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Published Jun 21, 2021 Updated Jan 10, 2024
Zephyr writer

Sabetha the Saboteur (“Sabetha”, or "Sab") is the third and final boss of Spirit Vale (Wing 1). Kill bandits to make her appear. Bombs and fire are everywhere as you fight Sabetha and her 3 mini-bosses on a destructible platform. Everyone needs to be ready to help players with special roles, using special bombs to launch them to kill cannons. Avoid Sabetha’s spinning flame wall, and keep the platform from breaking, or die instantly.

Pre-Event: Killing Bandits

  • Objective
    • Go through the bandits’ hideout, killing them to fill the pre-event’s progress bar.
    • Fill the pre-event’s progress bar, so Sabetha appears on her platform.
  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • Updraft Use Mastery
    • (optional) Explosive Launch Mastery: Without this, using launchpads moderately damages you.
    • no mounts

To start the pre-event, from Gorseval’s arena, glide into the north Updraft.

First stacking area for killing enemies Run to the stairs, stack behind the bottom, kill enemies, and then go up the stairs.

Second stacking area for killing enemies Ignoring the enemies, go up the ramps until you're on solid ground. To the right, stack behind the ramp’s fence, and then kill the enemies.

Go near the launchpad. Kill any remaining nearby enemies. Stack on the launchpad, and wait.

If you have a green AoE (SAK skill), use it on the launchpad.

  • When you get Sapper Bomb: Your screen edges turn yellow, there's a noise, a green AoE follows you, and the SAK skill appears.
  • After using a launchpad, you get Shell-Shocked and cannot use another launchpad for 50 seconds.

Using Sapper Bombs (“SAK”)

Sapper Bomb targeting launchpad Sapper Bomb: Ground-Targeted SAK skill. When it hits launchpads, it launches players into the air. It damages players and enemies.

  • If unused, the SAK disappears after 5 seconds.

Launchpad and the 2 platform levers Glide/run to the nearby 2 levers. Use the levers to lower the nearby platforms.

  • When the platforms are lowered, you can jump across them.
  • Use the platforms to go to the other side without Sapper Bomb.

Third stacking area for killing enemies Go forward until you're near the bridge, go left, and then stack behind the crates. Kill the enemies.

If the pre-event bar isn't full (in the corner of your screen), kill the remaining bandits, so Sabetha appears on her platform.

Go to the nearby rope bridge, outside of a floating platform. Don’t go over halfway across the bridge, or the fight starts!

Before Fighting Sabetha

  • Required Masteries and Mounts
    • (if killing cannons) Updraft Use Mastery
    • (if killing cannons) Explosive Launch Mastery
    • no mounts
  • Special Roles
    • 2 cannon-killers (cannons): DPS players use launchpads to kill cannons. The first player (“1/3”) kills cannons 1 and 3, while the second player (“2/4”) kills cannons 2 and 4. Cannon-killers can't do 2 cannons sequentially because of Shell-Shocked).
    • 1 flak-kiter (flak; kiter): Usually a healer or ranged class. Stays away from Sabetha, keeping off the squad. Sometimes also kites Sapper Bomb.
    • (optional) 1–2 backup cannon-killers: If something happens to one of the other cannon-killer players (dead or too far away), the backup cannon-killer player goes instead. Each backup player replaces only 1 cannon-killer player because of Shell-Shocked).
  • Common Strategies
    • (optional) Sapper-Bomb-kiting: 1 player (usually the flak-kiter) gets every Sapper Bomb, to make launching cannon-killer players simpler.
  • Keybinding and Skill Changes
    • (everyone) Make sure that you’re able to quickly use your SAK (special action key) for throwing Sapper Bomb to launch cannon-killers.
    • Even if someone is kiting Sapper Bombs, make sure that you’re ready to use it, as it’s easy to accidentally get the SAK.
    • CC skills: For breaking the 1,000 Breakbar of the second mini-boss (”Knuckles”).
    • (optional) Pull skills: For killing adds.
    • (optional) Stability skills: For when adds aren’t being killed. Some adds use Knockback, which kills players knocked off the platform or into .

Marking Launchpad Locations

Launchpad location markers To show where the launchpads are, put location markers:

  • Arrow: On the south (S) launchpad.
  • Circle: On the west (W) launchpad.
  • Heart: On the north (N) launchpad.
  • Square: On the east (E) launchpad.

Boss Phase 1 (100%–75%)

Sabetha You start on a bridge connected to Sabetha’s platform.

To start the fight, go over halfway across the bridge and onto the platform.

  • Go in together! Sabetha destroys the bridge, killing players on it!

Stack south (S) of Sabetha, so the first cannon-killer has more time to safely get launched.

Stacking for Better Launching

Players stack in the direction of the next cannon to spawn to control Sabetha’s flame wall (), so there’s the most time to send someone to cannons.

  • Sabetha doesn't move from the platform’s centre, so players rotate around her.

If you’re flak-kiting, stay away from the squad until Sabetha shoots the burning AoEs. Move to a new location, still away from the squad.


  • You have a few seconds before the next . If needed, go to the squad to use a few skills, and then move away.
  • Focus on keeping flak off-stack. While you want to stay close to the next cannon’s direction, it’s not as important for you.

Avoid the burning AoEs that Sabetha shoots onto the ground.

Avoiding Flak Shot (“flak”)

Flak Shot : Targets the player furthest from Sabetha. Long-lasting AoEs.

If you have a big AoE (bomb icon overhead), move off-stack. Be careful not to explode cannon-killers and the flak-kiter!

  • If needed, Aegis blocks the explosion, but be careful! Adds’ attacks can remove Aegis before the AoE explodes!

Handling Time Bomb (“big bomb”)

Time Bomb : Every ~15 seconds, the player nearest to Sabetha gets a bomb icon, a large AoE, and red text in the middle of the screen/chat (“Timed Bomb!”). After 3 seconds, it explodes, heavily damaging players and killing Downed players in the AoE. Cannot be Dodged or Evaded.

  • If you have , move away from other players. Be careful not to explode off-stack players, like cannon-killers and the flak-kiter!

At 8:30 on the timer, the first cannon spawns. Stay out of the AoEs!

  • Cannon Pattern 1: ArrowCircleHeartSquare
  • Cannon Pattern 2: ArrowHeartCircleSquare

Avoiding Cannon AoEs

Launchpad location markers At XX:00 and XX:30, a cannon spawns, along with 4 adds. Cannons attack the squad and the platform.

  • Don't stand in cannon AoEs! Cannons make AoEs that cover their part of the platform.
  • Cannons spawn one at a time in 4 places outside of the platform, in 2 patterns.
  • After Pattern 2, Pattern 1 repeats.

5 seconds after the cannon spawns, a Bandit Sapper spawns on the opposite side, giving 1 player Sapper Bomb.

  • Example: For the south (Arrow) cannon, the Bandit Sapper spawns near the north (Heart) launchpad.

Kiting Sapper Bombs

To get every Sapper Bomb, be the westmost player + within the next Bandit Sapper’s SAK-giving range before it spawns, as it gives the SAK shortly after spawning.

(if also flak-kiting) Focus on your SAK-kiting position, instead of staying near the group’s stacking direction. You’ll usually be kiting on the platform’s west side, except for west (Circle) cannon (east-spawning Bandit Sapper).

  • SAK-Kiter Pattern 1: west of Heart → east of Sabetha (west of Square) → west of Arrow → near Circle
  • SAK-Kiter Pattern 2: west of Heart → west of Arrow → east of Sabetha (west of Square) → near Circle

After the first Sapper Bomb appears, the first cannon-killer goes to Arrow, so Sapper Bomb can launch them.

  • Be careful going to/returning from cannons! Flak, flame wall, and adds with Knockback can all hit you!
    • If you miss a cannon, ignore the missed cannon! The other cannon-killer player kills the new cannon!

Killing Cannons

  1. When the new cannon spawns, the cannon-killer goes to the cannon’s launchpad.
  2. The Bandit Sapper spawns, and gives someone Sapper Bomb.
  3. When the cannon-killer is on the launchpad, use Sapper Bomb on it.
  4. After the cannon-killer kills the cannon, when it’s safe, return to the platform. If needed, use the Updraft to slow your return.

The cannons damage the platform. Don’t miss too many cannons! When the platform dies, you wipe!

Handling Platform Health

The platform has health, and is damaged by cannons and other attacks. If the platform dies, the squad dies.

  • In the corner of the screen, the platform's health is shown above Sabetha’s health.

Around the same time as the first cannon, Sabetha makes her first flame wall.

Facing Sabetha, quickly move to the left side of the red/yellow line before it turns into the instant-kill flame wall!

  • Everyone runs behind the flame wall, next to Sabetha, to run the shortest distance. Running too slowly away from the wall = death!
  • For cannon-killers, go after a nearby flame wall, or before a distant flame wall. If you’re not confident, skip your cannon!
  • If you have the SAK, use it quickly to launch cannon-killers, and don’t die in the process!

Avoiding Firestorm (“(flame) wall”)

Firestorm : Every 45 seconds, Sabetha targets a random player. A long AoE appears for a moment, and then an instant-kill flame wall rotates around her counter-clockwise, until she's back in her original position.

At 75%, Sabetha becomes Invulnerable and teleports away.

Mini-Boss Phase 1 : Kernan

Kernan's Hail of Bullets Kernan appears. After 3 seconds, she stops being Invulnerable.

Move behind Kernan.

  • : 3-part conal AoE. Each shot increases in size and damage. The third AoE is the biggest and most damaging.

During the mini-boss phases, Sabetha throws Heavy Bombs onto the platform.

Kick Heavy Bombs off the platform.

  • Make sure that the bomb disappears before moving away!

Kicking Heavy Bombs

Heavy Bomb Heavy Bomb: Has a circular timer that fills after a few seconds. When the timer fills, it explodes, heavily damaging the platform and Knocking Back players.

  • Interact with them to kick them off the platform. After a short cast time, they disappear.

At 25%, Sabetha reappears, starting Boss Phase 2.

Boss Phase 2 (75%–50%)

Boss Phase 2 is the same as Boss Phase 1, but with Kernan.

Kill Kernan before focusing on Sabetha.

When Sabetha reaches 50%, she becomes Invulnerable and teleports away.

Mini-Boss Phase 2 : “Knuckles”

Knuckles's Platform Quake ”Knuckles” appears. After 3 seconds, he stops being Invulnerable.

Make sure to CC ”Knuckles” when his Breakbar appears! The attack causes Knockback, possibly off the platform or (in Boss Phase 3) into the flame wall.

  • : Every 30 seconds, ”Knuckles” gets a 1,000 Breakbar. Break him within 5 seconds, or he causes squad Knockback.

Kick Heavy Bombs.

At 25%, Sabetha reappears, starting Boss Phase 3.

Boss Phase 3 (50%–25%)

Boss Phase 3 is the same as Boss Phase 2, but with ”Knuckles” and an extra big AoE ().

  • When the first big AoE appears, the second player is targeted 1 second later.

Kill ”Knuckles” (making sure to CC his Breakbar) before focusing on Sabetha.

At 25%, Sabetha becomes Invulnerable and teleports away.

Mini-Boss Phase 3: Karde

Karde’s Flame Blast Karde appears. After 3 seconds, he stops being Invulnerable.

Move behind Karde. Kill the Flame Turrets to avoid being overwhelmed.

  • : Karde locks himself in place, hitting anyone in front of him. Very high damage!
  • Flame Turret: Summoned by Karde. Shoots lots of low-damage projectiles.

Kick Heavy Bombs.

At 25%, Sabetha reappears, starting Boss Phase 4.

Boss Phase 4 (25%–0%)

Boss Phase 4 is the same as Boss Phase 3, but with Karde and .

Kill Karde (and his Flame Turrets) before focusing on Sabetha.

Avoid the small, dark red AoEs.

Avoiding Platform Crush

spawns small, dark red AoEs on the platform, dealing moderate damage to players.

If the platform’s health isn’t low, when Sabetha has low health, groups often stop killing cannons.

At 0%, Sabetha dies, ending the fight.

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