River of Souls

Published Jul 19, 2021 Updated Aug 24, 2023
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River of Souls is the first encounter in the Hall of Chains. After successfully reuniting Desmina's soul with her body, the squad must escort her to confront Dhuum. Protecting Desmina must be done at all costs or Tyria will fall to Dhuum.


Before Starting River of Souls

  • Required Masteries and Mounts

    • No masteries required.
    • No mounts strictly required, but one is recommended for the beginning to reach the first Enervator.
  • Special Roles

    • 2 babysitters for Desmina.
      • Between the two, they need to have healing, Aegis, and Superspeed.
  • Skill Changes

    • Everyone should bring as much healing, Swiftness, Aegis, and Superspeed as they can. Very little DPS is required for this encounter.

River of Souls


Split the group into two: 8 DPS/healers go ahead on the path to kill adds and 2 healers/Superspeed-givers stay with Desmina.

Wait for the main group to reach the first Enervator before speaking to Desmina to begin the encounter.

Soul Siphon

The river deals constant damage to players every tick through Soul Siphon. Desmina's dome prevents the damage so the babysitters are safe with her. Aegis can block the damage tick.

To avoid the damage at the beginning, most people use Sand Jackal to reach the first Enervator.

If you fall behind the group, you will almost certainly be Downed. You will have a chance to gather orbs along the river to revive. However, this can only be done once per player.


Enervators disable Desmina's protective bubble if they get close to her. The main group is responsible for running ahead of Desmina and killing the Enervators.

Spatial Rifts

Spatial Rifts spawn next to the river on either side and pull players towards them.

The rifts have 10 stacks of Rift Force, which can be removed by hitting them. Each hit counts for 1 stack, so multihits can quickly remove stacks. Once all stacks are removed, the Spatial Rifts stop pulling.

Spatial Rifts also spawn Spirit Hordes. These ghostly skeletons can easily be dealt with by using the Time Bomb mechanic.

Time Bomb

Time Bombs are small expanding AoEs that appear on players near Desmina. They deal moderate damage and Stun for 2 seconds. Drop them behind her to kill the Spirit Hordes.


Hollowed Bomber

Hollowed Bomber are ghosts that run towards Desmina and channel a huge explosion before dying. Breaking the Breakbar cancels the explosion. Aegis can block the explosion, which is what most healers rely on.


Green flame walls very similar to Surging Souls from Soulless Horror appear and will Down players that touch them. Players can teleport through them.

Reaching the end of the River

When the main group reaches the end of the River, DO NOT go back to help the healers unless they request it or are Downed.

Aegis and Superspeed can only go to 5 people and will prioritize the players over NPCs, so Desmina will no longer receive boons if there are too many players.

Only healers will be able to go back down the River to Desmina. DPS players will die very quickly.

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