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Published Jul 6, 2021 Updated Aug 21, 2023
Zephyr writer

Slothasor is the first boss of Salvation Pass (Wing 2). Fight the smelly sloth-monster and his children in his poisonous den, where 4 (un)lucky players go on a bad trip to eat the floor clean while they dodge friendly fire. While constantly waking Slothasor from his naps, take turns walking him around the cave, but avoid his tantrums and coconuts. Most importantly, yak that SAK behind everyone!

Pre-Event: Going to Slothasor’s Arena

You start at the bottom of a long tunnel.

Go into the tunnel.

Kill 4 groups of enemies. Each group has Slublings, Evolved Slublings, or both.

  • (optional) As a squad, run to the end, and then stack tightly behind the Golden Slubling’s tree. Kill the enemies.

Killing Slublings and Evolved Slublings (“slubs”)

  • Slublings: They cause conditions, and their projectile attacks corrupt boons into conditions. Reflects work against them.
  • Evolved Slublings: They cause conditions and corrupt boons, but also do more damage. Reflects do not work against their attacks!

At the end of the tunnel, there is a light blue Imbued Mushroom next to bright green poison floor.

Wait next to the Imbued Mushroom, but don’t eat it! Eating it starts the fight!

Before Fighting Slothasor

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • no Masteries
    • no mounts
  • Special Roles
    • 4 mushroom-eaters ((mush)rooms, mushroom 1/2/3/4, friendly slub(lings)): DPS players are assigned 1 of 4 Imbued Mushrooms (1, 2, 3, or 4, in order of their appearance). They use them to transform into enemy Slublings, and then eat Poison Mushrooms to make a safe area for fighting.
    • (optional) 1–4 backup mushroom-eaters: If a mushroom-eater dies before eating their Imbued Mushroom, a backup replaces them, as mushroom-eaters cannot immediately eat another Imbued Mushroom after finishing.
  • Common Mushroom-Eating Strategies
    • wall mushrooms: For lower squad DPS and inexperienced groups. Mushroom-eaters remove mushrooms near the arena walls. Placing SAK poison is safer. The bigger safe area gives you more time to DPS.
    • centre mushrooms: For higher squad DPS. Mushroom-eaters remove mushrooms to the arena's centre + 1 more to the next Imbued Mushroom. Placing SAK poison and eating Imbued Mushrooms is more dangerous, due to poison floor.
  • Keybinding and Skill Changes
    • (everyone) Make sure that you’re able to quickly use your SAK (special action key) for dropping in the correct location.
    • (classes with pets) Set your pet to Avoid Combat, so they don’t accidentally attack transformed mushroom-eaters.
    • (optional) Reflect and Pull skills, for killing Slublings.
    • Make sure that each subgroup has condition-cleanses, and for the post-CC Fear, Stability/group Stun Breaks).

Planning Mushroom-Eating Paths

Locations of Imbued Mushrooms and centre 4 Poison Mushrooms Before fighting, put 4 location markers on the map. Your mushroom-eating strategy changes where you put the location markers.

  • wall strategy: Mark the 4 Imbued Mushrooms around the edges of the arena. The basic path to eat is: Eat to the next Imbued Mushroom, staying near the wall.
    1. the mushroom(s) between your Imbued Mushroom and next mushroom-eater's marker
    2. the mushroom at next mushroom-eater's marker
  • centre strategy: Mark the 4 Poison Mushrooms in the centre of the arena. The basic path to eat is: Eat to your marked Poison Mushroom + 1 more toward the next Imbued Mushroom.
    1. at your Imbued Mushroom
    2. the mushroom(s) between your Imbued Mushroom and your marker
    3. the mushroom at your marker
    4. the mushroom toward the next Imbued Mushroom's spawn location

Boss Phase 1 (100%–50%)

Slothasor, Imbued Mushroom, Poison Mushrooms and their poison floor, and marked CENTRE-strategy Poison Mushrooms You start outside a small cave covered in red-purple Poison Mushrooms and a damaging bright green floor.

  • Make sure to stand near the light blue Imbued Mushroom, or you’ll die outside the arena! When the fight starts, a wall blocks off the arena!
  • If you normally play with the camera completely zoomed out, zoom in a bit. The cave is tiny, and the low ceiling makes ceiling foliage block the camera.

To start the fight, the first mushroom-eater uses the Imbued Mushroom, and starts eating Poison Mushrooms, moving counter-clockwise.

  • If you can’t remember your path, eat an extra mushroom. Not enough mushrooms = no safe area. Too many mushrooms = safe area is a bit wider (if eating a “side” mushroom) or it shortens a bit earlier (if eating the next mushroom-eater’s mushroom).
  • For later mushroom-eaters, eat your Imbued Mushroom when it spawns.
  • If needed, Dodge through the poison floor to go to your mushroom.
  • After Imbued Mushroom #4, the next mushroom that spawns is Imbued Mushroom #1.

Eating Poison Mushrooms to Make a Safe Area

Imbued Mushroom Imbued Mushrooms: Light blue mushrooms that spawn in 4 locations. 1 spawns every 60 seconds. Use to transform into an enemy Slubling for 45 seconds (Magic Transformation buff). While transformed, the poison floor and enemy attacks don't affect you. Cannot transform again for 4 minutes (Nauseated).

  • Poison Mushrooms: Red-purple mushrooms that make bright green floor around them. Touching the "poison floor" causes moderate damage and Poison ().
  • Remove lingering skills (like banners) before transforming! Your skills buff Slothasor and hurt players!
  • Your transformed health is based on your pre-transformation health, which then affects your health when you de-transform. Losing all health also de-transforms you in a Downed state. If you're in poison floor, you die quickly!

Transformed mushroom-eater next to Poison Mushroom

  1. Eat your Imbued Mushroom to transform into an enemy Slubling.
  2. Dodge away from nearby player attacks.
  3. Eat your assigned Poison Mushrooms, removing the damaging bright-green floor.
  4. Use to de-transform, and then return to the squad.

While there’s a transformed mushroom-eater, be careful when attacking! Don’t kill your mushroom-eater!

Not Killing Your Mushroom-Eaters

While there's a mushroom-eater making a safe area, non-transformed players carefully DPS Slothasor until the mushroom-eater de-transforms.

  • Be careful to not Pull, cleave, or attack the transformed player!
  • If the transformed player dies before creating a safe area, you'll have nowhere safe to fight, wiping the squad!

While the first mushroom-eater is making a safe area, Slothasor moves toward the Fixated player. After ~1 auto-attack, he uses .

When yellow AoEs start appearing, wait 3 seconds, and then Dodge!

“3, 2, 1, Dodge!”

Avoiding Tantrum

Tantrum : Every ~45 seconds, Slothasor pounds his fists on the ground. 3 sets of AoE circles spawn under players. They cause 5-second Knockdown and significant damage.

  • Wait 3 seconds before returning! The AoEs don't immediately despawn!
  • If you move while the AoEs are appearing, you're more likely to Dodge into another AoE.

Throughout the fight, Slothasor randomly changes tanks.

If you have the purple Fixated star overhead, you’re the current tank. Move to the front of the safe area, so the slow-moving boss is far from respawning poison floor and growing SAK poison.

  • When a new tank is selected, the raid message, “[character name] is currently fixated.” appears in the middle of the screen for everyone. The Fixated icon also changes to the new tank.
  • If you don’t aggressively move Slothasor, you’re more likely to have to DPS/CC in poison floor and SAK AoEs.


Fixated player Fixate: Every 30 seconds, a purple star appears over a random player's head. Slothasor follows and attacks that player until a new target is selected. The new target can be the same player. You lose Fixate by Downing, Stealthing, or transforming into a Slubling.

When Slothasor stops and breathes fire, move behind him, even if you’re the tank.

Avoiding Halitosis (“fire breath”)

Halitosis : Slothasor locks in place and breathes a large cone of fire, damaging and stacking Burning every tick.

If you get a SAK, move behind your squad, near the wall, and then use it!

  • Your screen edges turn yellow, there's a noise, and “Volatile Poison” appears in the middle of your screen and chat box. You also have a green skull above your head and a SAK.
  • Don’t put it in the safe area! The safe area is already small without a growing AoE removing it!

“Yak your SAK behind or beside the wall, not in front!” Don’t make people walk through vomit!

Dropping Volatile Poison (“(SAK) poison”)

Volatile Poison : Starting at 6:35, every 25 seconds, a random player gets a green skull over their head and a SAK. Use the SAK to place a slowly-expanding AoE that causes very high damage. The AoE is automatically placed after 6 seconds, you Down, or transform into a Slubling.

  • If there's poison floor near the wall, (if needed) Dodge in, place the AoE, and Dodge out.
  • The AoE grows for a long time. Placing it behind the squad (not the direction that the squad's moving) keeps you from moving into it.

Make sure to kill the adds to avoid being overwhelmed, but be careful not to kill transformed mushroom-eaters!

  • Use reflects and Pull them to Slothasor for easy cleaving.
  • Slublings: Every 30 seconds, 5 Slublings spawn. They cause conditions and corrupt boons.

Every 20% (80%/60%/40%/20%), Slothasor falls asleep and becomes Invulnerable.

Break Slothasor's Breakbar, and then stop his Fear attack.

  • Be careful to not CC transformed players! If Pulled, it's easy to kill them when you start DPSing again!

Waking Up Slothasor from Narcolepsy (“CC”)

Narcolepsy Narcolepsy: Slothasor stops moving, becomes Invulnerable, and gains a 4,000 Breakbar. After breaking Slothasor, he wakes up and uses a 10-second Fear on the squad.

  • CC him quickly, before the Poison Mushrooms respawn, removing the safe area.
  • To stop the Fear, use Aegis, Stability, a Stun Break, or a condition-cleanse.

After breaking Slothasor, he loses Invulnerablity, and then starts moving again.

At 50%, Slothasor starts Boss Phase 2.

Boss Phase 2 (50%–30%)

Boss Phase 2 is the same as Boss Phase 1, but with .

When Slothasor stops and starts to shake, Dodge twice toward Slothasor, and then use condition-cleanses and heals.

Avoiding Spore Release (“shake”, “coconuts”)

Spore Release : Slothasor stops and shakes violently, sending 2 waves of projectiles outward. The projectiles cause Bleeding, Burning, Poison, and Torment.

At 30%, Slothasor starts Boss Phase 3.

Boss Phase 3 (30%–0%)

Boss Phase 3 is the same as Boss Phase 2, but Evolved Slublings spawn instead of regular Slublings. There's also an extra Breakbar at 10%.

Make sure to kill the Evolved Slublings! Reflects don't work against their projectiles!

At 0%, Slothasor dies, ending the fight.

  • If you set your pet to Avoid Combat, set it to Guard.

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