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Twin Largos

Published Jun 13, 2021 Updated Jul 8, 2023
QueenNamorita writer

The Twin Largos are fast-paced, dangerous, active bosses. The fight is hectic and you'll have to always be on your toes. The water might look tempting to jump in, but be careful not to drown.

  • Required Masteries and Mounts

    • Glider Basics mastery is required to move between platforms
    • No mounts required
  • Special Roles

    • 2 tanks: Kenut and Nikare attack the player with the highest Toughness.
      • Whichever tank has more Toughness will be main tank on the first two platforms.
  • Bring some extra Toughness to handle the damaging attacks.

  • Bring condition cleanses to combat the frequent application of Slow.

  • Skill Changes

    • Bring condition cleanses.
    • Bring boonstrips for Kenut.
    • Not CCing in the later phases can be deadly so bring some extra CC.

There are two bosses - Nikare (Platform 1 and left side) and Kenut (Platform 2 and right side), the Twin Largos. They are fought separately.

Each platform has its own hard enrage timer of 2 minutes. If the boss isn’t phased by then, the entire squad wipes.

Phase 1 (Nikare 100%-50%)


All of Nikare's main attacks apply Chill and Slow. If you fall off the platform during the fight, there are waterspouts on either side of the platform that you can use to get back up. While in the water, you will also receive stacks of Waterlogged so get back ASAP.

Water Spouts

Nikare Mechanics

Waterlogged (Stacks)

Waterlogged stacks will build up from touching water or water-based attacks. At 10 stacks, you will take lethal damage and die. Stacks disappear slowly over time if you avoid water mechanics.

Tidal Pool

Tidal Pool

A red circle spawns every 14 seconds under a random player excluding the main tank. A white circle drops at their location after 5 seconds and expands, lasting for almost 90 seconds. Be careful where they are placed because they do not despawn quickly. Also applies Waterlogged if you stand in it.

Stack at the southern edge of the platform, as close to each other as possible.

Aquatic Detainment indicator

Aquatic Detainment (Bubbles)

Small circles appear every 18-23 seconds underneath players and float you for 4 seconds if you stay in them. You can walk out of/Dodge/Evade/block this mechanic. Walking out is recommended to save other skills for attacks that are more difficult to avoid.

Aquatic Detainment float


Geyser (Big Circles)

Two large AoEs that spawn under 2 random players every 10 seconds. It Launches and deals heavy damage if you do not Dodge/Evade/block.

Vapor Rush

Vapor Rush (Dash)

Kenut uses and dashes 3 times every 20 seconds. He goes to the furthest player, the new furthest player, and then back to the tank. It does heavy damage. Dodge/Evade/block the dashes.

tends to happen after circles. If you are dropping off a , Kenut can still dash to you.

You will have 2 minutes to DPS Nikare from 100% to 50%, or else the platform stinks into the water and you wipe.

At 50%, Kenut will leave. Take the waterspout to the north to move to the next platform. This is also why you want to keep to the South.

Phase 2 (Kenut 100%-50%)


If you fall off the platform during the fight, there are waterspouts on either side of the platform that you can use to get back up. While in the water, you will also receive stacks of Waterlogged so get back ASAP.

Kenut Mechanics

Aquatic Vortex

Aquatic Vortex (Tornadoes)

is three waterspouts that move around the platform, applying Waterlogged, Chill, and Slow.

Vapor Jet

Vapor Jet (Shadowstep, Boonsteal)

Nikare uses to disappear and reappear on the furthest player (usually the off-tank baits this mechanic), spawning an orange rectangle on the ground. Make sure to Dodge/Evade, or she will steal all the boons of the player hit. Be ready to boonstrip ASAP if this happens because she is extremely deadly with Alacrity and Quickness.

Sea Swell

Sea Swell (Shockwave)

is a shockwave mechanic, affected by Quickness. An orange ring will go out as a warning prior to the actual shockwave. Make sure to Dodge/Evade/block/jump. Note that the shockwave multihits as it expands, so Aegis and single blocks may not be effective. Nikare gains Protection for each player hit by shockwave.

Cycle Burst

Cycle Burst (Circles, Y Attack)

is a series of circles inflicting Torment pulsing outwards in 3 directions. It deals moderate damage. Can be blocked/sidestepped, but easily avoided by going into her hitbox.

Kenut's attack pattern is either

  • (Shadowstep/Boonsteal) -> (Shockwave) -> (Circles, Y Attack)


  • (Shadowstep/Boonsteal) -> (Circles, Y Attack) -> (Shockwave)

And this repeats. Tank in the middle and have the dps avoid the tornadoes. The biggest thing for dps is to avoid (Shockwave).

You will once again have 2 minutes to reach 50%.

Phase 3 (Split 50%-25%)

Nikare and Kenut split up onto 2 different platforms. Nikare goes west and Nikare goes east. Typically subgroup 1 goes west (left) and subgroup 2 goes east (right).

CC projectiles shooting outwards from the center of the platform

Mechanics associated with the boss are the same, except there will now be a defiance bar for both bosses at the same time. During this time, they will throw out projectiles. These can be blocked with projectile destructions, reflections, and conversions. CC them quickly to stop it.

Once a boss hits 25%, it will move to the next platform. You have 2 minutes to phase them or your platform will wipe.

It is recommended to make sure both groups have a tank, a healer, and similar dps to phase the bosses at nearly the same time. Keep an eye on the boss health bars in the top right where the timer is.

Depending on the team comp and skill level of the players, some groups will split 6-4 with 6 going to Nikare (left) and 4 going to Kenut (right). Nikare has less health and is generally easier.

Phase 4 (Split 25%-0%)

Once again, you will have 2 minutes to finish off both largeese. If one largos is defeated, the other will become enraged and deal double damage. The Breakbar during this time also Dazes the subgroup on the other platform, so it is important to break it as soon as possible. It is better to kill Kenut first as her enrage mechanics are much more punishing than Nikare's.

Every 3 seconds, the bosses will deal 2% increased damage. At some point mechanics will become lethal, so try to kill both as simultaneously as possible.

If you do finish before the other group, you can use the waterspouts to get to the other subroup's platform to help them. Make sure to glide in case there are mechanics happening on the platform.

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