Recruitment Status


What is Snow Crows

Snow Crows is a community of hardcore PvE players who strive to be at the top in terms of raids, fractals and dungeons. Outside of weekly raiding and daily fractals, record attempts are highly likely to take place for the most engaged players.

How does the pre trial works

You have to:

  1. Pick 1 main classes between Mesmer, Engineer or Elementalist.
  2. Pick 1 second main classes between Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer, Engineer or Elementalist.

And extra DPS class which is one of the following:

Mirage, Renegade, Dragonhunter, Soulbeast or Condi Daredevil.

You will have an in depth test in Raids, Dungeons & Fractals on your main two classes and a small test on your extra DPS class.

On Warrior and Ranger you can expect Lupicus solo, which is time based.

The pre trial will be spread out over a few consecutive days.

What we are currently looking for

What our guild can offer

A final note

If you have the required gear you will have a trial run. After this trial run you will have a trial period in the guild, where we are going to see if you are fitting into the guild.

Note that this is not a side guild. If you get accepted you will have to represent most of the time.

Fill in the application form below to apply, we expect high levels of detail regarding gear and traits. Avoid using phrases such as 'running meta build' and 'full zerker'. Not following this guideline will result in an automatic rejection of the application, without reply.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!