Condition Alacrity Specter

Strike from the shadows with our Guild Wars 2 Condition Alacrity Specter build.
Published Mar 9, 2022 Updated May 12, 2024
Raids - Secrets of the Obscure
Iskarel editor
Somehow, Qadim returned
Pros +
High damage Plenty of CC Access to healing & support Easy to learn Lots of cleave
Cons -
Easy to cancel skills Requires accurate positioning Forced movement Loses damage on moving targets
Power 1000
Toughness 1000
Vitality 2528
Precision 1000
Critical Chance 5%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150%
Condition Damage 2095
Healing Power 140
Expertise 783
Condition Duration 67.19%
Concentration 633
Boon Duration 42.2%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Ritualist's DaggerMain Hand

Ritualist's DaggerOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Ritualist's DaggerOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Rotation Concept

  • Grant Alacrity to allies around your Tethered Ally by casting skills in Shadow Shroud. whenever it's off Cooldown.
  • Cast , , and off Cooldown.
  • After your Opener, spend all Initiative on , then fill with Full Auto Chains.
  • Use on the boss off Cooldown to grant your allies permanent 10 Might, Fury, Swiftness, Vigor, and to inflict long-lasting Poison and Bleeding.


Precast up to five minutes before the fight, as it Recharges while armed. You can instantly reset its Cooldown with Mushroom King's Blessing when practicing.

  1. + +
  2. Shroud Sequence
  3. Continue using the Rotation Concept.

Shroud Sequence

Keep Auto Cast enabled on on both weapon sets. This will copy Auto Cast to your Shroud.

  1. Let the game Auto Cast
  2. x 3
    • Your Weapon Swap should be off Cooldown. If not, fill with .
  3. Weapon Swap
    • (triggers and )

Avoid interrupting with other skills, as you only grant Alacrity with a successful cast!

During downtime, spam and to build up a buffer.


Tethered Ally

Select a Shrouded Ally before the fight by casting on an ally. All positive effects of , including Alacrity, will be granted to allies in your subgroup within a 360 Radius of your Shrouded Ally. See the gameplay guide for more details.

Evades attacks and you have a huge Health Pool, but you should try to move sideways through bosses so their attacks don't hit you.

If you cast directly before , the game will automatically rotate you to cast if you do not move and do not manipulate your camera. Reorient yourself during the cast of .

Cast Venoms after the boon strip at the start of combat, and never cast them without allies nearby (except when practicing).

, , and can interrupt other skill casts.

and both count as a Weapon Swap to trigger your sigils. This rotation uses to trigger the sigil of your currently equipped weapon, then swaps to your other weapon to trigger the next sigil.

grants you and allies instant Stability.

Take instead of if there are no Defiance Bars. Precast them right before combat starts and resummon them off Cooldown.

is valuable for sub-group Healing and personal mobility.

Replace with:

  • for more Boons
  • against highly mobile bosses, or bosses with shorter phase durations.
  • See the Introduction to Thief for other ideas

You can use in the Specter Traitline with at least to grant Resistance.

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