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Citadel of Flame Path 3

Published Jul 28, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Citadel of Flame (often shortened to "CoF") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Citadel of Flame Path 3, you assist Rhiannon and stop the new Flame Legion tribune that is on the rise and trying to form his army.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Citadel of Flame Path 3

Gallery of Rage


After talking to Explorer Mallon and selecting the path at Soldier Ista Fuseclaw, head down the slope behind you. The gate will open once Rhiannon arrived.

Give her Swiftness or even Superspeed to speed her up.

Daemon's Undercroft

Torch Event

The pit up ahead is full of different enemies. These respawn so try to ignore them as much as you can. The room contains 3 torches called Claw of Baelfire that need to be lit at the same time. Cross the pit and walk near the slope to reveal their location on the minimap.

Each torch is surrounded by some enemies. Fire Imps, which deal a lot of power damage, Red Oozes which deal Burning and Tar Elementals which can Immobilize. These need to be killed because they interrupt the lighting interaction, but keep in mind that they respawn after roughly 20 seconds.

One of the torches that need to be activated simultaneously

Having Stealth can help here to not get interrupted in case the enemies respawn during the interaction. Quickness can also speed it up.

Place people next to all the torches, kill the enemies, make a countdown and start interacting. The other players can protect the ones interacting. After roughly 10 seconds, a lit torch will go out again.

If you have Quickness, you can place down a portal between to torches and do 2 torches alone.

The slope is now unblocked. On it are 2 Godforged Flamecallers and 2 Flame Legion Turrets. They aren't that dangerous, simply kill them and move ahead. Further up are 3 more enemies. You can either kill them or Stealth past.

At the end of the next bridge the Siege Commander is waiting for you. Ignore him and focus the enemies behind him on the bridge since he goes Invulnerable once they are dead and runs away together with the remaining ones. This unlocks . Either follow them straight away and kill them at the end of the bridge or just wait for Commander Suma to arrive and let him and his squad shoot the enemies with mortars.

The Siege Commander and his followers

Eastern Transept

Siege Commander

You fight the Siege Commander in the next cave. It is recommended to kill the Flame Legion Turrets in front of him, unless you feel confident in Dodging their attacks during the fight. He regularily gives himself 5 Might, Protection and Resolution. Other than that, he has 2 attacks:

  • Explosive Shot: His auto attack. Does some damage and Bleeding. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Blowtorch: Looks like , but he also leaps backwards. Does some power damage and 2 Burning. Only happens when in melee range.

The Siege Commander in his cave in the Eastern Transept

If you struggle, fighting him ranged is extremely easy.

After killing him, head left and over the bridge to reach the next event.

Capture Event

You need to kill 5 waves of Flame Legion enemies and capture the marked area. The enemies can be dangerous, especially watch out for the Flamethrower attacks of the Godforged Hellstorms. You can always run away and get out of combat if the pressure is too high.

The area that you need to recapture

Sometimes, the new wave spawns before the old one is fully dead.

If you decide to go away to regenerate, make sure that the enemies never recapture the area. This will cause the event to restart. Ideally, always have at leaast one player in the area.

Finishing the event unlocks the .

Ashen Chamber

Head north-west through the new gate that just opened. The corridor is filled with bombs that spawn an AoE on the floor if you go near them while they are lit up. They light up roughly every 5 seconds and the AoE they spawn will instantly kill you without a Downstate. The strategy is to wait until they have lit up and then speed through the corridor afterwards. Mobility skills can massively help here. Some bombs are permanently lit, just dodge through their AoEs.

The bombs in the cave in the Ashen Chamber

Being in Stealth prevents the AoEs from spawning.

Upen exiting the cave, you get greeted with shots from the Flame Legion Turrets from the upper floor. The way to there is guarded by 2 Elite Godformed Hellstorms. Either kill them or Stealth past. Head into the cave on the upper floor to meet Gaheron's Pet Drake.

Gaheron's Pet Drake

Make sure to move into the cave to avoid the Flame Legion Turret AoEs (or kill them if you want). The drake has 2 attacks:

  • Bite: His auto attack, hits for a decent amount of power damage. Try to stack on his tail of avoid it.
  • Fire Breath: Charges up a breath of fire that hits 5 times for a solid amount of power damage. Move to his tail as soon as you see it happening since he won't change direction after starting the attack.

Gaheron's Pet Drake during his Fire Breath attack

Killing him spawns .

Kill the Flame Legion Turrets if you want people to port to the waypoint to avoid them being killed by the AoEs while in the loading screen.

After the kill, move north-west, avoid the Flame Legion Turrets if you haven't killed them and use the only way possible to head towards to endboss.

Neotheon Chamber

Tribune Burntclaw

You can fight Burntclaw after a smallscene that plays when you approach him. He has 3 attacks:

  • Banish: His auto attack, he swings his hammer and deals big power damage as well as Knockback. It is common that he throws you into the lava around the island, making you take even more damage. Can be avoided by walking behind him after he started the attack.
  • Throw Bolas: Similar to . Throws Bolas that deal some damage and Immobilize for 5 seconds. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Hammer Throw: Deals some damage and Knockback. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Stomp: Goes Invulnerable and heads towards the middle, then releases a shockwave. Getting hit by it deals Knockback and 3 Bleeding per hit. This attack can hit you multiple times. Dodge through it as soon as you see the shockwave.

Tribune Burntclaw in the Neotheon Chamber

Having a consistent way of removing or avoiding the Immobilize is really advantageous.

If you run around the boss in circles you can evade most of his attacks.

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