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Cardinal Sabir

Published Aug 30, 2021 Updated May 1, 2023
Zephyr writer

Cardinal Sabir (“Sabir”) is the first/second boss (depending on order fought) of Key of Ahdashim (Wing 7). Use the static charging the air to your advantage, shocking the air djinn out of his shields. Ride the winds as you ascend into the sky, and at the peak, weather an assault by hurricanes and wisps. But beware the treacherous currents, or be ripped apart in the storm’s wake.

Pre-Event: Opening the Gate

After completing Gates of Ahdashim, go up the stairs, and then go west.

Paralyzing Wisps, Voltaic Wisps, tornadoes, and pre-event pedestal Kill the enemies.

Killing Paralyzing and Voltaic Wisps (“wisps”)

  • Paralyzing Wisps are larger. They use , causing Immobilize and stacking Violent Currents. Every attack gives them Momentum (+5% outgoing DPS and attack speed), which stacks to 20.
  • Voltaic Wisps are smaller. They use , causing Cripple and 1-second Daze. ticks 500 damage and pushes away players. Both attacks stack Violent Currents.

As you fight, their attacks give you stacks of Violent Currents, which fill a black bar over your head with purple. At 5 stacks, the bar turns light blue, and you get the Flash Discharge SAK.

If you get the SAK in the pre-event, practice using it, as it isn’t required for anything here.

  • The SAK is a Ground-Targeted teleport, CC skill, and Stun Break.

Getting and Using Flash Discharge (“SAK”)

Filling Flash Discharge bar (top) and full Flash Discharge bar (bottom) Violent Currents: Stacks when enemies in the pre-event and boss fight hit players, increasing damage dealt and taken (+5% per stack). At 5 stacks, players get the Flash Discharge SAK.

  • Flash Discharge: Ground-Targeted AoE SAK. Teleports you, and causes a little damage and a 5-second Stun (500 Defiance Break) to enemies. Stun Break. Gives a yellow border around your health bar in the squad UI.

For now, avoid touching the tornadoes. When you touch them, you’re launched into the air, and if you have Violent Currents, they convert it into enemy attacks.

Avoiding/Using Tornadoes

Touched tornado with Violent Currents converted into 4 Shocking Barrage projectiles Tornadoes: Launches players into the air. Uses if launched players have Violent Currents.

  • : Removes Violent Currents and Flash Discharge, and spawns 4 bars of electricity that cause Weakness.

After killing the enemies, use the pedestal to open the gate.

Go to the centre of the open room, where Cardinal Sabir talks briefly, and then flies away. Kill the Voltaic Wisp, spawning a little cloud AoE launchpad.

Touch the cloud launchpad to go to the nearby small platform. While moving toward the Voltaic Wisps to avoid falling off the platforms, kill Voltaic Wisps and use cloud launchpads until you're on a long platform.

Use the tornadoes on the long platform to glide to the next platform.

  • If you can't glide to the next platform, land and use another tornado.
  • Hold Spacebar to automatically start gliding at the top of the tornado.

After killing the final Voltaic Wisp, use the cloud launchpad to go to Cardinal Sabir’s platform.

Stay at the edge of Cardinal Sabir’s platform. Don't use your mount's attack to dismount!

  • If mount attacks hit Cardinal Sabir, they start the fight before everyone's ready!

Before Fighting Sabir

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • (everyone) Glider Basics Mastery
    • (if wisp-killing) Updraft Use Mastery
    • no required mounts, but flying mounts make returning to Cardinal Sabir after wiping faster
  • Special Roles
    • 1 tank: Cardinal Sabir uses Toughness-based tanking. However, everyone stacks together for fighting, so it’s basically a tank-less fight.
    • (if wisp-killing) 1 wisp-killer: DPS player with CC skill. Goes to the side platforms, CCs Voltaic Wisp Breakbars, and then kills them.
    • (if ignoring wisps) 2+ projectile-ignorers: Classes with long-lasting projectile-absorption/-destruction/-reflection skills stop Voltaic Wisp projectiles from hitting the squad. Before fighting, decide order of use.
  • Common Wisp-Handling Strategies
    • kill wisps: During the third boss phase, the wisp-killer kills the side platforms’ Voltaic Wisps, stopping them from Dazing, Crippling, and damaging players.
    • ignore wisps: During the third boss phase, the projectile-ignorers block the side platforms’ Voltaic Wisps’ projectiles, stopping them from Dazing, Crippling, and damaging players.
  • Skill and UI Changes
    • (everyone) Make sure that you’re able to quickly use your SAK (special action key) for using Flash Discharge to break Cardinal Sabir, especially for “coordinated CC”.
    • (if wisp-killing) Make sure to have at least 1 CC skill that does 100+ Defiance Break.
    • (if projectile-ignoring) Bring long-lasting projectile-absorption/-destruction/-reflection skills.
    • (commander) You need the full squad UI, so you can count players with Flash Discharge (shown with yellow borders) for Cardinal Sabir’s Ion Shield Breakbar.
    • (commander without voice chat) Make sure that players know to use the Flash Discharge SAK for “coordinated CC” when you spam its chat-link.

Boss Phase 1 (100%–80%)

Cardinal Sabir

You start on a large floating platform.

  • If you fall off during the fight, go up again, making sure to heal as needed. You only die if you fall below the previous main platform.

To start the fight, go toward Cardinal Sabir.

Stacking in front of Cardinal Sabir Everyone stacks in front of Cardinal Sabir.

  • By stacking in front of Cardinal Sabir, he hits you, giving you Violent Currents stacks (for higher DPS) and Flash Discharge (for CC).
  • (right-handed slash) → (left-handed slash) → (squad-wide shock): Auto-attack chain. Cleaving sword slash with right hands, cleaving sword slash with left hands, and then lightning that hits everyone, including players on other platforms. gives Cardinal Sabir Might. Causes Violent Currents.

At 90%, Cardinal Sabir gets a Breakbar and 3 rotating AoE lines.

  • He also has Barrier, so you can’t DPS him.

Avoid the AoE lines, move toward him, and use Flash Discharge and other CC skills to break him.

Breaking Repulsion Shield (“free CC”)

Repulsion Shield Cardinal Sabir gets a Breakbar, Barrier, and 3 rotating AoE lines. Avoid the AoEs. Use Flash Discharge and other CC skills on Cardinal Sabir’s Breakbar. Spread out to avoid getting hit by multiple AoEs. Stack at Cardinal Sabir and heal.

  • Repulsion Field: Gives Cardinal Sabir Barrier. Puts on players.
  • : Pushes players away from Cardinal Sabir, while ticking for 750 damage and stacking Violent Currents. Ticks are blockable.
  • : Orange line AoEs that rotate around Cardinal Sabir, causing Launch.

After breaking him, spread out, so your orange AoEs don’t overlap.

  • This happens every time Cardinal Sabir is broken.

Avoiding Bolt Break (“bombs”)

  • : Orange player-targeted AoEs. When they fill, they explode, causing moderate damage. Likely to Down players when circles overlap them.

After the orange AoEs explode, stack at Cardinal Sabir again and heal.

At 80%, Cardinal Sabir talks briefly, Knocks Back players, and flies away, starting Movement Phase 1.

  • : AoE that causes a little damage and Knockback. Can be blocked or Dodged.

Movement Phase 1

When Cardinal Sabir flies away, he spawns a cloud launchpad near the main platform's edge. Use it to go up to the nearby small platform.

Kill the Voltaic Wisp to spawn another cloud launchpad. Use it to go to the next platform. Keep killing wisps and using cloud launchpads until you're on the long platform.

Long platform’s orange and white tornadoes On the long platform, avoid the orange-AoEed tornado (“death tornado”) and use a white-AoEed tornado to glide to the next small platform.

  • Touching the orange-AoEed tornado kills you. Be careful! Gliding too low over it kills you too!

Kill another Voltaic Wisp. When everyone's together, go to the main platform, starting Boss Phase 2.

  • Wait for fallen players to join you, so they aren't damaged by attacks away from healers.

Boss Phase 2 (80%–60%)

Boss Phase 2 is the same as Boss Phase 1, but with tornadoes and .

Tornado paths Tornadoes move counterclockwise on the patterned tiles of the platform.

To avoid the tornadoes, stack tightly near Cardinal Sabir, between the white/turquoise patterned tiles in the north/east/south/west.

  • Don't touch tornadoes unless you're avoiding the shockwave! You lose your DPS boost and SAK, and hurt other players!

DPS Cardinal Sabir while stacking together and avoiding the patterned tiles.

At 75%, Cardinal Sabir spins as 2 rings audibly expand outward. Run (or use Flash Discharge to teleport) to quickly go into a tornado.

Use a tornado to go into the air and glide. Land after the shockwave.

Avoiding Unbridled Tempest (“shockwave”)

Unbridled Tempest with marked ring

  • : 2 light orange rings (with sounds) expand from Cardinal Sabir, followed by a shockwave on the main platform. The shockwave Downs anyone it hits on the ground.
  • Some skills/traits (but not all) that give Invulnerability or ignore/absorb damage prevent Downing. Known to work: , , Distortion-giving skills/traits, , , , and .
  • You can teleport past the shockwave.
  • You cannot Aegis or Dodge through the shockwave.
  • Tornadoes prevent fall damage.

At 70%, Cardinal Sabir gets a free-CC Breakbar (Barrier and rotating AoE lines). Break him, spread out until your AoEs explode, and then stack again.

At 65%, Cardinal Sabir spins into another shockwave.

At 60%, Cardinal Sabir talks briefly, Knocks Back players, and flies away, starting Movement Phase 2.

Movement Phase 2

Movement Phase 2 is the same as Movement Phase 1, but with a second white-AoEed tornado replaced by an orange-AoEed tornado.

Use the cloud launchpads to go to higher platforms, and kill Voltaic Wisps to spawn cloud launchpads.

On the long platform, avoid the 2 orange-AoEed tornadoes. Use the white-AoEed tornadoes to glide to the next platform. Kill another Voltaic Wisp.

When everyone's together, go to the main platform, starting Boss Phase 3.

Boss Phase 3 (60%–0%)

Boss Phase 3 is like Boss Phase 2, but with a modified auto chain, Ion Shield, a giant orange-AoEed tornado, , and Paralyzing Wisps.

  • The tornadoes also move clockwise, instead of counterclockwise.

Cardinal Sabir uses the shockwave after every 2 auto-attack chains. After the shockwave, “coordinated CC” starts.

For coordinated CC, Cardinal Sabir gets a rapidly regenerating Breakbar and stacking buffs that increase his damage and defense.

  • While he has the Breakbar, outgoing damage increases and incoming damage decreases. After 60 seconds, he does +60% damage, and he no longer takes damage.

Wait until 5+ players have the Flash Discharge SAK.

  • In the squad UI, players with Flash Discharge have yellow borders.
  • Most commanders use 6+ players, so even if a player is too slow/too fast (or loses Flash Discharge), there's still enough CC for the Breakbar.
  • Avoid the tornadoes! They remove your Flash Discharge!

When the commander tells you to CC, use the SAK immediately, and then other CC skills if Cardinal Sabir isn’t fully broken.

  • 5 uses of Flash Discharge breaks the Breakbar.

Break him, spread out until your AoEs explode, and then stack again.

Breaking Ion Shield (“coordinated CC”)

Ion Shield

  • Ion Shield: +3% outgoing damage, -5% incoming damage. Causes immunity to Vulnerability . Stacks every 3 seconds. Removed by breaking Cardinal Sabir’s 2500 Breakbar.
  • While Cardinal Sabir has Ion Shield, he only uses auto attacks: (right-handed slash) → (left-handed slash) → (squad-wide shock).

After coordinated CC, Cardinal Sabir uses his auto chain, but instead of the shockwave, a square-shaped orange AoE starts filling the main platform.

Go to a bubble in one of the corners of the platform until the AoE finishes, causing a giant shock.

  • If needed, use Flash Discharge to quickly go to a bubble.

Avoiding Fury of the Storm (“corners”)

Fury of the Storm AoE, Eye of the Storm bubble, and Titanic Twister’s marked movement

  • (“corners”): A square orange AoE that expands from Cardinal Sabir. When it fills, it Downs players outside of Eye of the Storm. However, the side platforms are safe.
  • Eye of the Storm (“bubbles”): 2 light blue bubbles with white columns that spawn on the main platform. Stand in or glide over the bubble to avoid .
  • Some skills/traits (but not all) that give Invulnerability or ignore/absorb damage prevent Downing. Known to work: , , and .

Cardinal Sabir now has a new attack pattern:

  1. (right-handed slash) → (left-handed slash) → (shockwave) → Ion Shield (coordinated CC)
  2. (right-handed slash) → (left-handed slash) → (corners)
  3. repeat

At 50%, a giant orange-AoEed death tornado (“Titanic Twister”) spawns, rotating clockwise around the main platform. Move so that you're stacking behind the giant death tornado, while still avoiding the other tornadoes.

  • For (corners), use the bubble that's behind the tornado.
  • Like the orange-AoEed tornadoes from the movement phases, touching the giant tornado kills you.
  • Be careful not to Flash Discharge into the Titanic Twister or in front of it, especially if ignoring wisps! The wisps' attacks make it hard to move!

At 40%/30%/20%/10%, a side platform appears. A Paralyzing Wisp spawns 5 seconds later. If not killed after 30 seconds, a Voltaic Wisp spawns.

  1. At 40%, the west platform spawns.
  2. At 30%, the north platform spawns.
  3. At 20%, the east platform spawns.
  4. At 10%, the south platform spawns.

Depending on your wisp-handling strategy, either the wisp-killer goes to the side platforms, or the projectile-handlers start blocking projectiles.

  • If wisp-killing and projectiles are still a problem, also use projectile-absorbing/-reflecting skills.

If killing wisps, use tornadoes/Updrafts to glide to side platforms, break Paralyzing Wisps before killing them, and then use Updrafts to glide back to the main platform.

  • Use the big Updrafts at the corners, not the small Updrafts between the main and side platforms. The small Updrafts don't launch you as high as the big ones.
  • Be careful when moving between the main and side platforms! The death tornado, corners, Downing midair, and missing Updrafts are all deadly.

Killing Wisps

Marked wisp spawn order and big/small Updraft locations

  • Use Flash Discharge and other CC skills to break the Paralyzing Wisps, so they take more damage from Exposed.
  • Paralyzing Wisps have 600 Breakbars.
  • After killing a Paralyzing Wisp, covers the side platform until it respawns.
  • Paralyzing Wisps respawn after 40 seconds.
  • The south platform is usually ignored, since it spawns when Cardinal Sabir is at 10%.

If ignoring wisps, projectile-ignorers take turns using their projectile-absorbing/-reflecting skills on the squad.

  • If using non-moveable skills, put the AoE between current+next stacking spots/current stacking spot and bubble.

Ignoring Wisps

Stacking spots and places to put non-moveable projectile-absorbing/-reflecting skills

At <30%, the next Breakbar is always free CC (instead of corners → coordinated CC), so use Flash Discharge as soon as you get it. Afterwards, Cardinal Sabir’s attack pattern returns to normal.

At 0%, Cardinal Sabir dies, ending the fight.

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