Power Vindicator

Published Feb 7, 2024 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Umbra editor
A quest to find your purpose, knowing your end is assured.
Pros +
High damage Easy to learn Strong bursts Lots of cleave
Cons -
No ranged DPS Low amounts of CC Relies on resource management Requires accurate positioning Forced movement
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's SwordMain Hand

Berserker's SwordOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's GreatswordMain Hand

Other Items




Key Concepts

Trigger by Dodging. Just keep Dodging and never let your Endurance fill up. Dodging is damage.

Your damage from comes via the Luxon skills, or the red faced skills. Your Kuzick skills are mainly support skills. Swap between each faction by using whilst in .

Some of your traits provide benefits when you Legendary Stance Swap:

  • grants Fury which triggers for more Might.
  • heals and provides you with Regeneration. This is very strong.

Dealing Damage

Rotate between Swords and Greatsword. Greatsword provides better cleave, while Swords have better single-target damage.

These are your big hitting skills on Greatsword:

These are your big hitting skills on Swords:

For stronger, single-target enemies, you should swap to and activate when on your Sword set. When your Energy gets low, Weapon Swap back to Greatsword and .

Use to boost the damage of due to the .

Some useful things to know about Luxon skills in :

  • is a leap skill that also grants you Might based on how many enemies are hit.
  • grants you Fury, Quickness and Endurance based on how many enemies are hit.
  • has great single target damage.

You can generate Vulnerability with:

  • Auto Attacks


You have three Stun Break in your kit:

Your Weapons have a variety of defensive skills:

  • Greatsword has access to a channeled Block with . Its follow-up skill, , deals more damage per Block.
  • Sword has access to which Evades attacks.

Some useful things to know about Kuzick skills in :

  • gives you an Evade.
  • helps you recover Health and Endurance.
  • gives you a Stun Break and grants you Protection.

Both and are solid heals on low Cooldowns.

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Break Source


This build is lacking in Defiance Break. It is strongly recommended to carry and utilize Springer's CC. Alternatively, Staff can bring strong Defiance Break with .

can be replaced by:

  • : Great Stability access and damage reduction
  • : Strong Healing and Projectiles Destruction

for stronger health sustain through Vulnerability

for higher Quickness uptime, at the cost of damage

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