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Condition Weaver Gameplay Guide

Published Feb 24, 2023 Updated Apr 13, 2024
LukeGraves meta team
Sword > scepter

General Weaver Tips

Try to precast as many in as possible before the fight. You can have a maximum of 3 elementals without Alacrity or 4 elementals with Alacrity.

You have no access to CC skills during your regular rotation. If Breakbar damage is needed, swap to either:

  1. for as well as if you are attuned to both and .
  2. for and .

Swapping to these attunements is a dps loss, but not helping with CC is often an even higher dps loss.

You have up to 1250 Toughness for very short perdiods of time due to . Communicate this with your tank on bosses with Toughness-based tanking.

You need 100% Quickness and Alacrity to perform the loop. Delay this loop if it ensures better boon uptime or swap to earlier in the loop to still achieve Perfect Weave. Achieving Perfect Weave is more important than completing the entire loop.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset


This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

You can use to evade or ignore the damage from .

When you come back from the split phase, you can delay slightly so you can help with the Breakbar using and still perform the entire loop.

Split phase

Go to the Red Guardian during the split phase.

Use and on the Red Guardian. They will both be back of Cooldown by the time the split ends.


Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking

You can nullify the Knockback from with .


Skills Weaponset

can be used to walk through the Flamewall at Sabetha or to ignore the damage from . Don't waste it as you may need it.

Path of Salvation


Skills Weaponset

can help you more comfortably drop Volatile Poison if you have to walk over the poisonous floor.

will block the projectiles from the regular Slublings, so cast it when you cycle to to help with the CC.

is a personal projectile reflect and also cleanses 3 conditions. Save it to keep yourself alive after .

If your group is really struggling with , you can take and jump insides Slothasor's hitbox as he performs the attack.

If you eat a mushroom, your lesser elementals will become hostile to the group. Either kindly ask the commander to assign someone else to mushroom duty or swap for . The latter can also be used as an emergency Stun Break.

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset

Don't use straight away as he will go Invulnerable due to .

You can use to remove conditions from yourself, but be careful that you don't reflect his .

Use if you think one of your squadmates will kill you with or if you see a ghost coming.

Stronghold of the Faithfull

Keep Construct

Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

You usually phase so fast during the burn phases that cannot make use of the entirety of weave self and Compromised only increases strike damage, therefor it is better to use your during the regular phases.

If you want to compete in the dps-race on this boss, swap to a Power-based build instead.


Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

The Pre-event is the perfect place to cast some more in case you are not doing this by now.

You can easily start the main fight and the second phase with and by going to - and swapping to right before you start gliding.

Bastion of the Penintent

Cairn the Indomitable

Skills Weaponset

You can ignore with .

You can destroy the projectiles from with .

Do not use because it will reflect the projectiles from back into the group.

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

This is an interactive golem, have fun practicing your rotation and try to come out on top.


Skills Weaponset

deals 250 Breakbar damage. Use it if Samarog is using and you are nearing the end of its duration.


Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

You can easily start the main fight and by going to - and swapping to when the last chain is destroyed.

Use as soon as Deimos appears so your burst alligns with Unnatural Signet. Your cooldown only lines up with the first one. It is a dps loss if you save for further in the fight to line it up again.

Most of your damage is ranged, do not try and greed if it results in you stepping into a black.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

Mounting up will destroy all of your elementals, so either glide to the platform or only start casting when the fight starts.

You have to be careful of the AoE attack, . If you die to the first one while in , you will lose all of your burst.

Cast to block some projectiles from Elite Flesh Wurms at the start of the fight. Your tank will be grateful.

can be used to protect yourself from Soulless Horror's attacks if you are unable to Dodge or sidestep them. It will not save you from surging souls (the wall) however.


Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

You can stack some barrier on your way to your button by casting dual attacks and precasting if you think you will die. can also be used to survive the trip.

The Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

Skills Weaponset

Open up your hero menu and swap to Power Weaver

If you do want to play Condition Weaver on this boss, use during the collection/burn phase, as the hands loose all conditions when they go up and slam down again.

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

Try to predict where the boss will stay still for a while and place your there.

Most of your damage is ranged, so you can kite Kenut's decently well. She will not steal your boons if she hits you while you have active.

is a Stun Break and can be taken in place of . Replace instead if you are kiting Kenut. For maximum damage, activate it in .


Skills Weaponset

Use only on Qadim if your squad has very high DPS. Only use it on the Hydra and Destroyer if it will be back off Cooldown by the time you get to Qadim. The same rule also applies for the Wyvern Matriarch and Wyvern Patriarch, so keep this in mind when do or do not go down into the lamp.

The Key of Adashim

Cardinal Adina

Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking.

You should be able to do your entire before you have to hide behind a pillar, but it is hard to take much advantage of Perfect Weave. Use the time you are hiding to get to the correct attunements and stack up on and .

You will not survive with !

destroys the projectiles thrown out by the hands. Use it if you notice your group is struggling this attack.

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset

This boss has Toughness-based tanking, but this should not matter as long as everyone stacks tight.

Use whenever you can in the late stages of the fight, this will help to massively reduce pressure on the squad from the ranged attacks.

Should you go Down when Cardinal Sabir is below 50% health, remember that you can use to re-position yourself away from the Tornado of Death.

You have access to a lot of CC skills for the large Breakbar. Use them and don't just stand around waiting for the Special action key.

The Special Action Key is an instant cast which means that it will not interrupt your current skill. You can use this to your advantage and use it in cominbation with CC skills.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset

Start in - to help CC the pylon with , then swap to to be ready for your opener.

Using before the Knockback will ensure your survival if no one is kind enough to give you some Aegis.

All your CC has at least 900 Range, so help CC the Anomalies if you notice they need it.

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