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Sorting & Appraisal

Published Jul 18, 2021 Updated Sep 3, 2023
QueenNamorita writer

Sorting & Appraisal is an encounter before meeting the Twin Largos. Every week alternates between different mischievous enemies. Steve sometimes even makes a surprise appearance to the delight of absolutely no one.

Before Starting Sorting & Appraisal

  • Required Masteries and Mounts

    • No masteries required
    • Sand Jackal mount is required
  • Special Roles

    • There are no special roles in this encounter

After defeating Conjured Amalgamate, take the sand portal to the left.

Entrance portal to the left of Conjured Amalgamate

Sorting and Appraisal entrance vault

There are two parts to this event:

  • Clear out the Ectoplasm or Shrink and Sort the Megapets

  • Dreg Shark

It alternates weekly between Clear out the Ectoplasm and Shrink and Sort the Megapets. Dreg Shark is always the second event.

The portals between most of the rooms are random. If you see him before he leaves, follow Zommoros through portals. If you lag behind, wait for a skritt to appear with a speech bubble above their head next to the correct portal.

Zommoros going through a portal
Portal with a skritt standing next to it

Event 1

Alternates weekly between Clear out the Ectoplasm and Shrink and Sort the Megapets.

Clear out the Ectoplasm - “Oozes”

There is one Ectoplasmic Conglomeration in the room that needs to be killed. When it dies, a ring of oozes spawn; all but one is in shield form (Otherworldly Defenses: reflect incoming damage, prevents CC, generates a barrier, and reflects missiles).

One of the Ectoplasmic Conglomerations is bouncing, dealing massive amounts of retaliation damage and using . Either CC first to make it stop bouncing and then kill it, or kill it if your group has high enough heals and DPS to not die to the reflected damage.

When the ooze dies, it splits into many tiny oozes and the next ooze in the ring starts bouncing. Repeat the pattern of CC and kill for all of the oozes in the room. When all of the oozes are dead, the portal to the Dreg Shark opens.

Shielding ooze

Shrink and Sort the Megapets - “Toys”

The toy room

2 random Megapets are chosen from the following:

  • Mega Chainsaw the Skeleton (Steve)

    • Chainsaw attack called applies Bleeding.
    • deals damage, 5 stacks of Torment, and transfers all conditions to attackers.
  • Mega Maraca Choya Pinata

  • Deals heavy damage with .

  • Mega Foostivoo the Merry

    • and do moderate damage.
    • Chills for 3 seconds and Stuns for 1 second.
  • Mega Princess Doll

    • Applies Weakness and Vulnerability.
    • Standing in thorns causes Confusion.

At 75% and 50% of their health, you need to move the Megapet underneath the correct extractor to remove their barrier: 2 skritt stand on either side of a beam of light. Use Pushes/Pulls to move them.

The Mega Maraca Choya Pinata rolls around the edge of the room and must be CCed on top of the beam. If you need just a little nudge, hitting them pushes them along.

The toys can aggro to minions/ranger pets so leave them at home.

At 25%, the Megapets need to be shrunk by leading or pulling them into the beam of light in the center of the room. An announcement will appear stating “This pet is now ready for shrinking.”

Pushes/Pulls are recommended to move the Megapets faster.

Extractor Beam

When the 2 Megapets are dead, Zommoros will go through a portal in one of the small doorways in the room. Follow him through it, then take the portal on the right to go to the Dreg Shark.

A Sand Jackal portal in one of the small doorways

Event 2

Dreg Shark - (Shark)

There is a shark hopping from one pile of gold to the next. It is Invulnerable while in a gold pile so grab the Dreg Shark Extractor on the floor and throw it into the pile the Dreg Shark is currently in. If it’s about to leave that pile, wait until it lands in the next one.

When the shark moves from one pile to the next, anyone in its path takes heavy damage and gets knocked back from Shark Splash.

When the shark is in the middle, CC quickly and burst DPS before it returns to a gold pile 10 seconds after the defiance bar is broken.

Power burst DPS is recommended, as well as 2 healers and Stability so players can stay in the middle and see which pile the Dreg Shark goes to. It will take 1-2 burn phases depending on group DPS. Someone can grab the Dreg Shark Extractor during the burn phase and throw it into the middle as soon as the shark is about to jump and it will immediately jump back to the middle.

When the Dreg Shark is dead, wait for the roleplay and then take the portal to the SE to arrive at Twin Largos.

A red boss icon in a pile of gold and a small bomb labeled Dreg Shark Extractor

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