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Legacy Build
Legacy builds are displayed for historical record and will not be updated. Effectiveness in game may be reduced.

Power Scrapper only has slight burst and deals moderate sustained damage, but in return shines in its extreme durability thanks to . is very beginner friendly due to its simple rotation. Mastery of this build refers more to the niche utility it can provide which includes managing properly, applying to dangerous adds via , using in your lightning fields to deal additional damage or granting in situations it will come in handy.

Power Scrapper scales heavily with the amount of conditions applied to the boss due to and also the uptime of , and due to . Power Scrapper also provides large amounts of due to and hammer attacks, however two are required to sustain 25 stacks of safely.

If you have two or more based DPS classes present in the same subgroup as the Power Scrapper, should be considered over to further boost the squad's damage output. This comes at the cost of ~1200 personal DPS and self- uptime - the former will be compensated by an approximately equal increase for each affected Condition DPS class, the latter usually can be covered by other party members.

Thanks to and , Power Scrapper innately has a high and does not need to rely on .

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Berserker'sMain Hand

Other Items






  1. - Assuming or the fight lasts longer than 60 seconds
  2. - Instant cast it off
  3. or

Priority List of Loops

Keep track of your skill's cooldowns to accordingly pick the highest priority loop you are able to perform next:

  • 4 filler skills
  • 1 filler skill 1 auto attack chain
  • 4 filler skills 1 auto attack chain
  • 1 filler skill 2 auto attack chains

Priority List of Filler Skills

  • - If there are Defiance bars, save this for CC and use the next skill instead! Use inside the Lightning Field for an additional 200 Defiance bar damage!
Skills & Traits


can be used over in Condition heavy squad compositions.


Always finish your auto-attack-chain, as each hit is stronger than the previous one, making it very important to never cancel .

Cast both as well as on cooldown, as doing so significantly contributes to your DPS. Check out the "Priority List of Loops" section in order to do so properly.

Use off .

Built with and in Australia, Spain, UK, & Canada
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