Sorrow's Embrace Path 1

Published Nov 4, 2022 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Sorrow's Embrace (often shortened to "SE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Sorrow's Embrace Path 1, you help the asura Fergg to stop the Inquest from inhibiting the Dredges' tunnels.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 60 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Sorrow's Embrace Path 1

Geothermal Access


After path selection, follow Fergg and enter the portal. A cutscene will play after his dialogue, and you will be able to damage the Barrier Turrets that prevent you from moving on. Inquest enemies will walk down the path. You can either fight them or hide with Stealth. It is also possible to hide on the outstanding rock on the opposite side of the Turrets. Selecting the path unlocks .

Do not use before Fergg is there or the path will bug out.

The Barrier Turrets that need to be destroyed

Impasse Mark IV

Down the path, you will encounter 3 Inquest enemies and the Impasse Mark IV. The Inquest enemies place down Flame and Thumper Turrets, adding extra pressure, Mark IV has 4 main attacks:

  • Whirlwind Pull: He whirls around with his arms and repeatedly throws projectiles towards you that will Pull you in if they hit you, while dealing decent damage if you stand too close to him. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Uppercut: Does Knockback. Only casted when you are within melee range.
  • Static Field: He casts a blue lightning AoE under himself that damages and Dazes you if you enter or exit it. If you are already in the AoE while it is being casted, it is harmless.
  • Punch: Ranged auto attack that deals mediocre power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.

The Impasse Mark IV in the Geothermal Access

Redflicker Fissure

Way to Nokk

To progress further, you need to kill several pairs of Barrier Turrets blocking the path. Whilst doing that, there will be Inquest enemies coming your way regularily that can deal quite some damage. You can fight them or use Stealth to bypass, but they usually die quickly.

The last pair of Barrier Turrets doesn't need to be destroyed. Despite the blocking field being there, you can just continue walking through it to clip through.


At the end of the road, you will meet Nokk. He will regularily cast an Elite Singularity that cast Weakness and Crippled and also casting a Knockback, adding more pressure to the fight. Nokk has the following attacks:

  • Vapor Blade: Looks like an electrical whip, can cross you on its way back and deals high damage each time. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Gravity Distortion: He spawns several red AoEs on the ground that deal high ticking damage and Confusion. Sometimes, Nokk will use a projectile to stun you for 10 seconds, called Gravity Distortion as well. Since this stun is a unique effect, it cannot be broken with stunbreaks. This can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Gravity Shift: Indicated by him jumping in the air raising his staff. It will cause Knockback and deals extremely high damage, making it a very dangerous attack. Additionally, he will transfer conditions from him to you.

Reflection can be extremely useful against this boss.

Move away from the Singularities since they can't move. Be close to the middle so that Gravity Shift won't knock you off the platform.

Nokk at the Redflicker Fissure

You can lure him to the door in the west in order to ignore the frequently spawning Inquest enemies.

The Inquest enemies that you encountered on the path to Nokk will continue spawning during the fight. Killing Nokk unlocks .

Volcanium Pit

After Nokk dies, the door in the west will open. Up ahead is a path filled with mines and Elite Mark I Golems, which can be somewhat annoying to deal with. However, you can just run past them with ease as long as you make sure that you don't blow up your party members with the mines on the ground.

Inquest Base KD-4


In the next room, you need to fight 3 Champion Golems. The E golem will repeatedly throw damaging lightning projectiles at you and Stun you in an AoE around him. The F golem uses Fire Spin to spray fireballs that deal damage and Burning and Ring of Fire, a fiery AoE that causes power damage and Burning if people are ranged. The T golem can Pull you using Whirlwind Pull, just like Mark IV, and can apply a bursty condition spam using Poison Assault, which applies Bleeding and Poison.

The 3 golems in the Inquest Base KD-4

The easiest way to fight them is to kite them behind the stairs seen in the very right of the picture in order to CC them quickly and burst them down. This does require some coordination though.

Large amounts of CC, condition cleanse and reflection all help to reduce pressure.


After killing the final golems, a gate in the south to the final boss, Tazza, will open. She is guarded by her Troop Commander Kaeyi. Kaeyi will summon 2 Elite Inquest enemies whenever he loses 25% of his health. These Elite Inquests deal extremely high damage and can be very deadly, so try to kill them. Kaeyi is a Thief, so he uses fast and stealthy attacks, dealing both a high amount of power damage and conditions.

Tazza is a greatsword wielding Mesmer and has four attacks:

  • Mind Stab: Resembles , deals high damage in the AoE after a small delay.
  • Illusionary Wave: Resembles , pushes you away from her.
  • Mirror Blade: Resembles , creates a clone of the player that it hits, which has skills depending on its profession.
  • Spatial Surge: Resembles , her auto attack, deals more damage the further away you are.
  • She will occasionally to her current target.

Tazza in the Inquest Base KD-4

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