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Twisted Castle

Published Jul 14, 2021 Updated Sep 5, 2023
QueenNamorita writer

Twisted Castle is the last challenge to overcome before confronting Xera. At first glance it will confound and confuse the mind. The Escher-like maze of floating platforms surrounding a maddening spire conjured by Xera will test your memory and positioning.

The rotating spire that causes madness

Before Starting Twisted Castle

  • Required Masteries and Mounts

  • Forsaken Magic mastery is recommended so fountains can be used, but is not required

  • No mounts required

  • Special Roles

    • There are no special roles required.
  • Skill Changes

  • The enemies have a lot of CC and can Fear players off platforms so bring Stability and CC.

Main Route

If you find yourself somewhere unfamiliar, either enter portals until one brings you back to the start or find a Haunting Statue to run into.

There are 7 buttons in the maze and at least 5 of them need to be activated in order to open the final door.

There are 3 buttons that are referred to by the names Skip, Fountain, and Triple. Often, one character with a leap will do all 3 of these but they can be divided amongst any number of players.

Note that if there are no characters with a leap, anyone can do Skip by taking the furthest right portal at the very beginning, killing the mobs, and going through the portal at the top of the stairs.

Entrance to Twisted Castle

The adds at the entrance must be killed to start the encounter. Go left when they are dead. As soon as the adds die, you will begin getting stacks of Madness.


Stacking Madness

Madness is gained passively at a rate of 1 stack every 5 seconds

Each time you gain a stack of Madness, a shadow of a demon head with red eyes appears above your head.

Facing the rotating spire in the middle of the encounter increases Madness at a rate of 1 stack every second. In some locations the rate is doubled.


  • 10 stacks: Cripple (5 seconds).
  • 20 stacks: Cripple (10 seconds).
  • 30 stacks: 5,000 damage if looking at the spire; a gray eye icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 40 stacks: Torment (5 stacks for 10 seconds).
  • 50 stacks: Torment (10 stacks for 20 seconds).
  • 60 stacks: 10,000 damage if looking at the spire; a yellow eye icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 70 stacks: Torment (20 stacks for 20 seconds).
  • 80 stacks: Fear (3 seconds).
  • 90 stacks: Fear (5 seconds); a red eye icon will appear over the player’s head.
  • 99 stacks: instant death.

Removing and Preventing Madness

There are several fountains spread across the labyrinth. To interact with a fountain, the Forsaken Magic mastery is required.

Dipping your hands will remove 10 stacks of Madness. You must click “Leave” or it will not apply.

Drinking the water will prevent the passive stacking of Madness for 30 seconds. It won’t prevent stacking Madness from having your character face the rotating spire. You must click “Leave” or it will not apply.

Click “Leave” after interacting with a fountain or you will not receive the effect.

Using a fountain will apply the Still Waters effect to you, preventing you from using another fountain for one minute. After this time limit, any may be used again.

Dipping your hands is almost always the better option.

Location of first portal

Take the portal on the left.

Staircase leading to the next portal

Go through the portal at the bottom of the stairs. This area applies Chaotic Haze which deals damage over time.

Portal with a fountain to the right

Use Stability and kill the mobs to open the portals. Try to avoid facing the rotating spire while fighting.

Skip happens here (see below)

Fountain happens here (see below)

Triple and main path

Use Stability and kill the mobs to open the portals. Triple happens here (see below). If someone has for the group, have them drop it at the left side and then Dodge onto the arch below and drop the exit. If no one has , everyone will have to Dodge onto the arch below.

When placing , place it far enough away from the portals so players don’t go through them when trying to interact.

Button below the stairs

Jump off the stairs to the left and activate the button. Watch out for the Haunting Statues.

Haunting Statues

Haunting Statues can Knockback and do damaging attacks. They have very high movement speed. The red circle around their hitbox returns players to the entrance.

Haunting Statues cannot move or attack while being looked at by a player character. Gazes from players that are jumping get ignored. Gazes from players that are Dodging sometimes get ignored.

You can CC Haunting Statues to move them out of the way using Pushes and Pulls.

Open door leading to a staircase

Kill all the mobs while one or two people go through the open door behind the stairs. Activate the button on the platform across the debris. Button through a door behind the staircase

Run back up the stairs (might have to Push or Pull a Haunting Statue if they’re in the way) and take the portal.

Go through the open door and across the platform.

Staircase leading up

Go up the stairs.

Archway behind a floating path

Jump across the path and go through the archway.

Staircase leading up

Go up the staircase to finish the encounter.


“Skip” button

A class with some sort of leap ability needs to jump the gap to the button off to the right. Typically an Engineer with , an Elementalist with , or a Druid with . After activating it, walk into the Haunting Statue directly ahead to return to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.


Portal with “Skip” button to the right

Fountain button with a portal

From the platform before Skip, take the portal that puts the Skip button on your right side. Step on the button and then take the only other portal on the platform to return to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.


Entrance area to Triple button

Take the portal on the left. The door ahead will likely be locked. Wait for the main group to activate their two buttons and the door will open.

Use any leaps / blinks / extra speed you can give yourself to get past the 3 Haunting Statues to the right (hence the name Triple). If you have nothing to help, walk slowly to the side and backwards while facing them.

Activate the button and take the portal back to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.

Triple button and portal

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