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Updated Apr 10, 2022
In Numbers:


No tank here. Attack locations are determined by whichever platform has the most players on it.

A mount is required to reach the platform.

is a structure but does trigger traps and marks.

There are short burst windows and condition removals so power DPS is strongly favored.

An invisible barrier prevents players from falling off the platform, but it only spawns a few seconds into the fight.

For most of the encounter, itself is untargetable and . Players instead deal with its arms and and . Destroying an arm deals damage to the boss equal to 10% of its max hp, makes it vulnerable, and triggers an orb collection phase.

Conjured Weapons

During each arm slam, will spawn and continue to spawn during the 10 second attack phase. When the arm slams again, will begin spawning. The spawns will alternate between and on each arm slam.

Defeating a or spawns a green AoE under it, making it collectible. Picking it up grants a stack of (Sword buff) or (Shield buff), up to 10 stacks. Having a charge of either prevents you from collecting orbs of the other kind. At 10 stacks, you can still collect orbs of the same kind, but won’t get any extra charges. An icon above the player’s head and on the buff bar indicates how many charges they currently have.

If a or isn’t killed by the time the next set spawn, they can merge and create - very similar to phantasm merges on . Interrupt the merge by breaking their or killing them. If you can’t prevent this in time, CC the and kill it as quickly as possible, while avoiding its .

Holding one or more charges of or gives access to a special ability that consumes all of them and scales with the amount consumed.

(Sword buff) gives (Sword SAK) which deals high damage after a delay in a target direction. It breaks and causes which massively increases incoming damage. The damage dealt is independent of user stats.

(Shield buff) (Shield SAK) creates a pink AoE around the player that reduces incoming damage and prevents adds from entering it. It is mainly used to decrease the damage of two otherwise lethal mechanics: (Junk Wall) and (Clap). Multiple stacked together increases their intensity.

While it does not really matter who picks up the orbs during the arm phases, one or two players each should be tasked to collect sword and shield orbs during the split phases.

Phase 1 (First Arm)

Most groups start on the platform just to the right of the center. Once a player moves close enough to the boss, uses (Slam), smashing its arm onto the quarter of the arena that player is in, dealing damage and knocking down everyone on that section. This attack can be dodged or ignored with stability (typically the brings in ).

The arm is then attackable for 10 seconds, spawning up to six . should be used to cleave those down.

When the arm is pulled up and smashed down again, it will summon instead. They are immune to damage until their bar is broken. Save to hit both the arm and shields to make dealing with them easier. Following smashes keep alternating between and .

If your group has low DPS and the arm isn’t dead by the end of the third smash, uses to the entire squad. Standing in a few stacks of prevents being .

Phase 2 (First Junk Absorption)

When the arm is about to break, collectors should move to their sides of the arena to not miss any orbs once they spawn. If they have any leftover charges of the other kind, they should make sure to use them before going to collect their orbs. Sword collectors go north and shield collectors go south.

Once it does break, non-collectors should go mid. is immediately vulnerable by attacking the inner edge of the arena, even though it looks too far away. DPS players should delay their burst until some stacks of have been applied to the boss, since they can add up to a 500% damage increase.

Getting hit by a purple orb deals moderate amounts of damage and is not dangerous unless it happens multiple times.

If gets a shield at any point, immediately stop attacking the boss or you will kill yourself to retaliation. If you have any swords, use .

After all orb waves are over, will use (Junk Wall). It is a lethal beam that starts on the side of the arm that was most recently destroyed. Use just before it gets to the squad. This makes it last long enough to absorb the damage from the wall itself and the Ruptured Ground the wall leaves behind.

can be interrupted by bringing to 50% health, causing it to enter Phase 3 (Second Arm Phase).

If does not hit 50% before ends, it puts its head down and can be damaged for 20 seconds. When it picks its head back up, it will become again and Phase 3 will begin.


Shield collectors go south (right side); sword collectors go north (left side). The orbs come in from outside the platform so turn around with your back to the boss. Stay near the inner part of the arena (the side with ) so there is a shorter gap between each orb.

The first orb will always spawn in a slightly random location - sometimes further to the left, sometimes further to the right. Line yourself up with the first orb and wait for it to reach you. Sword collectors will run left, shield collectors will run right.

Run to line up with the next orb and then wait for it to hit you. Continue collecting the 5/10/15 orbs assigned to you.


Get to the north side, turn away from the boss, and run left to collect orbs. Each sword orb that reaches increases the damage it deals with its next attack. The swords can be collected by either one or two players (called Sword 1 and Sword 2). New players are recommended to have two.

There are 3 options when doing this with two players: 5/10, 10/5, or 5/5/5. The first two options have Sword 1 getting the first batch and Sword 2 getting the second batch. The third option has the two Sword collectors alternate. Use on the boss once the debuff runs out. While one player collects, the other should run on the same path behind them closer to the boss and try to catch any orbs that would be missed otherwise.

Swords can instead be collected by 1 player. There are 2 options for doing so: 5/10 or 5/5/5. Gather the first 5 orbs and then turn to use on the boss. Cancel the aftercast of by releasing the movement key and pressing it again. Either grab the last 10 and then use it on the boss when wears off; or grab 5 and immediately use it, then grab the last 5 and use it when wears off.

If you see a shield spawn on at any point, immediately turn and use whatever swords you have.


Get to the south side, turn away from the boss, and run right to collect orbs. Each orb that reaches the boss removes a stack from it. If there are no stacks, it becomes , reflects all damage, gains a pink shield, and must be hit with .

Shields can be collected by either one or two players (called Shield 1 and Shield 2).

If using two players, have Shield 1 pick up the first 10 orbs and Shield 2 pick up the last 5 orbs. Shield 1 should save them for . Shield 2 should save them for . While one player collects, the other should run on the same path behind them closer to the boss and try to catch any orbs that would be missed otherwise.

If done by a single shield collector, they will grab all 15 charges and save them for . There’s only a single mechanic that requires shields so there is no need for a second player to have charges.

Phase 3 (Second Arm)

This phase is the same as Phase 1 (First Arm). The only difference is that only has one arm and can’t use . It instead uses at that time, randomly placing AoEs that deal damage and remove all charges from players hit. can be used freely in this phase since there is no clap to protect from.

Phase 4 (Second Junk Absorption)

This phase mostly works like Phase 2 (First ), with one minor difference: the goes to the edge and then back again. If it won’t reach 25% by the time the wall moves back, the squad needs to move to the very far edge of the platform, away from where started and use at the very last second. That will save everyone from the beam both times that it moves through them.

It is recommended to keep at least a couple stack of for the beginning of the next phase.

Phase 5 (Ambidextrous Phase)

The regains both its arms and starts with a . Any players with should use them. If none are left, a precast , , or can prevent the party from wiping. Multiple can also save the group by using in downstate.

Both arms are now active simultaneously, but they start at 50% of their hp. Focus on the arm that slams down first and destroy it quickly. If spawn from the other arm, you can keep them away from the group with , but make sure you don’t die to a . This can be achieved by situational timing, having enough charges to spare, or destroying one arm before it uses 3 times.

Once one arm is destroyed, players collect orbs while the rest of the squad moves between the boss and the active arm to cleave down both at the same time to end the encounter. If there are , put down s so the squad can focus on killing the boss.


Phase 1 (First Arm):

Destroy the first arm and the and . Use (Sword SAK) so that it hits both the arm to damage it and the to break them. Keep some stacks of (Shield SAK) in case the group can’t destroy the arm in 3 burns before the first (Clap).

Phase 2 (First ):

Sword collector goes north, shield collector goes south. Rest of the squad goes to mid to DPS . DPS should do small side steps to avoid purple orbs. Use burst damage while has purple debuff. Use for the (Junk Wall).

Phase 3 (Second Arm):

Repeat Phase 1 but replaces (Clap) if the group can’t destroy the arm in 3 burn phases.

Phase 4 (Second ):

Repeat Phase 2 but (Junk Wall) sweeps across the arena twice. If will not hit 25% health by the time the (Junk Wall) reaches the edge the first time, the squad needs to go to that edge and use (Shield SAK) at the last second. Keep some stacks of (Shield SAK) for the beginning of the next phase.

Phase 5 (Ambidextrous Phase):

starts with (Clap) - use (Shield SAK) to not . Attack the arm that slams down first and ignore the other arm. Use (Shield SAK) to keep the adds from the other arm away. When the arm dies, collectors go collect and the rest of the squad goes to mid to DPS . The collector should use (Sword SAK) after every couple of swords they pick up.

Common Mistakes/Tips

  • Ignoring and for too long so they become - tip: bring a with to group up the
  • Shield/Sword collectors missing their orbs or trying to collect orbs when having the Special Action Key of the other type
  • Being hit by too many purple orbs during burn phase
  • Mistiming use of
  • Common Names for Mechanics

  • = Slam
  • = Swords
  • = Sword
  • = Shields
  • = Shield
  • = Warriors
  • = Clap
  • = Junk Wall
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