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Updated Apr 21, 2022
In Numbers:


Ley Line Gliding Mastery is required for this fight. Hold space to glide instead of double tapping.

[sc:288]Xera's[/sc] aggro is based on . The tank should have extra or channeled blocks until they’re comfortable with the attacks, as has an attack that hits hard. The attack is named and looks very similar to .

Platform numbers are labeled on the minimap for easy reference.

(Stacks) stacks are a debuff accrued throughout the fight, similar to the stacks in Twisted Castle. These are removed by standing near a on the main platform when it’s destroyed.

Every 10 stacks, inflicts conditions (listed below) at that level in addition to the preceding conditions. E.g., at 20 stacks, the player would receive , , and .

  • 10 stacks: (10 seconds).
  • 20 stacks: (10 stacks for 10 seconds) and (10 seconds).
  • 30 stacks: A gray bloodstone icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 40 stacks: No new conditions.
  • 50 stacks: (10 stacks for 10 seconds) and (10 seconds).
  • 60 stacks: A yellow bloodstone icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 70 stacks: No new conditions.
  • 80 stacks: No new conditions.
  • 90 stacks: (10 seconds) and a red bloodstone icon will appear over the player’s head.
  • 99 stacks: instant death.
  • Pre-Event

    You start on a floating platform. Platform 1, directly in front of you, has a illusion in the center. There are 6 smaller platforms surrounding one large platform, which is hidden before the fight.

    Platform 1

    You can freely walk around on the first platform. The fight begins when the illusion dies.

    7 seconds after the illusion dies, ley lines appear on either side of the platform.

    The squad splits into two groups, sub 1 to the left, sub 2 to the right. Specific comp isn’t important, but split power DPS evenly between the sides.

    Platforms 2/3/5/6

    The in the platform’s center is covered by a dome. To remove the dome, complete the platform’s minigame (see below).

    The shoots projectiles that cause Confusion and add 1 stack of (Stacks) per projectile.

    Players receive 1 stack of every 4 seconds they’re on the platform.

    Destroy the within 30 seconds, or ribbons will encase the platform, making players take damage while they are still on the platform. When one group reaches the next platform, the 30-second timer begins for both groups.

    Destroying the spawns a ley line to the next platform.

    Platform 2/6

    Players must push 3 (Orbs) into 3 (Rifts).

    Players should position themselves with the orb between them and the rift and be careful of pets.

    If the orbs are pushed off the platform, they will teleport back to their starting location. If the orbs are pushed into the moving orange AoEs, they disappear and respawn in their starting location after 5 seconds.

    Orbs don’t have a particular rift that they need to be pushed into, but groups push clockwise.

    Once all 3 orbs have been pushed into the rifts, the bubble covering the disappears, allowing players to attack it.

    When the is destroyed, the ley line to the next platform appears.

    Platform 3/5

    The platform’s 3 pressure plates (buttons) must all be active at the same time for the bubble to be removed. Standing on a button gives a stacking condition every second corresponding to that button, named either , , or .

    The 3 button pressers step onto their buttons at the same time and move off of it when they reach 9 stacks. Hitting 10 stacks will them. Rotate clockwise and stand on the next button. Typically, support and ranged DPS classes stand on the buttons. When all 3 buttons are active, the bubble is removed, and the can be attacked.

    When the is destroyed, the ley line to the next platform appears.

    Platform 4

    Both groups meet up on this platform. Supports heal and give boons. 10 seconds after the last is destroyed, the large center platform appears and players can glide to it.

    Phase 1 (100%-50%)

    The tank faces toward Platform 1 while standing at . The group stands behind to avoid her attack that occurs after every 8 normal auto attacks.

    hits 8 times and gives 3 stacks of per hit.

    Can be mitigated through , , , or by moving away. is position locked during this attack, but can still rotate. This attack is aimed at the tank.

    Bloodstone Fragments

    Beginning 10 seconds after spawns and occurring every 10 seconds afterward, a will spawn on the edge of the platform in a clockwise fashion.

    Standing in AoEs gives 1 stack of (Stacks) each second. Standing within AoEs of when they’re destroyed removes stacks of .

    Due to the arrangement of the , the AoEs overlap each other, so 4 adjacent must be destroyed in order to provide a safe space to stand.

    If any enemies stand within the AoE, they get , increasing their outgoing damage by 100%, reducing incoming damage, and converting conditions into boons.

    Gravity Well

    30 seconds after spawns, and every 30 seconds thereafter, a (Jello / Wall) will appear on the platform following a set pattern and lasts 7 seconds.

    When the well expires, players in the gain 25 stacks of (Stacks), take damage, and float in the air for 3 seconds.

    is skipped if it would occur during the (Insta-kill).

    Deadly Attack

    At 75%, 4 of ’s large marionettes appear around the edge of the platform, a random player receives a special action key named (SAK), and a squad message appears saying “[player] has harnessed ambient magic”, followed by “ is poised for a Deadly Attack”.

    When the second message disappears, the person with the special action key should use it, dropping a large dome for the group to stand under that will shield them from the attack. The player with can instead count to 5, wait for the sound to reach a crescendo, or wait for the marionettes to pull their arms back.

    Temporal Shred

    40 seconds after spawns, a laser beam shoots down in the middle of the platform for 25 seconds, shooting orbs across the platform toward the edges.

    Being hit by an orb results in damage in addition to a 1-second float and 6 stacks of (Stacks) for the player who touched it. The orb then becomes a small AoE, causing 2 stacks of every second for players standing in it. Temporal Shred is skipped if the laser occurs during (Insta-kill).

    Beginning at 90% and occurring every ~60 seconds thereafter (depending on any and she has), gains a of 3000. She takes 80% less damage and spawns faster.

    Adds spawn occasionally and deal , , and . They can be pulled into the stack or cleaved down.


    If is at ~75% health within 40 seconds, the group doesn’t need to leave [sc:854]Arrow[/sc].

    If the group’s DPS is lower, the tank should pull to after (Jello / Wall) to avoid taking damage from Temporal Shred (Laser) and to provide enough room to avoid orbs that are shot out of the laser. After the laser ends and the special action key is used for (Insta-kill), the tank should return to until she hits 50%.

    If the group looks like it will not DPS to 50% before the second laser fully spawns, the DPS players need to go clear the 4 at then return to continue fighting . Once the have been cleared, the tank can pull to the cleared area.

    Platform Phase

    When hits 50% health, she disappears from the platform. Large red arrows appear, directing the squad to Platform 4.

    15 seconds after the phase starts, a will spawn in the center. At the same time, the main platform will disappear.

    On each platform, there’s a random layout with a somewhere on it. Destroy the Bloodstone to spawn a ley line leading clockwise to the next platform.

    Standing in red AoEs grants 2 stacks of (Stacks) and 2 stacks of . Standing next to the Bloodstone when it is destroyed won’t decrease stacks of .

    A platform is encased in ribbons ~20 seconds after the ley line to it spawns.

    If the group proceeds quickly, the later platforms might still be covered in ribbons and deal damage if players land on it. Players can wait to glide over to the next platform if the ribbons are still present.

    Players continue clockwise until they return to Platform 4. When the final platform is covered in ribbons, the ribbons disappear from all platforms and the main platform respawns 5 seconds later.

    Phase 2 (50%-0%)

    Phase 3 continues in mostly the same manner as Phase 1, with a few minor exceptions.

    2-5 seconds after 40%, 20%, and 10%, (Insta-kill) will happen again.

    spawn counterclockwise.

    (Jello / Wall) occurs every 25 seconds.

    The tank should stand at and face towards the outside of the platform.


    At 40% and 20%, half of the squad will be teleported to a platform floating in the sky. The tank and the player who receives (SAK) cannot be teleported.

    The minigame at 40% is pushing orbs (same as Platform 1 in pre-event), and the minigame at 20% is standing on buttons (same as Platform 2 in pre-event).

    The minigames are identical to the pre-event platforms, but give 2 minutes for completion.

    If a player is teleported who wants to return to the group, they can take the portal (usually a solo healer). Only one player may use the portal.

    Once the is destroyed, the players remaining on the floating platform will be teleported back to the main group. They have the 10-second buff , preventing players from being floated, not acquiring more (Stacks) stacks, and taking 50% less incoming damage.

    To return to the main group, players should run around the platform’s edge, not through the laser in the center.


    Start at . After the first (Jello / Wall) disappears, the tank moves to . Stay there for the laser’s duration, and then return to , again facing away from the center of the platform.

    The DPS players should go clear the 4 around then return to continue fighting . Once the are destroyed, the tank moves to . Once the laser ends, return to the center while facing away from the center.

    If is not defeated by the time the third laser is about to spawn, the DPS players should go clear the 4 at . Once the are destroyed, the tank moves to .



    Begin on the main platform, divide into 2 groups, and move across 2 platforms and either push orbs into rifts or stand on buttons to destroy the in the middle.

    Phase 1 (100%-50%):

    Regroup and fight at until she hits 50% health while dealing with (Insta-kill) at 75%. If is not at 75% health within 40 seconds, move to when the laser appears then return to the middle. Clear . Go to .

    Platform Phase:

    Glide to the outer platforms, moving from one to the next in a clockwise rotation by using ley lines and destroying Bloodstones on each platform.

    Phase 2 (50%-0%):

    When a full lap is made, return to the main platform and fight until she’s defeated. Start at . Go to after (Jello / Wall). Go to after laser. Clear . Go to . Go to after laser. Clear . Go to . Go to after laser and kill. (Insta-kill) occurs a bit after 40%, 20%, and 10%. Half of the group is teleported to a floating platform to do a minigame at 40% and 20%.

    Tanking Recap:

    Phase 1:


    2. after (Jello / Wall) if not at <75% health within 40 seconds

    3. after laser

    4. Clear


    Phase 2:


    2. after (Jello / Wall)

    3. after laser

    4. Clear


    6. after laser

    7. Clear



    Common Mistakes/Tips

  • The ley lines are actually updrafts in disguise. Holding the jump key deploys the glider at the top of the jump, preventing the age-old “I thought I just opened my glider. Wait no I didn’t. Oh it lagged and it was actually open and I just closed it”, and then plummeting to your death. If the updraft doesn’t provide enough height, turn around and glide back to the center to get additional height.
  • If someone else is pushing an orb on the second platform or during the minigame, don’t try to help. This usually results in the orb being pushed the wrong direction.
  • During the button minigame, if there are buttons without any players, pick one and stick to it, even if you have only melee attacks and cannot hit the shard.
  • The platforms are not OSHA approved and have no railings. Players will die if they fall off the edge and can’t get an updraft back up.
  • Common Name for Mechanics

  • = Orbs
  • = Rift
  • = Stacks
  • = Jello
  • = Insta-kill
  • = SAK
  • Temporal Shred = Laser
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