Beginner Condition Harbinger

Published Oct 15, 2022 Updated May 22, 2023
Raids - May 2023 Balance
LukeGraves meta team
Sword > scepter
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Cons -
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Condition Damage
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Primary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolMain Hand

Viper's DaggerOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's ScepterMain Hand

Viper's WarhornOff Hand

Other Items





Jade Bot Core

The attached video guide is slightly outdated. All the pieces function the same and are used in the exact same way - the rotation is identical, but a select few skills were superseded. Namely, takes the place of , that of , and is the new .

Step 1

Here we introduce and the basic loop. First you want to start with .

It is a good damaging ability with a lot of Life Force generation. After using , you want to go into .

A significant portion of your damage is done in . You want to cast x3 and fill the gaps in between with autos before .

Once you leave, auto and use off Cooldown until you can enter .

Step 2

Now that you have the basic loop, we will introduce some Life Force generation in order to upkeep this loop for longer. This is done by swapping weapons and casting .

There are 2 times you will be doing this:

  1. After you have cast x2, you Weapon Swap
  2. After you , if you are on Scepter, Weapon Swap Pistol Loop

This is your core loop.

Step 3

The next steps are much easier now since your core loop is sorted.

Before every , cast . The conditions you apply to yourself will be transferred over by .

Step 4

This step simply adds whenever you press .

is not the highest damage ability, however, with , and , you shouldn't need to auto attack on Scepter while waiting for .

This will result in a much smoother rotation.

Step 5

The next step is very important to learning more complex rotations on Condition Harbinger.

Between your 2x on Pistol, you want to cast , and .

The damage of the Elixirs and itself is low, but they provide you with Blight, which increases the damage of all your conditions via .

Blight will also be consumed to buff and , which is important to the more advanced Harbinger rotations.

You should try to use and before entering a boss phase to start with full Blight or before casting to make sure all of it gets the most out of your Blight.

Step 6

The last step is simple - use off Cooldown.

is crazy. It inflicts all damaging conditions, while also giving you all the boons. Needn't say more. Though, make sure you cast this skill while over its Blight threshold to fully utilise its potential.

To learn more, visit the Condition Harbinger page.


You gain Blight while in , and by aiming Elixirs on yourself. Do that for all Elixirs, but make sure hits the enemy.

All Blight is lost upon Downing. To maximize your DPS, do not Down.

can be swapped to a different Elixir depending on your needs.

Replace with a different utility skill when needed:

  • (active) for condition burst
  • for Breakbar damage or Pull
  • for more Life Force via
  • to increase AoE damage

Never replace or . Although you can, it is not recommended to play with just one Elixir (not counting ).

Both and are valid trait choices; the benchmark of Condition Harbinger uses the latter for a marginal damage increase, using to transfer conditions from manually instead of via .

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