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Condition Alacrity Specter Gameplay Guide

Published Jul 2, 2023 Updated Sep 4, 2023
Iskarel editor
Somehow, Qadim returned

Shadow Shroud Tether

When you , you will tether to a Shrouded Ally within 1,200 range, with the following priority:

  1. Directly target an ally by left-clicking.
  2. Cast on an ally to permanently designate them as your Shrouded Ally.
  3. Random ally within your subgroup, within range.

You can use ...

  • On an enemy (to trigger and ) without affecting your choice of Shrouded Ally.
  • To instantly change your Shrouded Ally during .
  • To tether the tank in many raid encounters, keeping your boon AoE near the boss if the tank cannot receive spread mechanics.
  • To tether to someone outside your subgroup—all positive effects, including Alacrity, will still be granted to your subgroup.

Your tether, and the designation of your Shrouded Ally via , ends if you move 1,200 range away from your Shrouded Ally.

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