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Statues of Grenth

Published Sep 26, 2021 Updated Aug 24, 2023
Zephyr writer

The Statues of Grenth (“Statues”) are the second encounter of Hall of Chains (Wing 5). Control your DPS to deliver death to 3 mini-bosses in 3 different ways. For Broken King (“BK”), balance your bloodthirst with your survival instinct, or find yourself frozen and forgotten. For the Eater of Souls (“Mouth”), garnish green dominoes with fresh spider nuggets, and then beat the mini-boss piñata for its soul candies. For the Eyes, let there be unending light, or race through the dark maze before you fall to despair.

Before Starting Statues

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • (everyone, with flying mounts) no Masteries
    • (everyone, with only non-flying mounts) High Vault Mastery
    • either a flying mount (Griffon or Skyscale), or Raptor and Springer
  • Common Killing Order
    1. Broken King
    2. Eater of Souls
    3. Eyes
  • Other Notes
    • Between mini-boss fights, you can change equipment/skills/traits, but the encounter doesn’t end until all 3 mini-bosses die.

Statue of Ice: Broken King (“BK”, “Ice”)

Going to the Broken King

From the platform after the River of Souls, go north to the Broken King's platform.

If you have a flying mount, fly there.

If you do not have a flying mount:

  1. From the platform after the River of Souls, go north, down the cliffs.
  2. Go west, past the green crystal wall.
  3. Go north, across the long bridge.
  4. Use Springer to jump up 1 tall cliff, 2 short cliffs, and then onto the Broken King's platform.

Don't stand in green AoEs until everyone's ready, or the fight starts!

Before Fighting the Broken King

  • Objective
    • While surviving high-damage mechanics, slowly DPS the Broken King within a time limit.
    • At the end, catch all green AoEs to kill the Broken King.
  • Special Roles
    • 1 tank: The Broken King attacks the player with the highest Toughness. Have lots of Toughness, so the healers can focus on other players.
  • Enrage Timer
    • You have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to kill the Broken King, or you wipe.
  • Skill Changes
    • (optional) boon-removal skills: Broken King’s auto-attack gives him Fury and Might, making him hit really hard.
    • Ranged DPS is better, since you’re out of melee range while waiting for AoEs to finish, but you can melee while waiting for new AoEs, too.
    • Bring big heals.

Fighting the Broken King

The Broken King Before the fight, you're on the edge of a cliff, with green AoEs appearing around the arena.

To start the fight, stand in a green AoE until you're hit by the falling ice orb.

The Broken King covers the arena in lines of ice, and then starts attacking the tank with small triangle AoEs.

Jump over the lines of ice. Don’t stand on/walk over them!

  • If players Down on them, use multiple players to revive them.

Avoiding Numbing Breach (“cracks”, “lines”)

: Broken King levitates, spinning his staff. Lines of ice appear on the ground, which cause ticking heavy damage and Chill. Disappears after 30 seconds, and then is used after 30 more seconds. Can also be Dodged through.

Only the tank stands in front of the Broken King, away from the other players.

Tanking the Broken King

You mostly stand near the Jackal portal, so ’s icicles doesn’t hit other players.

  • Move to avoid lines and catch nearby AoEs.
  • The Broken King doesn’t move from the arena’s centre — he only rotates to face the tank.
  • When there are multiple green AoEs near you, rotate Broken King away, so other players can safely catch them.

Don’t stand in the orange triangle AoEs.

  • If you have boon-stripping skills, use them to remove the Broken King’s offensive boons. While short-lived, it helps reduce damage taken.

Avoiding King’s Wrath

King’s Wrath and marked tank : Auto-attack. Broken King raises his left arm, shooting icicles at the tank, and randomly covering the arena in orange triangle AoEs that explode into frost. Gives the Broken King 10 stacks of Fury, Might, and Resistance.

Slowly DPS the Broken King, so you don’t make more green AoEs than everyone can catch.

  • “Slowly DPS” = Avoid burst DPS, but do steady DPS, not just auto-attack. Steady DPS avoids “everyone is healthy → everyone suddenly has low health at the same time”.

Stand in the slow-falling green AoEs until they disappear, getting a temporary stack of Frozen Wind. Make sure that you don’t get 4 Frozen Wind stacks!

  • If you get 4 Frozen Wind stacks, call for heals, so you don’t die from being frozen.
  • Make sure that the green AoE disappears, or everyone takes heavy damage!
  • Revive the Downed before they catch green AoEs! Downed players can catch green AoEs, but they'll probably die.

Catching Hailstorm (“(catching) greens”)

Hailstorm AoEs and Numbing Breach lines : For every 2% Broken King loses, an ice orb appears and slowly falls. Stand in its green AoE to catch it, taking heavy damage and getting a stack of Frozen Wind for 45 seconds. At 4 stacks, Frozen Wind becomes . If not caught, causes .

  • : Stuns the player for 10 seconds. Causes heavy ticking damage. On running out of health, the player dies instead of Downing.
  • : Used when AoEs aren't caught. Causes heavy damage to the squad.
  • If waiting for a AoE, move slightly to the side, off of the lines of ice.
  • Only go into green AoEs if you’re catching them, so people don’t think an abandoned green will be caught.
  • If you have 3 stacks, but no one else will catch a green before it lands, catch it. It's better to have 1 player die than multiple players Downing/dying, not catching new greens, and causing a wipe.

At 1%, the timer stops, and no new green AoEs spawn. Catch all remaining green AoEs.

When all green AoEs are caught, the Broken King dies, ending the fight.

To return to the platform after the River of Souls, /gg and respawn.

Statue of Death and Resurrection: Eater of Souls (“Mouth”)

Going to Eater of Souls

From the platform after the River of Souls, go south to the Eater of Souls's platform.

If you have a flying mount, fly there.

If you do not have a flying mount:

  1. From the platform after the River of Souls, go south, but do not turn toward the east cave. Instead, jump down the south cliffs (where the starting platform's spike points).
  2. Use Raptor to jump across the short gap.
  3. Go to the end of the path. Use Springer to jump onto a lower part of the cliff, and then jump onto the cliff's path.
  4. Go up the path. Jump onto the rubble, but do not go into the Eater of Souls's platform.

Before Fighting the Eater of Souls

  • Objective
    • Players light up parts of the arena, “kill” Eater of Souls on them to release red orbs, and then transform to collect red orbs to light torches.
    • When all 6 torches above the Jackal portal are lit, permanently kill Eater of Souls anywhere.
  • Special Roles
    • 1 tank: The Eater of Souls attacks the player with the highest Toughness.
    • 4 orb-collectors (greens): Stands in large green AoEs to be transformed. In the air, quickly collect red orbs, lighting the torches required to kill Eater of Souls. If not lighting all torches at once, players alternate taking greens to avoid instant death.
    • (if doing sacrifice strategy) 1 sacrifice: When the orb-collector subgroup goes up, the sacrifice immediately goes to the Eater of Souls, making it easier for the other orb-collectors to move around.
  • Common Collection Strategies
    • 1 subgroup with sacrifice (0-5): Skip the first green AoE, so there are 20 red orbs for the second green. After the subgroup goes up, the sacrifice ignores red orbs and goes to the Eater of Souls, stopping .
    • 2 teams with 2 players each (2-2): 2 players go up for the first green AoE, and then 2 different players for the second green AoE. Stop by CCing Eater of Souls's Breakbar.
  • Keybinding Changes
    • (everyone) Make sure that you’re able to quickly use your SAK (special action key) for using the Ground-Targeted Reclaimed Energy.

Fighting Eater of Souls

The Eater of Souls Before the fight, you're on the edge of a platform with several dark domino-tile-like rectangles (“dominoes”) placed around a circle.

To start the fight, go near the Eater of Souls, aggroing it.

Tank the Eater of Souls by standing away from other players, so the others aren’t Blinded.

  • : Cone AoE. Deals moderate damage and causes Blind.

Tanking the Eater of Souls

Keep the Eater of Souls facing away from everyone else.

  • While waiting for DPS to kill Twisted Spirits, wait in the outer ring (between players and dominoes), so the green-glowing domino isn’t covered in vomit.
  • Move the Eater of Souls onto green-glowing dominoes.

Don’t stand in vomit.

Avoiding Hungering Miasma (“puke”, “vomit”)

: Eater of Souls turns toward the closest non-tank player, vomiting a large green puddle in a cone. The puddle lasts for several seconds, causing heavy damage, Cripple, and Poison.

DPS the Eater of Souls to 30%. Cleave and kill Spirit Horde enemies.

  • If you're condition DPS, stop DPSing Eater of Souls at 70%.
  • When “killed” at 5%, the Eater of Souls regenerates to full health.
  • Spirit Horde: Enemies that spawn and attack random players.

Kill the Twisted Spirit spider. Avoid or (using movement-causing hard-CC skills) interrupt the orange AoEs.

  • Movement-causing hard CCs: Knockback, Knockdown, Push, Pull, Float, etc.

Killing Twisted Spirits for Reclaimed Energy Orbs

Twisted Spirit Twisted Spirits: First spawns 15 seconds after the fight begins, and then every 15 seconds after dying. Spawns in random locations on the platform, marked with red crossed-swords icons on the minimap and overhead. Uses Spinner's Web. When killed, 5 gold orbs for Reclaimed Energy spawn.

  • Spinner's Web: Targets the furthest non-tank player. 3 large orange AoEs that cause moderate damage, Cripple, Slow, and 10 stacks of Poison.

When the Twisted Spirit dies, 5 gold orbs spawn nearby.

Touch a gold orb, and then use the SAK on the green-glowing domino (“active domino”). If you already have the SAK, don’t touch other gold orbs!

  • Touching other gold orbs while you have the SAK destroys them, and you’ll have to kill another Twisted Spirit for more gold orbs!

Using Reclaimed Energy (“SAK”)

Reclaimed Energy

  • Reclaimed Energy: Gold orbs that gives players who touch them a Ground-Targeted SAK. Use on the green-glowing domino to fill 1 of its 5 circles.

When a domino starts glowing green, tank the Eater of Souls on it.

When the green-glowing domino’s 5 circles each have glowing symbols, make sure that both you and Eater of Souls stand on it. There, you increase your DPS, and “killing” the Eater of Souls makes it release 10 red orbs into the air.

Making Eater of Souls Release Souls (“red orbs”)

Released souls Empowered: Gained while you stand on a fully energized green-glowing domino. +50% outgoing damage.

If waiting for the green AoE to spawn, wait in the arena’s centre, to quickly run to any spawn location.

  • (if doing sacrifice strategy) Make sure that you ignore the first green AoE!

A Lost Spirit spawns randomly between the dominoes, followed by a green AoE appearing under it.

  • The Lost Spirit has a red shield icon on the minimap and overhead, making it easier to find.

If ignoring the first green AoE, jump over the shockwave after it disappears. Otherwise, orb-collectors go to the green AoE.

  • If you have Fractured Spirit from the previous green AoE, don’t take the next one, or you’ll die instantly!
  • Don’t get Knocked Back off the platform by the shockwave!

Handling Lost Spirit Green AoEs (“(taking) greens”)

Lost Spirit Lost Spirits: First spawns 30 seconds after the fight begins, and then every ~35 seconds after the green AoE disappears. Spawns randomly in a ring between the dominoes. 12 seconds after spawning, a large green AoE appears under the Lost Spirit. If a player doesn't stand in the AoE, the Lost Spirit dies, and a shockwave appears. Jump over or Dodge through it to avoid the Knockback.

  • Downed players can't use the green AoEs.
  • After returning from a green, you get Fractured Spirit for 90 seconds. Taking a green AoE with Fractured Spirit instantly kills you.

While transformed, use Ascend and Descend to quickly collect 5 red orbs before you instantly die.

  • If you can't collect enough red orbs in time, move off the platform or above the Eater of Souls. You'll Down, but not die.
  • If you’re still collecting red orbs, don’t accidentally Spirit Surge off the platform!

Collecting Souls (“collecting red orbs/souls”)

Transformed orb-collector (wispy orb) and souls (red orbs)

  • The red orbs are on different levels, requiring Ascend/Descend to move to the correct level. On the current level, move normally or use Spirit Surge to touch red orbs.
  • You have 30 seconds to collect 5 red orbs, or you instantly die. Mortal Coil shows your remaining time, while Energy Threshold shows your collected red orbs.
  • When 10 seconds remain, “Your soul is weakening!” appears in the middle of your screen.

While the greens players are collecting red orbs, the Eater of Souls starts sucking in the transformed players.

If there’s a sacrifice player, the sacrifice goes to Eater of Souls. Otherwise, the non-transformed players CC its Breakbar.

Stopping Imbibe (“CC”, “suck”)

: Eater of Souls's Breakbar appears as it sucks in transformed players, making movement difficult. Sucked-in players are Downed. CCing the Breakbar, or having a player getting sucked in, stops .

Repeat the cycle until 18 red orbs are collected:

  1. Kill Twisted Spirits to release 5 gold orbs. The tank moves the Eater of Souls to the green-glowing domino. Cleave/kill Spirit Horde skeletons.
  2. Collect the gold orbs. Use Reclaimed Energy on the green-glowing domino.
  3. When all 5 circles on the green-glowing domino are lit, stand on it and “kill” the Eater of Souls, releasing 10 red orbs.
  4. (if collecting 20 orbs per green AoE) Skip the next green AoE, and then repeat Steps 1–3 before doing Step 5.
  5. When Lost Spirits get green AoEs, orb-collectors stand in them to be transformed. Each transformed player collects 5 red orbs in 30 seconds. Depending on orb-collecting strategy, either the sacrifice player goes to Eater of Souls, or the non-transformed players CC the Eater of Souls to stop .

When 18 red orbs are collected, all 6 torches above the Jackal portal are lit, making the Eater of Souls permanently killable.

Lighting the Torches

6 lit torches

  • 1 torch is lit for every 3 red orbs collected.

Kill the Eater of Souls anywhere, ending the fight.

To return to the platform after the River of Souls, /gg and respawn.

Statue of Darkness: Eye of Fate and Eye of Judgment (“Eyes”)

Going to the Eyes

From the platform after the River of Souls, go down the north or south sides of the platform, into the east cave entrance, through the Eyes’ mazes, and to the tall platform dividing the mazes.

If you have a flying mount, fly there. Wait on the tall platform.

If you do not have a flying mount, to go through the south entrance:

  1. From the platform after the River of Souls, go south, down the path, and into the east cave.
  2. Turn left, following the cave wall north until you're at a tall wall.
  3. Use Springer to jump onto the platform.

If you do not have a flying mount, to go through the north entrance:

  1. From the platform after the River of Souls, go north, down the cliffs, and into the east cave.
  2. Turn right, and follow the cave wall south until you're at a solid wall.
  3. Use Springer to jump onto the platform.

Before Fighting the Eyes

  • Objective
    • Use Light Orbs (thrown from the tall platform) to keep the Eyes Stunned while you DPS.
    • Permanently kill them by killing both Eyes within 15 seconds after the first Eye dies.
  • Special Roles
    • 2 orb-throwers: 1 per subgroup. Collects Light Orbs on the platform separating the two mazes, and then throws the Light Orbs to where the Eyes are. CCs/kills Light Thieves on the platform. Bring mobility skills.
    • 2 light-users: 1 per subgroup. Uses Flare from Light Orbs to keep the Eye Stunned. Requires / trait or on the active weapon.
  • Skill, Trait, and UI Changes
    • Check your skills and traits! If you’re not an orb-thrower, avoid using skills/traits that cause Daze, Fear, and Knockdown, which replace the light-user’s Light Orb Stun!
    • Make a player in the non-commander subgroup a lieutenant, so that both Eyes can be marked with object markers.
    • If the mazes are too dark, in Options → Graphics Options tab, increase Full-Screen Gamma until you can see in the darkness easily.

Orb-throwers wait on the platform. The other players wait behind walls in the mazes, to avoid attacks from the Eyes.

Getting into Position

  • Orb-throwers wait on the platform.
  • Other players go to the east side of the platform, and use any mount. The Eyes attack you when they have line of sight. Using a mount protects you while you're moving into position.
    • Subgroup 1: Go north, hiding behind the nearest wall to the Eye of Judgment.
    • Subgroup 2: Go south, hiding behind the nearest wall to the Eye of Fate.

Fighting the Eyes

An Eye Before fighting, you're either on the platform or in a maze, depending on your subgroup and role.

  • If you're an orb-thrower, you're on the platform.
  • If you're not an orb-thrower, you're either in the north maze (for Subgroup 1) or the south maze (for Subgroup 2).

On the platform between the mazes, 3 Light Orbs spawn.

  • Light Orbs light up the area around them when on the ground or carried by players.

Orb-throwers use Light Orb’s first skill, Throw Light, to throw them near their subgroup’s Eyes.

  • Don't throw them on walls! Light Orbs on walls are difficult or even impossible to pick up!
  • Subgroup 1’s orb-thrower always takes west Light Orb.
  • Subgroup 2’s orb-thrower always takes east Light Orb.
  • Alternate taking the middle Light Orb, so each subgroup gets the same amount of Light Orbs.

Throwing Light Orbs

Throw Light: Ground-Targeted AoE that throws the Light Orb to the targeted location. Since you’re throwing downwards, make sure that you’re close enough to the platform’s edge, so throwing doesn’t hit the platform.

When Eyes are lit by nearby Light Orbs or Flare, they’re targetable and attackable.

  • Exposed = targetable and attackable

When the Eyes are targetable, the commander and lieutenant put different object markers on their Eyes.

  • Make sure that you use object markers, not location markers!

Marking the Eyes

Object-marked Eye

  • The raid markers are visible on the minimap and on the Eyes, even when they aren't targetable.
  • By default, the object keybindings are Alt+Shift+[1–8].

Use Ready Check. Light-users ready up when they have 3 Light Orbs.

To start the fight, either light-user uses Light Orb's second skill, Flare, near the Eye.

Using Light Orbs

Flare Flare: AoE Stun, lighting the area for 7 seconds. Temporarily lights the area, even without a nearby Light Orb.

  • Light Orbs despawn 45 seconds after being picked up on the platfrom. Orange circular timers over them show time before despawning, even when players/enemies are carrying them.

DPSers slowly DPS their Eyes while watching the other Eye's health, to make sure that one Eye doesn't die before the other Eye is ready.

  • Don’t replace the Stun! Daze, Fear, and Knockdown replace the Stun from Flare!

Light-users focus on using Flare to keep the Eyes Stunned, rather than DPS or heal.

Keeping Eyes Stunned

  • Use the next Light Orb when the Stun is about to wear off.
  • Ignore Downed players! If your Stun disappears and your Eye teleports, you'll take a lot more damage as you go through the maze!
  • Use the Light Orbs before they despawn (orange timers over Light Orbs).
  • If you're having trouble finding and watching your Stun (from changing numbers of conditions moving the purple icons):
    • During the fight, Stunned Eyes have 3 purple icons, (usually) in the order of: Stun, Exposed (from Flare), Exposed (from nearby/held Light Orb).
    • When kept Stunned, after using Flare, only the Stun icon becomes big and shrinks.

Light Thieves spawn on the platform and in the mazes.

While DPSing the Eyes, cleave/kill Light Thieves.

Orb-throwers throw Light Orbs to their sides while CCing and killing Light Thieves.

  • Use CC on Light Thieves near Light Orbs, so they don’t steal them while you’re away.

Handling Light Thieves

Light Thieves Light Thieves try to take Light Orbs on the ground. They also attack players for high damage.

  • You instantly take Light Orbs, unlike the Light Thieves, so either take the Light Orb, or CC/kill the Light Thieves.
  • When Light Thieves take a Light Orb, they move faster, and run away until the Light Orb despawns. Kill them to get the Light Orb back.

If the Eyes aren't Stunned, they can attack, but because of DPSing, will probably immediately teleport away, and maybe also spawn a Minotaur in the non-Stunned Eye’s maze.

  • Stuns interrupt attacks, but not teleports.

Handling Non-Stunned Eyes

  • : The Eye spins, shooting projectiles at all nearby players. Move out of its line of sight.
  • : The Eye targets a random player, shooting a beam that pulses 7 times. The last pulse hits for 10x damage. Move out of its line of sight, or reflect the beam.
  • teleport: Every 15% (85%/70%/55%/40%/25%/10%), or any time after reaching one of the health thresholds, the Eye Fears players before teleporting to somewhere else in its maze. After teleporting, it won't teleport again until it reaches another health trigger.
  • Minotaur: If the Eye isn’t Stunned at 70%, a Minotaur spawns in the maze.

If the Eye teleports, quickly run to its new location, bringing Light Orbs with you.

  • Even if you're not the light-user, pick up all Light Orbs to move them to the Eye's new location. Don't use Flare!
  • To drop Light Orbs, either Weapon Swap or Throw Light.
  • If you don't quickly find the Eye and light it (even passively), it starts using , pulsing heavy damage to everyone.
  • Orb-throwers throw Light Orbs on their subgroups as they move. If they take a while, throw an orb onto the Eye, so it’s lit up.

Running Through the Maze to a Teleported Eye

  • : After starting the fight, if the Eye is not lit for 35 seconds, it pulses heavy damage to everyone.
  • Avoid the Minotaur (if spawned) and groups of Light Thieves.
  • If the Eye has an object marker over its head, find its new position on the minimap/in the actual maze. Otherwise, run through the dark maze until you find it.

After reaching the Eye, don’t DPS it yet! Wait for the light-user to start using orbs!

The light-user waits for 2–3 Light Orbs, and then uses Flare to keep the Eye Stunned again.

If a spawned Minotaur joins you while you’re DPSing the Eye, ignore it.

  • If it’s nearby and not being Stunned by Flare, either kite it away from players/Light Orbs, or kill it.

Handling Minotaurs

Minotaur Minotaur: Spawns in the Eye's maze if that Eye isn't Stunned when it’s at 70%. Attacks nearby players and takes Light Orbs, making it stronger and giving it stronger skills.

  • : Orange AoE that causes Knockdown. Leaps to players and Light Orbs, taking Light Orbs.
  • : Multiple orange AoEs that cause heavy damage and Blind. They also prevent healing.
  • : Used when Minotaurs have Light Orbs. Charges through players.
  • Light from nearby Light Orbs and Flare cause Exposed for Minotaurs, making them targetable and attackable.
  • If killed, it respawns elsewhere in the maze.

Keep the Eyes Stunned while DPSing the Eyes until both Eyes have similarly low health, and then quickly kill them.

  • If both Eyes don't die within 15 seconds of each other, the first Eye regenerates to 9%, Fears players, and then teleports away.

When both Eyes die within 15 seconds of each other, then the fight ends. - If you've changed skills/traits or gamma, reset them.

To return to the platform after the River of Souls, /gg and respawn.

After Completing Statues of Grenth

After all 3 Statues of Grenth, return to the end of the River of Souls. The Statues of Grenth chest is on the platform.

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