on its head. The whole squad also gets matching attunement markers on their head and they must attack the clone whose marker colour corresponds to the marker colour on their head. Attacking the wrong McLeod will not deal damage, and Confusion will be inflicted on the player.

Warg Bloodhounds spawn at the door and make their way towards Scholar Glenna in this phase. Usually they are cleaved down when they pass through the group. Make sure they don’t reach their destination.

Once McLeod the Silent is dead, Scholar Glenna can be led to the white circle in front of the final gate, finishing the encounter.


Escorting Scholar Glenna - A healer is assigned to escort Scholar Glenna using the Special Action Key Over Here!. They must always stay near Scholar Glenna until the McLeod the Silent phase to avoid losing stacks of Surveilled and keep them healed up and far away from Warg Bloodhounds. Moving Scholar Glenna into the white circles progresses the encounter.

Towers - A Chronomancer who takes is assigned to solo the cave and port pre-designated squad members onto the towers to capture them and allow the main group to move forward.

Warg Bloodhounds - Two Warg Bloodhounds will spawn every time a tower is captured, one far behind the group and another far in front of the group. The one behind the group is dealt with by one DPS player who stays at the back. No Warg Bloodhound must ever reach Scholar Glenna.

Mines - Mines will continuously spawn at set locations in the encounter. Stand in the white circle to make them vulnerable and destroy them. If you stand in the smaller red circle, you will instantly be defeated.

McLeod the Silent - This mini boss spawns at the end of the encounter after the fifth tower is captured. Everyone should be stacked together at the courtyard at this point, with Scholar Glenna placed somewhere along the nearby stairs on her own. Warg Bloodhounds will continue to spawn and will need to be cleaved down.

Masteries - Anyone doing the towers, especially the Chronomancer that takes , should have Ley Line Gliding. The Chronomancer should also have the Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery to solo the cave. One of the players on the tower can optionally also have Forsaken Magic which allows them to use the towers’ turrets to the group’s advantage.

Common Mistakes and Tips

Common Big Mistakes:

  • Getting hit by a mine. The mobs have a lot of Fear and Knockback attacks, making it easy to get Pushed into a mine.
  • Falling off the ley line while in the towers group. Knights, Mages, and Cultists all have attacks that are liable to push you off right before you attempt to take the ley line.
  • Missing the placed by the Chronomancer.
  • Not letting the Druid go first onto the towers to use if you’re using that strategy.
  • Dying on the towers due to lack of heals, fields, or crowd control.
  • Killing all mobs on the towers instead of leaving one alive.
  • Forgetting about Scholar Glenna and having her die to a Warg Bloodhound or losing all her stacks of Surveilled.
  • Not stacking together and away from Scholar Glenna in the McLeod the Silent phase.