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Heal Quickness Herald

Published Oct 18, 2022 Updated Jul 4, 2024
Raids - January 2024 Balance
Umbra editor
A quest to find your purpose, knowing your end is assured.
Pros +
Plenty of CC Easy to learn Defensive options Capable kite Tanking build
Cons -
Lacks utility Relies on resource management
Power 2178
Toughness 1426
Vitality 1297
Precision 1000
Critical Chance 5.00%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150.0%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 1774
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0.00%
Concentration 1251
Boon Duration 98.42%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Harrier's ScepterMain Hand

Harrier's ShieldOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Harrier's StaffMain Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

  1. Cast on your favorite ally. This skill alone will apply a significant amount of Might.
  2. , , for Might, defensive boons, and Quickness.
  3. to apply Vulnerability on the boss.
  4. for damage.
  5. to extend all boons.
  6. Auto Attack and allow your facets to pulse for a few seconds.
  7. Swap to
  • Make sure 6 Upkeep is in use for to take effect and grant Quickness to allies.
  • Auto Attack applies a substantial amount of Might and Barrier.
  • Use off Cooldown. This can be placed on allies if necessary.
  • Use on allies occassionally to maintain Might and Fury. Reactivate the skill once is available to apply Barrier.
Legendary Dragon Stance
  • Prioritise and .
  • Maintain and when possible.
  • if Energy is available, as this increases the incoming duration of any boons on allies.
  • Avoid running out of Energy. Use or to reduce Upkeep.
  • for damage.
  • Extend boons with .
Legendary Centaur Stance
  • when healing is needed.
  • to keep up Quickness.
  • to Cleanse Conditions
  • for additional Breakbar damage.

Applying Stability is possible by activating while Tranquil.
Gain Tranquil by invoking or activating while in this stance.
Alternatively, change to if the encounter does not have high pressure. This build has very high passive healing and can run this stance on most encounters.

Additional Notes

Use for Aegis, additional healing and Protection.

Swap to Staff for and as an emergency heal and cleanse, as well as for strong Breakbar Damage.

Swapping stances while below 10 Energy will reward an additional 25 energy in your next stance thanks to .

can be used on enemies to apply debilitating conditions. This is useful when dealing with adds or maintaining Vulnerability on the boss. Reactivate the skill for for a short Pull.

Skill Defiance Damage Source
150 Scepter (enemy target)
232 Elite
300 Elite
150 per hit Staff
Skill Reference Guide
Scepter & Shield Default Keybind
Staff Default Keybind

Support builds are meant to be tweaked depending on the encounter, squad experience, and your own mastery of the class. This means that while the above build will work on most encounters, you should adjust traits to your own needs.

The below video is not up to date with Scepter. Use all its skills in place of Mace.

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