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Legacy Build
Legacy builds are displayed for historical record and will not be updated. Effectiveness in game may be reduced.

Similar to its power counterpart, Condition Herald can provide a plethora of boons including Protection, Fury, Swiftness, Regeneration and some Might to its subgroup while dealing considerable DPS.

It has similar uptime on which will increase the duration of boons your squad members apply by 20% while it is up - a very powerful effect that ignores the 100% Boon Duration cap. Since the active effect of is not useful, this build consumes resulting in a partywide two second boon extension every 22 - 23 seconds.

Consuming also means you will have more energy upkeep available while on which means you can cover more boons including Regeneration with higher uptime overall.

As a downside this build doesn't have easy access to Staff so the Breakbar damage capabilities are limited compared to Power Herald. It also has to sacrifice more DPS if more Might generation is required which can be achieved by using in combination with or increasing overall Boon Duration.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Viper'sOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Viper'sOff Hand

Other Items






  1. Swap to
  2. Weapon Swap

General Rotation

There is no set rotation since the same weaponset is used twice and the Cooldowns don't sync with anything.

The priority of skills to use on Mace / Axe is the following:

On , enable immediately and use the Mace / Axe skills according to their priority while trying to finish auto attack chains as best as you can. Try to stay in this stance for at least 11.5 - 12 seconds to increase the chances of triggering three times before swapping to other weaponset together with a legend swap.

On , start by using after Weapon Swap followed by . After that activate the following skills quickly: .

Activate when it is off Cooldown. You can end the rotation by doing the following: .

Skills & Traits


The trick is to line these skills up perfectly so there is no downtime trying to fit an auto attack inbetween. Remember that you can swap to during the activation of to already queue .

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