Citadel of Flame Story

Published Jul 27, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Citadel of Flame (often shortened to "CoF") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. The Citadel of Flame Story needs to be completed once in order to be able to open the Exploration Mode for this dungeon on a character. Your objective is to stop Gaheron Baelfire and his plan to ascend to godhood.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 26 Silver
  • Experience

Way and events of Citadel of Flame Story

Chamber of Might


Talk to Lieutenant Marma, skip the cutscene and head north. In the corridor there are a bunch of Flame Legion enemies, but all of them have rather low health and don't really hurt. Move onwards and experience an unskippable cutscene in its epic fashion.

At the start, you need to kill 2 Braziers, we western and the eastern one.

Molten Foundry

Head left to the Molten Foundry. There is a group of Flame Legion enemies but you can simply avoid them by walking very close to the edge.

Walk this way to avoid triggering the first group of Enemies

In front of the Foundry are 3 more enemies. They are not required to be killed, but don't have much health either.

Rozgar the Forge

Rozgar is surrounded by 2 of his weapons that cannot be damaged and mimic the attacks he does. These change every 25%, just like his attacks:

  • 100% - 75% Whirlwind Attack: Similar to, he spins around, evades all attacks and deals heavy damage. Try to dodge through him and attack him afterwards.
  • 75% - 50% Hammer Swing -> Hammer Bash -> Hammer Smash: Resembles the Warrior's auto attack chain. Make sure to walk around him so won't complete the chain.
  • 50% - 25% Splitblade: Throws axes at you that deal damage and Burning on each hit.
  • 25% - 0% Ember Strike: Stealthes up and spins into his target's direction. Deals damage and Bleeding each hit.

Rozgar the Forge with his weapons

After Rozgar is dead, kill the Brazier behind him.

Gallery of Rage

Head back the same way you came to Rozgar. Head east and use the left side of the rock formation to skip a group of enemies. You should see Bolok Firebringer in the room to the east.

The shortcut to avoid triggering a group of enemies

Bolok Firebringer

Bolok only has one attack. He spawns Firewalls on his target which are Unblockable. Simply move out of the walls as soon as they appear and this fight is a piece of cake. He spawns enemies inside of him at 70%, 50% and 20% health, but they usually die super quick. Just focus them as soon as they appear and you are good to go.

Bolok Firebringer in the Gallery of Rage

After Bolok is dead, kill the Brazier in the middle of the room.

Head north to the middle of the Gallery of Rage. A new gate has opened and some Flame Legion enemies walked through it. Either kill them or Stealth past them and traverse the bridge, which holds another unskippable cutscene at the end of it. After that, is unlocked. Traverse the southern bridge to advance.

After the cutscene, instantly port to to save some time.

Eastern Transept

Walking into the corridor spawns 10 Fiery Jellies. You can technically walk past them, but they can Immobilize you and thus be quite annoying.

The corridor in the Eastern Transept, walk through it early to not trigger any enemies

If you are quick and walk through the corridor before Logan and Rytlock finished their dialogue, the Fiery Jellies wont spawn at all.

Head left and traverse the bridge. At the end, you have 5 Flame Legion enemies waiting, you can either choose to kill them or quickly Stealth past. Head left to encounter the Hierophant Improaster.

Hierophant Improaster

This is a stationary boss. He doesn't attack himself but summons Fire Imps regularily. These deal damage and also blow themselves up once they are near you. This explosion deals a lot of damage, so make sure to walk or Dodge out of the AoEs or kill them before they blow up.

The Hierophant Improaster in the Eastern Transept

This boss is immune to any Hard CC that is not Daze or Stun.

Illuminated Nave

After killing the Hierophant Improaster, the gate behind him opens. Traverse the bridge and climb the slope. At the end, there is a group of Flame Legion enemies waiting, either kill them or Stealth past. After yet another steep bridge, you encounter the Flame Legion Effigy.

Ferric Chamber

Flame Legion Effigy

The Effigy has Acolytes in a protective bubble behind and a huge red AoE around it, basically covering the whole room. It causes constant Burning. Other than that, it has 2 attacks:

  • Fireball: The auto attack, causes some damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Firestorm: A small AoE forms around the targeted player. Deals a lot of damage and Burning. Walk or Dodge out of it as soon as you see it.

The Flame Legion Effigy in the Ferric Chamber

At 70%, the bubble of the Acolytes will break. They will heal the Effigy quickly, so it is required to kill them. They won't respawn and after their death, even if you wipe, so you can kill the Effigy normally.

Upon killing the Effigy, will unlock and the gate to the right will open.

Way to Geheron Baelfire

Pass through the newly opened gate, head right again and up the slope. You will encounter 3 Elite Flame Legion enemies. These can deal quite a lot of damage. CCing can massively help to kill them. Upon killing, a gate will open up that leads to the endboss.

Altar of Baelfire

Gaheron Baelfire

Walk up the cliff until you trigger a yet another unskippable cutscene.

Gaheron is untargetable in the beginning. Going near him will inflict Burning each second and leads to a quick death. He will spawn Magma Balls, which create a fiery trail, dealing Burning if you step into it. Getting him by them will instantly Down you. As they touch Logan's protective bubble, they will turn into Molten Hearts. Picking these up will give you the effect Core Handler, dealing periodic damage, and give you a new #1 skill, Molten Heart Toss. Throwing this at the boss will remove around 5% of his total health.

Walking at the very left of the cliff is usually easiest to avoid any damaging AoEs.

Additionally, he will throw Fireballs all around the area, dealing damage, Burning and Knockback.

Gaheron Baelfire at the beginning of the fight

Whenever you get knocked off the platform, you will be teleported into Logan's bubble, allowing you to revive with .

Every 25%, he will leave his current form for a while and become targetable. Walk up to him and deal as much damage as you can.

He can be damaged throughout the whole time, he is just not targetable during his phases. Ranged AoE skills will still work on him, but a Molten Heart Toss might be better.

After 75%, he will spawn Gaheron's Magma Walls, blocking the path to him. You can either destroy them manually or wait for the Magma Balls to destroy them.

After 50%, he will spawn double the amount of Gaheron's Magma Walls.

After 25%, he will gain a new attack, Iron Beam. He will cast it in the middle of the area and cause damage, Burning and Knockback to everyone standing in it.

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