Heal Quickness Berserker Gameplay Guide

Published Mar 4, 2024 Updated Apr 8, 2024
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Versatile Power, Stalwart Focus


Hit them, then hit them harder.

As a Warrior, your burst skills consume Adrenaline. If you do not have enough, you cannot use them. Because Heal Quickness Berserker needs 30 Adrenaline to enter , and because much of its support relies on casting Burst skills, managing the build's sources of Adrenaline is important.

Many of these sources will be used in rotation while , while others may be used as needed. The most important part is to know which are which for your purposes, and plan your usage of Adrenaline sources to re-enter and to keep Bursting.

Main Adrenaline Sources:

Source Amount
30, if striking an enemy
Weapon Swap 5, through
Burst Skills 33% refunded, through
5, if an ally is in range
3, or 6 if fully channeling
Source Amount
5, or 10 if in melee
5, if striking an enemy
5, and 2 per attack Blocked, up to a total of 11
Striking a foe 1 per hit


You can't stop me!

changes a lot for a Berserker. While under the effects of :

  • The Berserker's Adrenaline bar is capped at 10 Adrenaline.
  • Burst skills are replaced with Primal Bursts, with substantially shorter cooldowns.
  • Several trait effects will trigger upon entering/leaving, and namely.
  • The Berserker attacks 15% faster (but this is overwritten by Quickness.)

Most of these effects are not very important, but the shortened burst Cooldowns appreciably increase the healing output of Staff, and keep the time wasted Auto Attacking to a minimum.

Berserker's Rage skills are capable of extending the duration of while it is active. While damage-oriented Berserker builds rely heavily on this mechanic, Heal Quickness Berserker is not nearly as negatively impacted when it ends , since all of its support traits are triggered by normal Bursts as well.

When expires, you should aim to use one Level 1 Burst during its 6.8 second Cooldown (or two if you can Weapon Swap), then use some method to quickly generate 30 Adrenaline before the Cooldown is over so you can re-enter.

Using either type of Burst sets the other type on their respective Cooldown as well, but it will not compromise your basic rotation when you re-enter.

It is noteworthy that Mace can benefit from leaving , since has greater potential Defiance Break than .

Boons to Watch Out For

You may not like it, but this is what Peak Performance looks like.

While Heal Quickness Berserker is capable of providing very many different boons, some of them are on tight uptimes, or require certain skills to be cast that might otherwise be worth delaying.

Protection is provided by two sources: , which will grant 8 seconds whenever a Burst hits on a 10 second Cooldown, and , which grants 8 seconds when cast. Together, these add up to over 100% uptime even when delaying to some degree, but forgetting to cast altogether will drop Protection uptime on your subgroup.

Aegis isn't often thought of in uptime, but Heal Quickness Berserker can provide it at 100% uptime if your allies don't get hit, using both and off-Cooldown. Your Virtues Guardian squadmates will appreciate this.

Vigor is only provided by . While its Cooldown is short enough with Alacrity to overcap over time, the only way to do this reliably is to alter the rotation. If you need a strong Vigor overcap for your subgroup, the 4-Burst Staff Loop will be necessary to cast the moment it comes off Cooldown.

Resistance is provided at full uptime by , with about 10 seconds extra by the time it comes back off Cooldown. While possible to delay , it cannot be delayed by too much, especially if the raid moved out of the Radius of the previous one.

Resolution is provided by all Banner skills, and by . One banner, paired with your Staff, is enough to provide full uptime, assuming you are casting each time it is available during your Staff loop.

What does a Rotation mean for a Healer?

A Steady Martial Cadence

Since Heal Quickness Berserker relies on a soft rotation to perform enough Bursts, you may occasionally find that your rotation will not line up for what you need at any given time.

The rotation can be deviated from at any point in order to account for any weapon skill needed, e.g. remaining on Mace/Warhorn to handle Defiance Break or Cleanse, or on Staff to Heal or use a Pull.

Weapon Swap and pick back up wherever you left off when you're done, and use available Adrenaline sources to get back into the loop if necessary.

Alternate Gearing Options

An Armory Fit for a Weaponmaster

Warrior has other tools available to assist Heal Quickness Berserker in its supportive duties:

  • can be installed instead of or on the Mace/Warhorn set to increase the value of outgoing Dazes and Stuns. At certain encounters it may even be worth doing so on both sets.
  • Dagger may be used for Boon Removal against certain enemies, if your squad has Defiance Break covered without your Mace.
  • Sword may be used for mobility in kiting roles.
  • can be swapped out for other relics if you know you won't be able to blast ally Combo Fields with Warhorn, or if something more specific is needed. is a decent fallback, especially if using .

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset

Do not under any circumstances use with Seekers in range as this will pull them onto the group.

Try to cast or for Barrier just before , and make sure your subgroup is fully healed before the damage occurs. Burst heal them afterward and repeat.

Be cautious around , as your Aegis will nullify the screen border warning, and some of your skills may move you into them if not used carefully.

If your squad has no-one else who is able to Remove Boons, you can use a Dagger to remove Blue Pylon Power from the Blue Guardian.

Spirit Run

Skills Weaponset

Use to grant Stability, Superspeed, and upkeep Resistance on allies to ignore Crippled.

Use to strip Spectral from spirits when you get the opportunity.

Adrenal Mushrooms, fittingly, will grant 30 Adrenaline, as well as resetting all Cooldowns.

Gorseval the Multifarious

Skills Weaponset

Use 's Stability or 's Aegis to prevent Knockback when Gorseval uses .

You may use Berserker's to break the stun of .

Use repeatedly on Charged Souls to Immobilize them if necessary.

Bring a on your Mace set for greater Defiance Break.

Sabetha the Saboteur

Skills Weaponset

If kiting, stand at range. When Sabetha fires , enter melee and perform as many bursts as you can, then leave melee before the next to kite it.

Your Quickness Radius is quite large at 480 and Staff Bursts are ranged, meaning you can share boons at kiting range for short periods of time.

At Knuckles, save for Defiance Break.

At Karde, use Cleanse after his flamethrower attacks if you notice your teammates eating them.

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

Use at every opportunity to pull in Slublings, so long as you do not pull an ally Imbued Mushroom eater.

Output frequent Cleanses to keep your subgroup from being overloaded by conditions.

Use to provide either Stability or Resistance to handle the Fear attack after each Narcolepsy.

Bring a on your Mace set for greater Defiance Break. Consider taking Tactics's if your subgroup has enough Might without Tactics's .

Bandit Trio

Skills Weaponset

If handling Mortars, use , , and to break their Defiance Bars.

Use for Resistance to handle Zane's Blind field, and for Resolution at Narella.

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset

Use to maintain Resistance during Matthias's Ice Phase to combat Chilled, and during Water Phase for Stability. Resistance can also be used to negate the Fear at the beginning of Abomination phase.

Cleanse allies whenever receiving Burning or Poisoned.

Make sure allies are Healed to full before every spread.

If allies are frequently downing to , using to grant Aegis may help prevent this.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Siege the Stronghold

Skills Weaponset

If escorting Glenna, give your dps friends boons whenever they are fighting enemies. You may wish to take instead of to Immobilize the Warg Bloodhounds. Use to give Glenna Superspeed where desired.

Use to group enemies.

If tasked with completing towers with a small group, use and for Barrier and for Superspeed to navigate the Tunnel of Respite.

Keep Construct

Skills Weaponset

Use when Keep Construct is about to deal a Knockdown with .

Use and to Cleanse Torment and Confusion off of allies who stand inside Keep Construct's inner aoe during .

Bring a on your Mace set for greater Defiance Break.

Twisted Castle

Skills Weaponset

Watch your allies and use to Stun Break them. Use for Stability and Resistance.

The build can take as another option for Stun Break.


Skills Weaponset

If tanking, when Xera casts , use to Block it, or use or to Cleanse the Confusion.

If allies become Knocked Down, use to Stun Break them.

Bring a on your Mace set for greater Defiance Break.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable

Skills Weaponset

Do not enter during this encounter. cannot hit Cairn the Indomitable; can. While in , you cannot generate Quickness, nor other boons, with . If you enter accidentally, leave.

Use and to get 30 Adrenaline to heal more with .

Apply Stability with when Cairn the Indomitable casts .

Since your boon Radii are large, you can easily bait a .

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

Upkeep your 10-11 boons for allies whose damage scales off of their number of boons.

When Jade Soldiers are on the group, make sure Resistance is active to negate Slowed, and apply Barrier before they explode.

Consider playing Condition Quickness Berserker to cleave the Jade Scouts while letting your other healer solo heal this encounter.


Skills Weaponset

Replace Discipline with Defense. Samarog is a Defiance Bar playground. Since damage pressure is very low, we can safely discard much of our Healing to gain a large amount of Defiance Break.

Use for Barrier if the target is in your subgroup.

Remain on Mace, then dump all Defiance Break skills on both your Mace and Hammer sets available each time Samarog casts .


Skills Weaponset

Grant Aegis with or when Deimos casts or when unable to stand in the ward for . Heal through Weak Minded or use Barrier.

Use to delay Prides as they approach Saul. Prioritize Healing Saul, especially while allies are away fighting one of his Vices if you are the tank.

Help out with the Defiance Bars of Saul the Thief and Saul the Drunkard.

At 10% Phase, use to Aegis all 3 of Deimos's casts.

If your Hand Kite player downs, Revive them with .

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

Heal Quickness Berserker will probably end up tanking this encounter, as it is a survivable healer.

Cleanse conditions you receive with or . When at high stacks of Necrosis, prioritize Blocking Soulless Horror's attacks with and . Try to save some Healing for when you expect to be damaged the most.

Take care to avoid Pulling any Tormented Dead with .

When Soulless Horror's Defiance Bar is up, cast: , then use + to help re-enter .

River of Souls

Skills Weaponset

If put on forward group, there's not much remarkable to be done, heal the group as much as you can.

If escorting Desmina, use or to grant her Aegis before every Hallowed Bomber attack.

If you fail to Aegis the Hallowed Bomber, Heal Desmina back as quickly as possible.

Statues of Grenth

Skills Weaponset

Tank Broken King, using Blocks to catch any green circles that are inside Broken King's autoattack range. If not tanking, make sure you are moving around the arena to ensure allies don't take too much damage.

Tank Eater of Souls. Feel free to use to bring back allies who downstate out of the Mortal Coil floating minigame.

Use a on your Staff at the Eyes of Grenth to lengthen the Stun duration of Flare. Replace your Mace with a Dagger or Sword to avoid overwriting a Stun with the Daze on .


Skills Weaponset

If playing on stack, equip a Dagger for Boon Removal after . Take one of the greens since you have a high overcap of most of your boons. Use to instantly cleanse Torment on allies.

Use on your squad to assist with outrunning the inward pull of after .

If kiting, use a Sword for mobility to return to stack more quickly and upkeep boons. Use for extra bursts on stack to generate extra boon uptime.

During Ritual, just before the group moves to interact with the Seals, cast: .

The Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

Skills Weaponset

When Conjured Amalgamate casts , use Aegis or Stability to negate the Knockdown. Use , then , then again.

Use to Pull in Conjured Greatswords, and help break the Defiance of Conjured Shields.

Try to deliver a burst or two near the group while collecting Conjured Slash or Conjured Protection orbs to keep up Quickness doing so.

Sorting and Appraisal

Skills Weaponset

Use to help more with Defiance Bars.

Try to outheal the damage of Ectoplasmic Conglomeration.

If fighting minipets, use to Pull them into position.

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

Heal Quickness Berserker will almost always have to tank one of the two sides. On the final platform, cycle through Blocks and strong Heals to survive through increasing stacks.

At Nikare, use to free any allies Floated by . Use to Stability through the Launch of .

At Kenut, use to Block the wave and Cleanse her Torment from .

can be used instead of or if more Defiance Break is needed.


Skills Weaponset

If tanking, cycle through Blocks, and Cleanse conditions the Imbued Hydra manages to apply to you.

Use whenever any Defiance Bar is up.

While fighting Qadim himself, use to Aegis , and to Stability through the Knockback from .

Use to Pull Greater Magma Elementals whenever possible.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina

Skills Weaponset

Use and to grant Superspeed and Barrier as Cardinal Adina casts and forces the squad to hide.

Use Berserker's to start the fight and re-enter with . Use to build extra boon overcap.

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset

Perform the 4-Burst Staff Loop whenever Cardinal Sabir has Ion Shield and is doing increased damage.

Use a on one or both sets to increase Flash Discharge's Stun.

All skills with Defiance Break should be used during Cardinal Sabir's Electrical Repulsion.

can be dropped to take if Immobilized is an issue.

Qadim The Peerless

Skills Weaponset

Use and to handle the Pylon Defiance Bar in case your squadmates cannot.

While tanking, don't worry about Vulnerability; you will grant permanent Resistance to negate it. Cycle through Healing and Block Qadim the Peerless's autoattacks with .

When Qadim the Peerless destroys a pylon, use to grant the group Stability.

Use a Dagger for Boon Removal during the later portions of the fight when Qadim the Peerless grants himself several boons. If Boon Removal is covered by other players, keep your Mace instead for more Defiance Break.

Feel free to drop and take a to put on a kiter if they need help surviving.

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