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Mursaat Overseer

Published Jul 9, 2021 Updated Apr 23, 2023
Zephyr writer

Mursaat Overseer (“MO”) is the second boss of Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4). Unearth a dangerous game best left buried, and then fight for your life as you break the sinister statue keeping it active. 3 special roles claim hostile territory, dispel protection from enemies, and in an emergency, protect everyone from soldiers and spikes. To win, control the enemy scouts, and step nimbly to avoid hot floors and instant-kill spikes, or suffer a lethal game over.

Pre-Event: Clearing Rubble

  • Objective
    • Find a way to remove the rubble blocking a hole.
    • Remove the rubble, opening access to Mursaat Overseer’s arena.

After killing Cairn, glide west, and then go up the path.

At the end of the path, talk to Glenna.

Blocked entrance and tunnel to the shovel On the left side of the hall, go to the rubble blocking the hole (marked in the image), so the pre-event progress changes.

  • Make sure to go to the rubble, or no one can take the Shovel!

Go to the end of the hall (shovel icon in the image), and then down the stairs.

In the tunnel, take the Shovel.

  • More players taking the Shovel makes digging go faster. The object doesn’t disappear when 1 player takes it.

Return to Glenna. Use Dig on the rubble blocking the hole.

  • Use Alacrity skills to reduce Dig’s cooldown.

Continue to use Dig until the rubble disappears.

Go through the hole to Mursaat Overseer’s arena.

Before Fighting Mursaat Overseer

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • no Masteries
    • no mounts
  • Special Roles
    • Claim (Mursaat Overseer tank): Moves Mursaat Overseer, making it attackable from safe tiles. Uses Ground-Targeted Claim SAK to remove damaging tiles. Mursaat Overseer doesn’t attack, so no extra Toughness or damage-mitigation skills are needed.
    • Dispel: Uses enemy-targeted Dispel SAK to remove Mursaat Overseer’s Shield from Jade Scouts and Jade Soldiers.
  • Protect (Jade Soldier tank; not for high-movement-rotation classes): Moves Jade Soldiers, so they don’t move to the squad’s brown tile, making it damaging yellow. Jade Soldiers don’t do extra damage, so no extra Toughness or damage-mitigation skills are needed. Uses Ground-Targeted Protect SAK to make a bubble, making players Invulnerable.
  • Common Protect Strategies
    • Protect has a very long cooldown (basically usable once in the fight), so decide when to use it before fighting. Commander either tells Protect player when to use it, or Protect player decides.
    • emergency damage mitigation: When too many Jade Soldiers spawn at the same time, so they don’t cause too much damage. Use even if originally planning to ignore spikes, as not wiping from too many Jade Soldiers is more important.
    • ignoring spikes: When a pre-determined spiked tile appears, to avoid moving. For example, the Boss Phase 4 spike pattern with no spike-free centre tiles.
  • Keybinding and Skill Changes
    • The 3 special-role players must be able to quickly use their SAK (special action key) during the fight, for using their special skills.
    • Healers bring heavy healing skills. Condition-cleanses and revive skills are also useful.

Marking Centre Tiles

Location-marked centre tiles Use location markers in the centre 2x2 tiles — except for part of the final phase, if squad DPS is low, you’ll only be fighting in these tiles.

Boss Phase 1 (100%–75%)

Mursaat Overseer You start on the east (E) side of the gameboard (unlit brown tiles), facing the west (W) side (lit yellow/orange tiles), with the inactive Mursaat Overseer in the centre.

  • Mechanics and movement in this fight use the full large tile, not part of its 3x3 sub-tiles.
  • Stack at Arrow, so you don't move (to avoid spikes) for as long as possible.
  • The later spike-pattern images use this west-facing perspective, since you’ll be looking west or east during the fight.

To start the fight, 3 players interact with the nearby beams of light, activating Mursaat Overseer.

  • Take Dispel last, when the squad is near Mursaat Overseer!
  • If you accidentally get the wrong SAK, to remove your SAK, move out of the arena (beyond the arena tiles).
  • If special-roles players die, their beams of light respawn after a while. If you don’t have a SAK, go and use the beam of light to get the role. Be careful! Don’t die to damaging floor or instant-kill spikes!

After the fight starts, Mursaat Overseer is attackable, and it follows the Mursaat Overseer tank.

The Mursaat Overseer tank (Claim player; has Fixate overhead) moves the boss to the inner edge of the centre tiles.

Tanking Mursaat Overseer

Move Mursaat Overseer so it's next to another centre tile. When you move to the other tile, AoEs that cover both tiles still hit Mursaat Overseer at its new location.

  • For example, if you're on Arrow, then be next to Circle. When you move to Circle, Mursaat Overseer is hit by the same AoEs that also hit Arrow.
  • Mursaat Overseer doesn’t attack, and doesn’t affect the tile that it’s on, so you’re only moving it for easier DPSing.

The Claim player uses the Claim SAK on yellow centre tiles.

Using Claim

To make safe areas, the Claim player uses Claim on the 4 marked tiles in the arena's centre, making yellow tiles brown.

  • Claim changes 1 damaging yellow tile into a safe brown tile.
  • Claim only removes the yellow tiles, not the green spikes!
  • Make sure to Claim in the tile’s centre, not the edge! Targeting the edge sometimes fails, or changes the wrong tile!
  • If a Jade Scout is about to transform into a Jade Soldier, Claim after the Jade Soldier goes to the squad, in case it turns the squad’s safe area yellow.

Fight on safe (non-damaging) brown tiles, not damaging yellow-lit tiles.

Avoiding Bad Tiles

Brown safe tiles and yellow damaging tiles yellow tiles: The yellow-lit tiles cause pulsing damage. Claim makes them safe brown tiles.

Move out of green-spiked tiles, or instantly die when they turn into spears!

  • If the only non-spiked tile is yellow, stand on the yellow tile. Better slowly dying than instantly dead.
  • Protect stops instant death for players.
  • For most of the fight (until Boss Phase 4), the centre 2x2 tiles have a tile without instant-kill spikes (usually Arrow or Heart).

Avoiding Spikes (“spears”)

Green spikes 100%–75% spike patterns spikes: Translucent green spikes shoot up into metal spears after 5 seconds, instantly killing players in their tile. They fill tiles in patterns. Protect prevents the instant-kill.

  • The spike patterns change as Mursaat Overseer’s health decreases.

Use ranged attacks to kill the northmost and southmost slowly-moving Jade Scouts, temporarily stopping their movement.

  • Kill Jade Scouts at different times, so only 1 or 2 reach the arena’s east end at the same time.
  • The middle 2 Jade Scouts are easily cleaved as you attack Mursaat Overseer.

Controlling Jade Scouts (“scouts”)

Jade Scout “Kill” Jade Scouts to delay their transformation and make sure that they don't transform at the same time. 4 Jade Scouts spawn at the arena's west (W) end (1 per end tile). They slowly move to the arena's east (E) end, where they transform into Jade Soldiers.

  • When they move, they make brown tiles under them yellow.
  • When they “die”, they stop moving until their health regenerates to 100%.
  • “Kill” Jade Scouts at different times, so they don’t transform at the same time. Too many Jade Soldiers at the same time quickly Down you from the aura and explosions!

When Jade Scouts reach the arena’s east end, they transform into powerful Jade Soldiers.

Before Jade Scouts transform into Jade Soldiers, the Jade Soldier tank (Protect player) moves to the edge of the squad’s tile.

Tanking Jade Soldiers

Move to your tile’s edge, and then stop moving, so Jade Soldiers don’t move to your tile.

  • Upon transforming, Jade Soldiers move to the Protect player’s location, and then move every time the player moves.
  • If you constantly move (or don’t stay at your tile’s edge), Jade Soldiers also move, making centre brown tiles yellow! Combined with their damaging aura increasing mechanic damage, yellow tiles become very damaging!

Use Claim on yellowed centre tiles. Kill Jade Soldiers and avoid their death explosions. If needed, use Protect to stop damage from causing a wipe.

Handling Jade Soldiers (“soldiers”)

Jade Soldier Jade Soldiers: After Jade Scouts transform, they go to the Protect player. Their aura increases damage taken (+25% damage from mechanics), stacks with multiple Jade Soldiers, and pulses damage, Poison, Torment, and Slow. On death, they explode for heavy damage.

  • When Jade Soldiers move, they make brown tiles under them yellow.
  • Jade Soldiers follow the Protect player.
  • When Jade Soldiers reach 0%, to die, they curl up and explode, causing heavy damage.
  • Make sure to have high health or use Aegis/blocks/Dodge when Jade Soldiers die! They explode for heavy damage!
  • After Jade Soldiers die, new Jade Scouts spawn at the west end, moving after a few seconds.

Using Protect

In an emergency (or otherwise decided before the fight), use Protect to avoid wiping.

  • Use the Ground-Targeted SAK on the squad. Protect still works when covering multiple tiles, unlike Claim’s more precisely-targeted SAK.

If needed, stay in the translucent, light blue Protect bubble to avoid dying to Jade Soldiers or spikes.

  • Make sure to be inside the bubble!

Staying in Protect (“bubble”)

Protect Protect: 5-second bubble; while players are in the bubble, they are Invulnerable.

Dispel yellow-shielded Jade Scouts/Jade Soldiers, so they can be damaged.

Removing Mursaat Overseer's Shield (“dispel”, “shield”)

Shielded Jade Scout Mursaat Overseer’s Shield: Every ~20 seconds, a random Jade Scout or Jade Soldier gets a yellow shield. While it has Mursaat Overseer’s Shield, it doesn't take damage.

  • Target enemies with Mursaat Overseer’s Shield, and then use Dispel, instantly removing the shield.
  • Quickly use Dispel, so it’s ready before the next Mursaat Overseer’s Shield!
  • Don’t miss Dispel! Without removing the Mursaat Overseer’s Shield, Jade Scouts can't be stopped, and Jade Soldiers can't be killed!

DPS Mursaat Overseer to 75%.

Boss Phase 2 (75%–50%)

75%–50% spike patterns Boss Phase 2 is the same as Boss Phase 1, but with different spike patterns.

DPS Mursaat Overseer to 50%.

Boss Phase 3 (50%–25%)

50%–25% spike patterns Boss Phase 3 is the same as Boss Phase 2, but with different spike patterns.

DPS Mursaat Overseer to 25%.

Boss Phase 4 (25%–0%)

25%–0% spike patterns Boss Phase 4 is the same as Boss Phase 3, but with different spike patterns.

  • Unlike the previous phases, there’s a spike pattern with no safe areas in the 2x2 centre tiles.

At 0%, Mursaat Overseer dies, ending the fight.

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