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Keep Construct is the second raid boss in the Stronghold of the Faithful wing. In a round arena divided in 2 parts by doors, with several statues on each side. These statues will play an important role in the fight.

Keep Construct is defined by four phases:

  • The Burn phase
  • The Core Phase
  • The Burst Phase
  • The Orb Phase

When starting the boss he’ll have two buffs on him. One is Xera’s Embrace which will be explained later. The other one is Gaining power. This one increases Keep Construct’s Power damage by 10% and Condition Damage by 3% per stack. Keep Construct will gain one stack each minute the fight persists. This buff cannot be removed.

The Burn Phase 100% - 66%

Right away you’ll notice that Keep Construct has two stacks of Xera's Embrace on his health bar. These stacks can be removed when you kill a projection in the range of the Keep Construct. Here’s where the statues come into play.

Projections will get spawned out of the statues, two at a time, one on each side of the arena, and will start walking towards a Fixated player. This Fixation is indicated by a purple marker on top of the player’s head and a message across the screen saying “You have been Fixated.”, additionally a white line will also be drawn from you to the statue.

Once projections merge, they become a red, larger projection which steals boons and deals significant damage. This should always, always be avoided. Typically, a merge will lead to your squad wiping.

This image shows a big, bad, merged Projection.

You’ll notice each of these projections has a white AoE around them. It is of utmost importance that neither of these projections walk inside the AoE of the other one. Pay close attention to which projection you have been Fixated by as you might need to move out to prevent the projections from merging. If you cannot spot which one you are Fixated by, a common method is jumping. This will lift up the purple marker and white line from the respected projection.

Most groups will tank Keep Construct on one side of the arena, and move the boss to where the projection of that side will spawn, so that you can instantly kill that one. Once a projection dies, it will create a friendly AoE circle. If Keep Construct was inside that Aoe, he will lose one stack of Xera's Embrace.

Around the time the second projection will move into the Keep Construct, two extra mechanics will show up. One of them being random and the other one being fixed.

This clip shows .

Let’s start off with the fixed one. This is a fairly easy one to avoid. will jump up in the air and slam down in the big red AoE indicated on the ground, this is called .

If you're hit by this AoE you will take a moderate amount of damage and get Knocked Down for three seconds. Dodge this or gain Aegis, if possible.

You can one of two random mechanics. The first one being Radiant and Crimson Phantasms. You’ll get assigned either a White or Red marker above your head. This one corresponds with White and Red phantasms scattered throughout the room.

If you don’t kill all of the phantasms within the time limit, they will blow up and do massive damage. Luckily for us, if you have enough DPS you can skip this mechanic by phasing Keep Construct before they blow up.

This clip shows the Radiant/Crimson Phantasms.
This clip shows .

The second mechanic is an expanding bomb placed on everyone in the raid, . Much like Matthias’s , this expands and when it reaches the edge it explodes.

Try to be alone when these explode as multiple AoEs will drastically increase damage taken. Again, these bombs can be skipped if you phase KC before they blow up.

Once the jump, the random mechanic and both projections have been killed, Keep Construct will gain a 3500 Breakbar. Break this and you'll transition into the next phase.

The Core Phase 100% - 66%

When you’ve finished breaking Keep Construct's Breakbar he will lift himself up in the air and you’ll start the core phase. Three Invulnerable projections will spawn in a triangle shape, each of them having a green AoE around them. This green AoE will gradually shrink with time and requires at least two people to be inside of them. You must have two people inside each of the three AoEs or the squad will wipe.

This image shows the green AoEs.
This clip shows core pushing.

Once the AoEs have been delt with, a core will spawn in the middle of the room and five rifts will be placed at the edge of the arena. You can push this core slowly by attacking it, or you Push and Pull to move it faster. This is often done by from a Chronomancer.

The goal of this phase is to get the core through the rifts. Each rift represents one stack of Compromised. One stack of Compromised represents a 75% incoming damage increase. This debuff will be applied to Keep Construct at the end of this phase. Depending on your group DPS you can adapt the amount of rifts you’re doing.

As you attempt to move the core through the rifts, smaller projections will spawn and try to catch it. If they catch it, the core will despawn and Keep Construct will return.

Once you’ve reached five rifts or Pushed the core in the red area on the edge of the arena, Keep Construct will come back down with the amount of Compromised stacks you’ve collected. When he returns, he will be Stunned, due to this it is recommended for power classes to take a . Note that these Compromised stacks only trigger on Power damage and not Condition Damage. Taking Power DPS classes here is highly recommended due to this.

You need to get Keep Construct down to 66% to make him phase into the next section of the encounter. Earlier, it was explained that you can decide how many rifts you Push the core through. This is because high DPS groups will be able to get Keep Construct to 66% with less rifts than lower DPS groups.

If you failed to Push the core through any rifts, Keep Construct will return and not be Stunned. His attack pattern will return to that of the Burn Phase until you have killed a further two projections on top of him.

The Orb Phase 66%

Once phased to 66%, Keep Construct will gain the Xera's Boon buff which renders him Invulnerable. Each player will get a White or Red color, like the Phantasms, called Radiant Attunement and Crimson Attunement. Keep Construct will start channeling orbs towards him in a white or red color. Collect the orbs that have your color.

If the orbs do not get collected and reach Keep Construct, he will gain a stack of Magic Blast Intensity. At the end of this phase, Keep Construct will do an AoE blast that will do increasing damage depending on how many stacks of Magic Blast Intensity he has. Try to aim for less than 15 stacks as you will start taking significant amount of damage surpassing this number.

At 30 stacks, you will instantly die due to the AoE blast.

This clip shows the orb collection phase.
This clip shows .

Once this attack is over, he will still be stationary in the middle of the arena. This time channeling his attack. This attack will spawn a small bubble around him. Do not touch this bubble as this will apply Confusion, Torment and tick damage.

will also spawn a rotating triangle which also applies Confusion, Torment and a small amount of damage.

Once he’s done with this attack he’ll target a random player with a purple beam, after some time he will jump to this player with the attack. Again, Dodge or Aegis this. From here on out the 66-33% phase is exactly the same as 100-66%.

At is coming to an end, you will see that two of the statues, one from each side of the arena, will begin to glow. This indicates that they will soon turn into projections. Ideally, you will move as a squad to one of the glowing statues.

This will cause Keep Construct to jump, with , to where the projection will spawn. This makes it very easy to kill this projection on top of Keep Construct and already remove one of the stacks of Xera's Embrace.

This clip shows the purple beam before .

The Burn, Core and Orb Phases 66% - 33%

These phases are exactly the same as the previous phases.

The Burn Phase 33% - 0%

This phase is different from the previous two burn phases. This is because once Keep Construct has used , he will vanish into the sky. This means you will need to remember where he jumped up and kill the projections there. Killing a projection in that spot will remove a stack of Xera's Embrace.

While Keep Construct is up the heavens, he will drop small AoEs down on the ground. These will cause a Knockdown for one second. These AoEs are pretty easy to avoid!

After a short while, Keep Construct will return. If you have successfully killed the two projections in the correct location, he will return with a Breakbar.

Once broken, he will continue to the core phase just as you did in previous phases.

The Core Phase 33% - 0%

This phase is exactly the same as the previous core phase. Refer back to "The Core Phase 100% - 66%" to refresh your memory.


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