Sorrow's Embrace Path 3

Published Jul 31, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Sorrow's Embrace (often shortened to "SE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Sorrow's Embrace Path 3, you help Koptev taking revenge on the corrupt military that he was expelled from.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 60 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Sorrow's Embrace Path 3

Sorrow's Gate and Mechanisms of Production

Beginning and Way to General Volkov

After path selection, the bridge in the south is opened and on the other side are 4 Elite Dredge Reverberant in front of Dredge Blockages. You can either kill all the Reverberants or just quickly destroy the left Blockages and quickly move on to the left.

The bridge with the Elite Dredge Reverberants and the Dredge Blockages in the back

Up the slope are 3 Elite Dredge Bombers, these either need to be killed or pathed with Stealth because they will follow you around. Head right before the stairs and follow the only available path to General Volkov.

General Volkov

Volkov is guarded by an Elite Sentry and Reverberant. While the Reverberant deals some power damage, the AoEs of the Sentry deal Burning and can be very dangerous. Cleave them both passively or even actively in the beginning to reduce pressure.

Volkov gives himself Swiftness and Quickness permanently, making him follow you fast and making his attacks hard to anticipate. He has 3 attacks:

  • Claw Slash: His auto attack. Swings his claw and does a bit of power damage and 5 Bleeding upon hit.
  • Tunnel: Digs into the ground and towards his target, oneshotting it once he reaches it. Dodge, block it or use some other damage mitigation to not get killed. Only happens to ranged players.
  • Claw Smash: Charges up his claw behind him, does some power damage, 3 Bleeding and a 3 second Knockdown upon hit.

General Volkov guarded by his 2 Dredge Elites

This boss does most of his damage through Bleeding, so condition cleanse, especiall group-wide, can be very helpful.

The Irongorge

Way to General Molradovich

AFter Volkov dies, the gate to the right opens and up ahead is a group of enemies. Either kill them or path them with Stealth, because they will keep following you otherwise. You can now either drop down to the left on a small ledge and into some Cave Spiders, which should just be ignored, or take the long route and follow the road.

Either way, you end up in front of some Dredge Blockages. Kill one of them and pass through and quickly traverse the bridge.

The Dredge Blockages that you need to destroy in order to advance

It is advised to ignore the enemies on there since they are quite hard to kill and it is not really needed. Either Stealth at the end of the bridge and walk up the slope or drop down several ledges to the left and walk around the complex to meet Molradovich without the enemies following you.

Either traverse the bridge and stealth or jump down to the left for an easier way

General Molradovich

Molradovich has 3 attacks:

  • Fireball: Casts 3 Fireballs, each doing some power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Wreath of Flame: Puts an AoE around the target as well as the Wreath of Flame effect. Damages 9 times, accumulating to quite a lot of damage. Spreads to anyone standing in the AoE. Move out and walk into one of the water fountains next to the boss to get rid of it.
  • Meteor Shower: Pulls everyone in and casts an AoE with many meteors. Can doublehit and thus do quite some damage.

General Moradovich in the Irongorge

Killing Molradovich unlocks .

Utility Passage

Cart Event

After Molradovich's death, a gate in the north opens. After walking through it, 4 Elite Dredge Excavators spawn behind you and follow you into the next room, adding some pressure. As soon as you walk into the middle of the room, a dredge car appears.

You can wait at the gate and take your time to kill the Excavators before triggering the Cart Event.

The Cart spawns with some Elite Dredge enemies. You need to kill the cart in order to finish the event. It cannot be Critically Damaged. The enemies add a lot of pressure, but reflection or projectile destruction can negotiate quite some damage. Any enemies killed will respawn. If you kill all of the enemies, the cart will bury itself and be undamagable for a while, so try to avoid that.

The Cart in the Utility Passage

You can Push the enemies away, preferably under the ledge to the right, in order to prevent them getting killed while you burst the cart.

If you struggle, you can go up the ramp and kill the cart from ranged. The enemies will follow you, but you can just jump down as soon as they reach you and wait until they have chased you before going up again.

Killing the cart unlocks .

Way to Old Summit Quarry

A new gate in the east opens. Head through it and try to walk to the end of the room, just where the slopes begins to get rid of the enemies following you. Kill the ramaining enemies that don't want to let go. Head up the slope and either Stealth or walk past the 2 Champion Dredge Reverberants.

Walking past them only works if you can mitigate their Immobilizing shots, either by Dodging or mitigating the projectiles in another way.

Old Summit Quarry

General Zadorojny

Zadorojny is guarded by 2 Elite Dredge Bombers and 2 Elite Dredge Reverberants. They can add a lot of Bleeding, Burning and Vulnerability, so kill them passively or even actively. Zadorojny himself regularily gains Fire Aura and has 2 attacks:

  • Slash: Throws 3 projectiles in a cone area. Each deal a bit of power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Obliterate: Throws a fiery orb at his target, dealing a huge amount of power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.

General Zaradojny guarded by his 4 Elite Dredge enemies

Reflection or projectile destruction is extremely effective in this fight.

You can go left and hide behind the wooden structure to pull all of the enemies on one place to CC and cleave them down altogether.

Destroyer of Worlds

Once Zadorojny dies, the Destroyer of Worlds become vulnerable after a small dialogue. He regularily Pulls everyone in the room and also stomps the floor, setting parts of the room on fire, causing power damage and Burning to everyone stepping in the burnt areas. Other than that, he has 4 attacks:

  • Slash: His auto attack. Swings his arm and deals a decent amount of power damage.
  • Devastating Blow: Charges up his hand behind him and slams it for a huge amount of power damage.
  • Shrapnel Grenade: Throws a grenade on a target. Does Knockback, Bleeding and spawns an enemy, a Destroyer of Earth. These deal quite a lot of power damage with their auto attack. The grenade can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Geyser: Creates an AoE under a target. Does some power damage and Burning each tick. Move out of it as soon as it appears.

Circling around him allows you to avoid most of his attacks, making the fight much easier.

The Destroyer of Worlds in the Old Summit Quarry

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