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Hypercomplex [Hype]

[Hype] Hypercomplex is looking for experienced multi-role players. We are a speedrunning guild focusing on raids and strikes and aiming to compete at the top of the Raid League.

[Hype] is an EU based guild focusing on speedrunning raids and strikes. We try to find the most optimal comps for the target that we aim for and always seek to improve our kill times by optimizing our play. We raid two to three days a week at 20:00 CE(S)T for around 2.5 hours, but try to get more days in active Raid League splits.

Our current project is competing in the Raid League, where we have participated for the last splits. You can see our results here:

  • You have a positive mental attitude.
  • You are willing and able to join our raids at least two days a week. We expect you to participate in live events and additional practice days during competitions like Raid League.
  • You are an experienced multi-role player that can also play supportive DPS classes.
  • You play at least three DPS classes at above 95% bench. Please send us both golem and boss logs.
  • You are motivated to constantly improve as a player and you are going to gear and learn new classes as needed.
  • You have good knowledge of all raid bosses and basic experience in the EoD strike CMs.

If interested, send a message on Discord to Broccoli#4848 or Cator#4592.

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