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Heal Quickness Berserker

Published Feb 29, 2024 Updated Jun 28, 2024
Raids - June 2024 Balance
Darshie meta team
Versatile Power, Stalwart Focus
Pros +
Fluid rotation Easy to learn Defensive options Simple rotation Tanking build
Cons -
Relies on resource management Forced movement Requires enemy target
Power 1973
Toughness 1409
Vitality 1285
Precision 1000
Critical Chance 5.00%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150.00%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 1581
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0.00%
Concentration 1030
Boon Duration 100%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Harrier's StaffMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Harrier's MaceMain Hand

Harrier's WarhornOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

  • or (with a Stun Break)
  • +
  • Weapon Swap
  • +

Heal Quickness Berserker has several effects that rely on Burst skills, and on frequent Weapon Swaps to generate lots of Adrenaline to feed those Burst skills. The rotation aims to perform two casts on Staff, and one on Mace.

Review Adrenaline sources in the gameplay guide.

The basic loop is:

  • Weapon Swap
  • Weapon Swap

Use off Cooldown.

Staff Skills

Some Staff skills are worth delaying to use at the right time:

Skill Usage Frequency
Heal, Protection, Aegis Each Loop
Pull for enemy grouping, Defiance Break Each Loop
Block, Heal, Resolution, and Adrenaline Every Other Loop

You can avoid the movement from and speed up the cast by hovering your cursor over your skill bar before activating it.

While experiencing damage pressure, it may be worth it to remain on Staff for 4 casts. If doing so, your Staff rotation is:

  • Weapon Swap
Defiance Break
Skill Defiance Break Source
100-300 Mace Burst
100 Mace Primal Burst
100 Mace
150 Staff
300 Elite
300 Utility
232 Utility

will increase the duration of Stuns and Dazes you apply. If taking this to bring more Defiance Break, only place it on your Mace/Warhorn set, replacing .

  • , , ,
  • Shout skills, through
  • Burst skills, through
  • Swapping to Warhorn, through
  • Blast Finishers, through :
    • removes Crippled, Chilled, and Immobilized, and grants Swiftness.
    • removes 3 conditions, provides Barrier, and grants Vigor.

Heal Quickness Berserker provides many of its boons, as well as other utility, through Burst skills.
Bursting will grant the group Quickness, Fury, Might, Protection, and Healing. Additionally:

  • Staff will give Regeneration and another Heal.
  • Mace will Stun or Daze your enemy.

Sticking to the Basic Loop to Burst frequently will generate these effects reliably, to keep your subgroup vitally sound and viciously capable.

A more in-depth breakdown of rotation priorities and boon output can be found in the gameplay guide.

will not be permanent without extra Rage skills.
When dropping out of , it will be put on cooldown, and will require 30 Adrenaline to re-enter. Use , , or other Adrenaline sources to go again.
Plan accordingly, as your Staff burst cooldown is quicker while .

For more access to Defiance Break, the build can intentionally leave to gain Stability through , then cast the following sequence:

  • or other Adrenaline sources to quickly re-enter .

Select skills depending on the encounter:

  • to reset Primal Bursts, for greater Healing or Defiance Break while in .
  • for Stability, Resistance, Superspeed, Resolution, and a Light Field.
  • for another source of Aegis, Barrier, Resolution, and a Light Field.
  • for group Cleanse, Stun Break, and a small Heal.
  • for Defiance Break and Adrenaline.
  • to more freely use and for Adrenaline.
  • for AoE Launch.
  • for a group Revive, if isn't needed.

You may use Dagger instead of Mace on encounters where Boon Removal is needed more than Defiance Break. In loop, cast any time you would cast .

Additional notes on slot skills and gear are available on the gameplay guide.

Tactics's may be taken for Cleanse and greater Healing at fights with regular condition pressure. Only select this trait if you know you will have allies granting Might in your subgroup.

Tactics's should be used if the group needs Stability more often than can be used, or if there is a reason to delay casting . This swap reduces overall Healing, especially if multiple Shout skills are equipped.

Discipline's is capable of providing increased outgoing Healing, but must be taken alongside additional Adrenaline sources, like Rage skills, or it risks severely delaying the rotation.

Berserker's may be taken to Break the self-inflicted Stun of , but will cause you to leave more often. Use or to smoothly re-enter as their timings will match.

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