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Published Jun 19, 2021 Updated Aug 7, 2023
Zephyr writer

Gorseval the Multifarious (“Gorseval”, or “Gors(e)”) is the second boss of Spirit Vale (Wing 1). Bring high DPS and heavy CC to stop its tantrums and worldly hunger, or flee the arena before it consumes everyone. During its split phases, kill its Charged Souls before they merge with it, reawakening its hunger. Avoid touching the growing darkness, or seek the light hidden within. Don’t get egged!

Before Fighting Gorseval

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • (everyone) Updraft Use Mastery
    • no mounts
  • Special Roles
    • 1 tank: Gorseval attacks the player with the highest Toughness.
  • Common Strategies
    • CC Speed (“fast CC”, “slow CC”, “no CC”)
      • Squad DPS affects break speed during tantrum (), with faster breaks reducing DPSing time before World Eater.
      • quickly broken (squad DPS >75k; “fast CC”)
      • slowly broken (squad DPS <75k; “slow CC”)
      • Examples:
        • “fast/fast/slow”: first boss phase = fast CC, second boss phase = fast CC, final boss phase = slow CC
        • “all slow”: all slow CC
        • “fast break”: all fast CC
    • Handling World Eater
      • Squad DPS affects whether you stop or escape World Eater before it finishes.
        • ignore and out-DPS: DPS Gorseval to 66%/33%/0%, stopping it.
        • escape the arena: Kill an Ethereal Barrier (“barrier”, “wall”) next to an Updraft, and then glide out of the arena.
    • Handling Charged Souls
      • Squad DPS affects ability to split into subgroups to kill Charged Souls.
        • as a squad, rotating clockwise (lower squad DPS): Players with Immobilize skills stop the south Charged Souls while the squad kills the northwest (NW) one and rotates clockwise. Only using a Druid with is common, but not required.
        • as subgroups, going east (higher squad DPS): Players with Immobilize skills stop their east Charged Souls while their subgroups are killing their west Charged Souls. Subgroup 1 kills the northwest (NW) → northeast (NE) Charged Souls. Subgroup 2 kills the southwest (SW) → southeast (SE) Charged Souls. The subgroup that finishes first helps the other subgroup.
  • Skill Changes
    • Immobilize skills: For stopping Charged Souls during split phases.
    • CC skills: For breaking Gorseval’s Breakbar during tantrum ().
    • (optional) Aegis or Stability skills: Stops slam () from causing Knockback.
    • (optional) Pull skills: Makes cleaving adds easier.
    • (optional) other soft-CC skills (Chill, Cripple, and Slow): While Immobilize is the best for stopping Charged Souls, it’s important to slow moving Charged Souls.

Marking Charged Soul and Ethereal Barrier Locations

Location markers for Charged Souls and Ethereal Barriers next to Updrafts Use location markers to find where to start killing Charged Souls:

  • Arrow: Northwest (NW) of Gorseval.
  • (optional) Circle: Southwest (SW) of Gorseval. If killing Charged Souls as subgroups, this helps Subgroup 2 find their west Charged Soul.

If escaping World Eater, use a total of 4 location markers. While optional, they make killing the correct Ethereal Barrier easier. In addition to Arrow and Circle, put location markers:

  • Heart: Northeast (NE) of Gorseval.
  • Square: Southeast (SE) of Gorseval.

Boss Phase 1 (100%–66%)

Gorseval From the end of Spirit Woods, glide across the Updraft to the centre platform. Stay near the edge, or the fight starts!

  • After wiping, wait for the Updraft to respawn, so you don’t fall and die!


To start the fight, go to Gorseval.

Stay in the arena’s centre, but be east of Gorseval. During the boss phases, stay there, unless escaping World Eater.

When the fight starts, as its first or second attack, Gorseval slams its arm from above, causing Knockback. Dodge it, or use Aegis/Stability skills.

  • (“slam”): AoE Knockback skill. Gorseval slams down its arm from above, causing moderate damage.
  • The side-to-side arm-swipe (“swipe”) is its auto-attack, and doesn’t cause Knockback.

After 3 attacks, Gorseval teleports to the arena’s centre, and then starts tantruming, creating rings of black goo in patterns.

Follow your CC strategy, and move out of black goo. Don’t use fast/multiple-hit attacks, or you’ll Down yourself!

  • If squad DPS is lower than expected, watch for your commander ordering slow CC or escaping World Eater!
  • If you’re slow-CCing into out-DPSing World Eater, make sure not to break Gorseval’s Breakbar too quickly! If you can't DPS enough to stop World Eater, you’ll wipe!

Surviving Ghastly Rampage (“tantrum”, “rampage”)

Ghastly Rampage’s black ring : Causes damage for 50% of player health. Gorseval also gets a 4,500 Breakbar and Vivid Echo, and black goo covers the arena in patterns of rings, causing moderate damage and stacking Vulnerability when they explode.

  • Avoid being in black rings. They explode for 50% HP and heavily stack Vulnerability.
  • Avoid using fast/multiple-hit attacks. Vivid Echo does fixed damage per hit, so fast/multiple-hit attacks easily Down you.
  • Conditions don’t trigger Vivid Echo.

After the tantrum, Gorseval swipes and slams again. It also spawns 4 adds that cause conditions and Knockback.

  • If using a solo-Immobilizer, kill the adds before the split phase starts, or can miss the Charged Souls.

25 seconds after the tantrum ends, Gorseval starts using World Eater.

Depending on your group’s strategy, either out-DPS World Eater by ending the current phase, or escape the arena to avoid it.

Handling World Eater

World Eater: Instant-kill skill avoided by either phasing Gorseval or escaping the arena. After 13 seconds, it kills players and adds in the arena. For each add killed, Gorseval’s damage increases (+10% per stack).

  • You can only escape World Eater 4 times, as used Updrafts don’t respawn.

Escaping World Eater

Updraft locations Wait to use the Updraft, as it disappears 15 seconds after the first person uses it.

  1. After tantrum, kill the Ethereal Barrier near an Updraft.
  2. Kill the adds and DPS Gorseval. Don't get Knocked Back and out of the arena!
  3. When World Eater’s AoE has almost filled the arena, glide into the Updraft. Glide back into the arena.

After World Eater, Gorseval restarts its attack pattern from the beginning of the current boss phase.

At 66%, Gorseval goes to the arena's centre, becoming Invulnerable.

Split Phase 1: Charged Souls

Charged Souls with subgroup location markers 4 Charged Souls spawn around the arena:

  • northeast (NE)
  • southeast (SE)
  • southwest (SW): Circle
  • northwest (NW): Arrow

The Charged Souls walk toward Gorseval. When a Charged Soul merges with Gorseval, World Eater starts.

  • Charged Souls only merge with Gorseval at its centre. Touching its bubble doesn't start World Eater.
  • While Charged Souls’ AoEs cause Weakness, this isn’t a problem with decent DPS.

Following your group’s strategy, kill the Charged Souls.

  • Make sure to use full DPS to quickly kill them!

Killing Charged Souls

As a squad:

  • Players with Immobilize and other soft-CC skills stop the south Charged Souls from moving.
  • If using , wait on Gorseval’s south side. Make sure to have other Immobilize skills / call for help, in case misses or hits adds instead.
  • Moving clockwise, kill NW (Arrow) → NE → SE → SW.

As subgroups:

  • Players with Immobilize and other soft-CC skills stop the east Charged Souls from moving.
  • Subgroup 1 kills NW (Arrow) → NE.
  • Subgroup 2 kills SW (Circle) → SE.
  • The subgroup that finishes first helps the other subgroup.

When all 4 Charged Souls die, or World Eater finishes, Gorseval is no longer Invulnerable, starting Boss Phase 2.

Boss Phase 2 (66%–33%)

Boss Phase 2 is the same as Boss Phase 1, but with Spectral Darkness and different tantrum () patterns.

Kill nearby black orbs with ranged attacks, so their AoEs don't cover where you’re fighting. Don’t stand in their AoEs!

  • Ghost icon overhead/on buff bar = you don’t damage Gorseval. Touch 2 gold orbs (from dead black orbs) to remove the debuff!
  • If escaping World Eater, kill the black orbs near the Updrafts.

Handling Spectral Darkness (“orbs”, “ghost”)

Spectral Darkness with black orb, gold orbs, and expanded AoE from another black orb Spectral Darkness: Black orbs with an expanding light blue AoE spawn in the arena. Touching the AoE gives 10 stacks of Spectral Darkness, with a ghost icon over affected players’ heads.

  • Killing black orbs spawns 2 small gold orbs.
  • Touching black orb AoEs debuffs you. The debuff reduces your DPS (-100%) and increase damage taken (+100%)!
  • Ghosted players = less DPS for out-DPSing Gorseval before World Eater finishes. Make sure to remove the debuff!

At 33%, Gorseval goes to the arena's centre, becoming Invulnerable.

Split Phase 2: Charged Souls

Split Phase 2 is the same as Split Phase 1, but with Spectral Darkness.

When killing the 4 Charged Souls, make sure to range-kill nearby Spectral Darkness orbs, and be careful not to get ghosted!

When all 4 Charged Souls die, or World Eater finishes, Gorseval is no longer Invulnerable, starting Boss Phase 3.

Boss Phase 3 (33%–0%)

Boss Phase 3 is the same as Boss Phase 2, but with and different tantrum () patterns.

Move out of orange AoEs to not get trapped in eggs. Be careful not to move into other players' AoEs!

  • Free trapped players by using Rebel (if trapped) and cleaving the eggs (if not trapped).

Avoiding Ghastly Prison (“eggs”, “getting egged”)

Ghastly Prison AoEs : Small orange AoE circles appear under players. After 1 second, players are trapped (“egged”) in blue eggs.

  • Trapped players = less time to DPS Gorseval before World Eater!

Pay attention to your commander! If squad DPS is too low (too many people ghosted or egged), your commander might order slow CC for tantrum, or stop CCing and start breaking an Ethereal Barrier to escape World Eater.

At 0%, Gorseval dies, ending the fight.

  • Sometimes World Eater finishes after it dies. You still get your kill and loot!

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