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Starting To Raid

Take your first few steps into Guild Wars 2 raids with our series of getting started guides. These are designed for players interested in raiding and cover the key need-to-know aspects of the endgame content.

Raid Encounters

Learn each encounter with our comprehensive encounter guides for Guild Wars 2 raids. Understand the optimal classes to play, different strategies, and mechanics involved with raid bosses and events.

Spirit Vale

Spirit Vale (Wing 1) has 3 bosses and 1 encounter. In the jungle, you fight strange beings and bandits. The wing's balanced difficulty and mechanics make it good for beginners.

Vale Guardian

Spirit Woods



Salvation Pass

Salvation Pass (Wing 2) has 2 bosses and 1 encounter. In the jungle, you fight mutated animals, bandits, and a madman. The first boss is difficult for beginners, due to high personal responsibility fighting in a very small safe area.


Bandit Trio

Matthias Gabrel

Stronghold of the Faithful

Stronghold of the Faithful (Wing 3) has 2 bosses and 2 encounters. In an increasingly floaty stronghold, you fight zealots. The final boss is difficult, due to high personal responsibility for several mechanics.

Siege the Stronghold

Keep Construct

Twisted Castle


Bastion of the Penitent

Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) has 4 bosses. In a prison, you fight to save a tormented old man. Most bosses have a variety of insta-kill mechanics.

Cairn the Indomitable

Mursaat Overseer



Hall of Chains

Hall of Chains (Wing 5) has 2 bosses and 2 encounters. In the Underworld, you fight hostile undead to stop the Voice in the Void. The bosses are condition-DPS-preferred, with multiple important roles.

Soulless Horror

River of Souls

Statues of Grenth


Mythwright Gambit

Mythwright Gambit (Wing 6) has 3 bosses and 1 encounter. In the Mystic Forge, Zommoros's bet pits you against another djinn's champions. The second and third bosses are difficult, with many important roles.

Conjured Amalgamate

Sorting & Appraisal

Twin Largos


Key of Ahdashim

Key of Ahdashim (Wing 7) has 3 bosses and 1 encounter. In the colorful home city of the djinn, you kill hostile djinn. The wing is fairly easy, except for the more complicated final boss.

Gates of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina

Cardinal Sabir

Qadim the Peerless

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