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Published Jul 9, 2021 Updated Jun 14, 2023
Zephyr writer

Samarog (“Sam”) is the third boss of Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4). Hunt for keys (or bring a thief) to unlock the door to his deadly domain. Bring heavy CC, and then chase Samarog’s tail to avoid being fatally knocked onto the arena’s surrounding spikes, while breaking his constant tantrums before he breaks his toy tank. When he runs away, during his mini-boss phases, stop his fun by separating the mini-bosses before killing them.

Pre-Event: Opening the Door

  • Objective
    • Find a way to open a locked door.
    • Unlock the door, opening access to Samarog’s arena.

After killing Mursaat Overseer, go west, up the stairs, and to the closed door.

Door with all 4 keys used

To open the door:

  • (Thief class) At the door, use the Thief-only option, skipping the pre-event.
  • (other class) Go to the door to get the Gift of True Sight buff. Search Rubble for 4 keys, and then use them at the door.

The 4 keys are in nearby Rubble, which only appear when you’re very close to them.

Rubble locations for keys Key locations:

  • Key 1: From the door, go north, and then look east. The Rubble is next to the wall. (If you can't use the Rubble, go down the stairs, and then return.)
  • Key 2: Go down the stairs to Mursaat Overseer’s arena. The Rubble is next to the Ley Rift.
  • Key 3: Northeast of Mursaat Overseer’s arena. The Rubble is next to an arena tile.
  • Key 4: South of Mursaat Overseer’s arena. Jump down. The Rubble is next to the tunnel.

When you interact with Rubble, nothing appears to happen, but you get its key.

  • Use keys at the door in any order.
  • For faster unlocking, have multiple players find and use different keys.

After the door opens, go up the stairs to outside of Samarog’s arena. Don’t go inside the arena, or the fight starts!

Before Fighting Samarog

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • no Masteries
    • no mounts
  • Special Roles
    • 1 pusher: During mini-boss phases, Push or Pull Rigom into Samarog, and then Immobilize him.
    • (optional) 1–2 dedicated tank(s): Always get Fixate, first by being the closest to Samarog when starting the fight, and then the furthest when and mini-boss phases end.
  • Common Strategies
    • dedicated tanking: Non-tanks wait for tank(s) to get first Fixate. During , non-tanks stack inside Samarog’s hitbox, so tanks easily get Fixate after it ends. During mini-boss phases, non-tanks stay next to the alcove, so tanks easily get Fixate after the phases end.
  • Skill Changes
    • Bring lots of CC skills for . Don’t be DPS-greedy!

Marking Mini-Boss-Stacking Locations

Locations of Guldhem, Rigom, Samarog, and stacking location markers Use location markers, so everyone knows where to stack to make pushing easier.

  • Arrow: North of Circle, so non-pusher players and Guldhem (spawns at G in the above image) aren’t in the way of pushing Rigom.
  • Circle: East of the alcove, for pushing Rigom (spawns at R in the above image) to Samarog (S in the above image).

Boss Phase 1 (100%–66%)

Samarog You start outside of an arena surrounded by upright spears.

To start the fight, go toward Samarog.

  • Make sure to move in together! The entrance is covered with extremely damaging spears a few seconds after starting the fight!

Avoiding the Arena’s Outer Spears (“spikes”)

: Standing in the spikes surrounding the arena ticks for extreme damage. Instant-kill when Knocked Back into the spikes.

The first tank is the closest server-side player entering Samarog’s aggro range.

The current tank has a large purple Fixate overhead.

Getting Fixate

First Fixate with SERVER-side closest player Samarog chooses new tanks throughout the fight. The current tank has a large purple Fixate overhead. He targets the tank for regular attacks and the next .

  • The first tank is whoever is the closest (server-side) person to Samarog when entering his aggro radius.
  • After the first tank, Samarog only chooses tanks using server-side distance. Your screen is client-side, so you’ll often see someone “incorrect” get Fixate, especially for distance-chosen first tanks.
  • The other tanks are always the player furthest from Samarog (after ends and when new boss phases start).
  • When a tank Downs, Samarog chooses a new tank.

Avoid Samarog’s attacks, as many of them cause big Knockback. If you hit the arena spikes, you die instantly!

As tank, stand on the opposite side of the other players. Move to Samarog’s side or into his hitbox to avoid attacks, and then move away again.

Tanking Samarog

Stay in front of Samarog, in the arena’s middle. To avoid his attacks, move to his side or into his hitbox.

  • If you stand north or south of Samarog, Knocked-Back players are less likely to die on spikes.

If you’re not tank, stack behind Samarog.

When you see Samarog’s spears start to move, move behind him.

  • The spear-swipe has Knockback. The unarmed swipe used before does not.

Avoiding Prisoner Sweep (“swipe”)

Prisoner Sweep and only hit in front of Samarog.

  • : Auto-attack used before . 2 swipes with his weaponless legs.
  • : A 2-hit weapon-swipe Knockback in front of Samarog.

When you see him rear up, ready to stab his spears into the ground, move away from his front, and then jump over the shockwave.

  • Jump forward, so the server-side real wave is less likely to hit you, compared to jumping in place/sideways/backwards.

Avoiding Shockwave (“wave”, “Tequatl attack”)

Shockwave : Samarog locks in place before attacking in front of it. An unblockable shockwave that causes Knockback. To avoid, jump over it or Dodge through it.

  • If you/someone else can’t stand behind Samarog or Dodge, use Aegis, Stability, or a channeled block.
  • is used before , but the unarmed swipe is barely noticeable, compared to the massive spears being lifted.

Avoid large orange AoEs and the red-ringed AoEs that appear after spears fall. Use ranged DPS skills to kill nearby Spears of Aggression/Revulsion.

  • Being Knocked Back into the spear AoEs is dangerous — they pulse damage, and the Spear of Revulsion’s Fear can make you run into the arena spikes.

Handling Spears of Aggression/Revulsion (“spears”)

Spear of Aggression/Revulsion : Every 20 seconds, a large filling AoE randomly appears. When it fills, a Spear of Aggression/Revulsion lands, dealing massive damage.

  • Spear of Aggression: Spawned by , causing massive damage on landing. After landing, it pulses damage and causes Daze and Taunt inside its AoE.
  • Spear of Revulsion: Spawned by , causing massive damage on landing. After landing, it pulses damage and causes Daze and Fear inside its AoE.
  • Ranged-kill nearby spears, so you have enough safe room to move around.
  • You can DPS or CC spears to kill them, but save CC skills for .

Every 10% (90%/80%/70%, and so on), Samarog uses .

  • Soft-CC conditions applied before affect Samarog’s Breakbar, but can’t be applied during the attack.

Quickly use CC skills to break Samarog’s Breakbar before the Fixated player dies.

  • Use your CC skills! Don’t make others do all the work!
  • Keep Fixated players alive by healing them.
  • Before Samarog starts , the Fixated player can use time-delayed/lingering AoEs for self-heals and CC.

Stopping Brutalize (“tantrum”, “rampage”)

Brutalize : Samarog gains Fanatical Resilience and jumps to the Fixated player, disabling them. He attacks until his Breakbar is CCed or the player dies.

  • When Samarog has Fanatical Resilience, he can’t be damaged or get new conditions. It disappears when ends.
  • Only hard-CC skills (and soft-CC skills used before started) affect Samarog’s Breakbar.
  • Other damage sources, like , still hurt the Fixated player.
  • When ends, Samarog Fixates the server-side furthest player from him.

Samarog’s charge At 66%, Samarog becomes Invulnerable, and then charges into the alcove west of the arena.

  • Make sure to move out of the way! Samarog damages and causes Knockback to anyone he runs over, which can knock you into the arena spikes!

Mini-Boss Phase 1: Guldhem and Rigom

Locations for Guldhem, Rigom, and Samarog Stack next to the alcove, outside of the spikes. Kill nearby Spears of Aggression/Revulsion.

  • The pusher stacks at Circle, to get Rigom’s Fixate.
  • Everyone else stacks at Arrow. 1 player gets Guldhem’s Fixate.

After Samarog is in the alcove, Guldhem and Rigom spawn.

  • Guldhem and Rigom Fixate on the player furthest from them. They change Fixates multiple times during the phase.
  • When Fixated by Rigom, “You've been fixated by Rigom.” appears in the middle of your screen, and you have a yellow-glowing small diamond over your right shoulder.
  • When Fixated by Guldhem, “You've been fixated by Guldhem.” appears in the middle of your screen, and you have an orange-glowing small diamond over your left shoulder.

Remove Guldhem’s shield 3 times, kill him, and then kill Rigom.

Killing Guldhem and Rigom

Guldhem and Rigom Classic Misdirection: Orange shield around Guldhem. Buff that redirects damage and conditions to Rigom. Reappears at 66%/33%.

  • To remove Classic Misdirection, Rigom has to hit Samarog with .
  • : AoE used when Rigom reaches 0%. Hits players for massive damage. When it hits Samarog, it removes Guldhem’s shield.
  • When pushing Rigom, make sure he stops moving to his Fixate first and that Guldhem isn’t between you! It's easy to Push Rigom the wrong way!

To remove Guldhem’s shield:

  1. Wait for Rigom and Guldhem to run to their Fixates. Don’t DPS Guldhem!
  2. When Rigom is next to the alcove, Push/Pull him into Samarog’s hitbox. Use Immobilize skills to keep him there.
  3. DPS Guldhem until Rigom “dies”. When his “death” AoE hits Samarog, Guldhem loses his shield.
  4. While keeping Rigom with Samarog, DPS Guldhem. If Rigom starts escaping, repeat Step 2.
  5. After Guldhem dies, kill Rigom.

Avoid Guldhem’s large orange AoEs, which Stun. However, neither mini-boss hits hard, even when they’re buffed by touching shields.

  • : Targets the furthest player from Guldhem. Short-lived orange AoE circle that Stuns.
  • When Guldhem’s and Rigom’s shields touch, they’re slightly buffed (Guldhem does +10% damage, and Rigom has +100,000 health).
  • Thief: You can Throw Magnetic Bomb from Guldhem. Use it to keep Rigom with Samarog.

After killing Guldhem and Rigom, Samarog stops being Invulnerable, starting Boss Phase 2.

Boss Phase 2 (66%–33%)

Like Boss Phase 1, but with .

After Mini-Boss Phase 1 ends, Samarog walks out of the alcove.

If you have green AoEs, move away from stack/Samarog’s front, and stack small AoEs on each other. Otherwise, avoid the big AoE.

  • Be careful when avoiding Samarog’s attacks! If you jump forward over or get hit, your stacked small AoEs can get separated!

Handling Inevitable Betrayal (“allies”, “circles”, “friends”, “lock and key”)

Inevitable Betrayal : 2 players get AoEs and a raid message in the middle of their screens (“Choose your allies wisely...”). The big AoE explodes for a massive amount of damage. The small AoE blocks the big AoE’s damage. Both players stack on each other, overlapping their small AoEs.

  • Big AoE: Move away from stack and go behind/beside Samarog. When your big AoE is off-stack, stop moving.
  • Small AoE: Move toward the big AoE. When it stops moving, stack in the small inner AoE.
  • Jumping in place helps the other player know that you’re done moving.
  • Even you’re not the chosen, if you have Aegis, Stability, or channeled blocks, use them to help players.

At 33%, Samarog becomes Invulnerable, and then charges into the alcove.

Mini-Boss Phase 2: Guldhem and Rigom

The same as Mini-Boss Phase 1, but with .

  • Big AoE moves away from Guldhem.

After killing Guldhem and Rigom, Samarog stops being Invulnerable, starting Boss Phase 3.

Boss Phase 3 (33%–0%)

Like Boss Phase 2, but with and .

Don’t stand in front of the alcove.

After Mini-Boss Phase 2 ends, Samarog slams a spear downward, and then walks out of the alcove.

Avoiding Bludgeon

Bludgeon : Samarog rears up and slams a spear against the ground. Causes massive damage and Knockdown in front of Samarog. Can be blocked and sidestepped.

  • Like Samarog’s other attacks, don’t stand in front when he attacks.

When red/yellow arrow AoEs appear, avoid being between Samarog and spears.

Avoiding Spear Return

Spear Return : Sometimes used after . All Spears of Aggression/Revulsion fly toward Samarog, damaging players in their path.

  • The red/yellow arrows show the path of the Spears of Aggression/Revulsion.

(optional) At 10%, after starts, the Fixated player uses /gg to instantly die, so the squad starts DPSing again immediately.

At 0%, Samarog dies, ending the fight.

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