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Introduction to Condition Quickness Harbinger

Published Jul 30, 2022 Updated Jan 3, 2024
Aphrodite meta team

Introduction to Life Force

Life Force is consumed while staying in . 5% of your Life Force will be drained each second while in .

You gain Life Force through the death of enemies or allies that surround you.

You can also gain Life Force through a selection of different skills:

  • - 8.75% Life Force, additional 1% Life Force per condition (Max 5) and an additional 2% Life Force per enemy.
  • - 9% Life Force in total, 1.5% for each hit. Hitting multiple targets with this skill does not grant more Life Force.
  • - 4% Life Force gain per target hit.
  • - 15% Life Force in total, 1.5% Life Force per pulse.
  • - 9% Life Force in total, 3% Life Force per pulse.
  • Entering grants you 15% Life Force through the trait .

You have two traits that help you with Life Force generation and size:

  • increases the amount of Life Force you gain from skills by 10%.
  • increases your maximum Life Force pool by 20%.

Introduction to Blight

The unique mechanic of Harbinger is the ability to accumulate stacks of Blight. You gain Blight by staying in and by using elixirs. The blight mechanic trades portions of the player's health for a damage increase and healing per second.

Blight lasts 25 seconds and reduces the maximum health of the player by 1.5% per stack. Blight stacks in intensity up to 25 stacks. When a player reaches 25 Blight stacks they suffer a total of 37.5% maximum health reduction.

Through the trait the player recovers 13 health per second per stack of Blight that stacks up to 325 healing per second with 25 stacks of Blight.

Through the trait the player deals 0.5% increased Condition Damage for every stack of Blight, stacks in intensity up to 25 Blight.

You are also able to trade the stacks of blight you've accumulated in order to deal more damage with certain skills that require a Blight threshold:

  • inflicts 3 stacks of Poison. When used with 5 or more stacks of Blight active, you gain 100% increase in Condition Duration for this skill. This is the reason you should aim to cast after casting the other elixir skills in your rotation, to make sure you always meet the Blight threshold requirement.
  • inflicts 5 stacks of Torment only if used with 5 or more stacks of Blight active. When not meeting the Blight threshold requirement this skill does not inflict any conditions and should not be casted.
  • inflicts 5 stacks of Torment only if used with 10 or more stacks of Blight active. When not meeting the Blight threshold requirement this skill does not inflict any conditions and should not be casted.

You should always try to meet the Blight threshold requirements for the skills listed above in order for the skills to deal their full damage. While following the rotation offered on this site, you are guaranteed to reach the Blight threshold requirements.

General Harbinger Tips

Avoiding Damage Decreasing bugs

If you are standing inside a hitbox and using elixirs directly at your feet, you will not get blight from them. This is horrible, the rotation doesn't work unless you always enter shroud with 20 or more blight. Make sure to avoid this.

Execution tips

  • The cast bar of persists longer than it should. The skill is done instantly assuming you're standing on your target and you can than interrupt it with weapon stowing almost immediately after the cast starts for up to 200ms of time save.
  • deals its final damage when the cast bar indicates that an aftercast was reached. It is very easy to cancel your last in the shroud loop with before all of the skills damage has been dealt.
  • Before re-entering you should use twice, once and once to generate enough Life Force in order to execute the rotation.
  • If you find yourself struggling with Life Force, you can use to be able to continue your rotation.

Generating Quickness

The rotation incorporates alternating between "Shroud Loops" which trigger Quickness application via . The "Scepter Shroud Loop" will trigger this trait four times and the "Pistol Shroud Loop" will trigger five times. The chosen Boon Duration is relying on this rotation. Following the shroud loops and casting off cool-down will result in perfect Quickness uptime.

If you're expiriencing problems keeping up Quickness, do not hesitate to increase your

Boon Duration.

Breakbar Skills

  • deals 100 Breakbar damage.
  • deals 100 Breakbar damage.
  • deals 300 Breakbar damage in total, 100 Breakbar per pulse.
  • inflicts 1 second of fear and deals an extra 100 Breakbar damage, scales with paralyzation sigil contrary to common belief.

You are able to further increase your ability to deal Breakbar damage by slotting in one or more of the following abilities:

  • deals 232 Breakbar damage from the launch and 200 Breakbar damage from the knockdown. Despite what the tool tip suggests, the duration of the knockdown is 2 seconds and not 1 and thus deals 200 defiance bar damage. An enemy with a defaince bar can be hit multiple times by the launch as the golem travels through the hitbox, making this skill incredibly strong.
  • Pull up to five different enemies in 1200 Range. This skill can affect the same target up to five times if casted inside it's hitbox depending on how many targets are around. That makes the skill deal massive amounts of Breakbar damage on boss encounters like Samarog.

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