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Power Alacrity Renegade provides permanent to its subgroup via . Power Alacrity Renegade also has the ability to apply some and to its subgroup.

With recent nerfs Power Alacrity Renegade has seen its damage drop a large amount where it is rarely worth considering, especially due to the fact that it offers 1-3 boons compared to other providers such as Mechanist being able to provide more boons with higher damage as well.

Power Alacrity Renegade is forced into a further niche due to its damage being dependent on large hitboxes and its large CC capabilities hitting more times on large hitboxes meaning its weak nature only shines on a couple of bosses.

This build requires , if your subgroup does not have access to you will need to take .

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Diviner'sMain Hand

Off Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Diviner'sMain Hand

Other Items






Kalla Loop with Orders From Above

Kalla Loop without Orders From Above

Shiro Loop with Orders From Above and Citadel Bombardment

Shiro Loop with Orders From Above but without Citadel Bombardment

Shiro Loop without Orders From Above but with Citadel Bombardment

Shiro Loop without Orders From Above nor Citadel Bombardment

Skills & Traits


Your won't line up with anything so you will need to adapt your rotation based on when it comes off . If you enter with 12 seconds or less left on your , or enter with 13 seconds or less left on your , you will need to use during that loop and adjust your rotation accordingly.

Similarly, your will not line up cleanly with anything, but will always need to be used in . Due to this, it must sometimes be skipped during a loop to ensure your Cooldowns are not badly staggered.

If you lose track of this, alternatively you can check your when swapping to . If it is less than or equal to 8 seconds, you can safely use it during that loop.

It is important to note that legend skills such as or will not reset your auto chain, but sword skills and will.

Built with and in Australia, Spain, & Canada
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